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Female Characters of the 90s Who Were Fashion Icons

Female Characters of the 90s Who Were Fashion Icons

Female Characters of the 90s Who Were Fashion Icons

The ’90s had plenty of great shows and even better fashion! It was a time where denim on denim, chokers, bold prints, and vests were worn daily with no question. Here are some of my fav female characters from the ’90s who are truly fashion icons!

1. Rachel Green

While watching a Friends rerun, it’s hard to resist online shop looking for ways to recreate one of Rachel Green’s iconic looks. From sweaters and mini skirts to pedal pushers and tank tops, Rachel always looked like the trendiest lady in NYC. She even occasionally rocked a sweater vest and made it look cool!

2. Donna Martin

While everyone was busy caught up in the Dylan, Brenda, Kelly love triangle, some of the most iconic fashion was happening right under their noses from none other than Donna Martin. While Donna may have been arguably the quietest out of all the 90210 characters, her fashion certainly spoke volumes. Almost always wearing some type of bold print or denim, Donna knew exactly how to make her presence known. I appreciate her style because she unapologetically always wore exactly what she wanted!

Female Characters of the 90s Who Were Fashion Icons

3. Elaine Benes

As a woman who took on her own definition of business casual, Elaine Benes was a ’90s style queen. With a combination of long pattern dresses, blazers and overcoats, Elaine certainly made herself standout among the other females featured in Seinfeld. She also knew how to dress it down and is one of the only people I’ve ever seen successfully rock a sweatshirt and an oversized jean jacket. Her daring and unique choices fit perfectly with her no apologies approach in life!

Female Characters of the 90s Who Were Fashion Icons

4. Hilary Banks

When Hilary Banks popped into a scene of Fresh Prince, not only were viewers excited to hear another one of her infamous one-liner insults, but also to see what new outfit she was wearing. Not only can the girl rock a hat like no one else, but she also proved that the skirt suit is not just for women in the workplace. It can be very cute in any setting! But she proved she wasn’t just all business with the occasional cocktail dress and tights. Hilary knew how and when to properly accessorize, something that I think most of us can agree is a struggle!

5. Fran Fine

“Mr. Chiefeld….”.With those words, you knew Fran Fine was about to waltz in with another outrageously fabulous ensemble. From patterned skirts and dresses to hats and headbands, Fran stole the show every time. She proved that confidence radiates from the way we dress. Tights paired with the right outfit truly make all the difference!

Female Characters of the 90s Who Were Fashion Icons

6. Sabrina Spellman

No hate to the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, but my only Sabrina Spellman is from the ’90s show Sabrina The Teenage Witch. Like her personality, her choice in clothes was effortlessly charming. Sabrina perfectly combined all the beloved ’90s trends including velvet, layering, and chokers. The thing that makes her style great is that her outfits never seem to be that out of the ordinary for a teenage girl. Anyone can rock her looks! 

Female Characters of the 90s Who Were Fashion Icons

7. Carrie Bradshaw

While Carrie Bradshaw’s existence may have come towards the end of the ’90s, her style left a significant impact on the decade nevertheless. Floral dresses, neon stripes, and ballerina skirts are a few words that come to mind when thinking back to all of her outfits from the show. Always in heels, Carrie proved that the only way to feel completely comfortable in your own skin is to wear what you feel, and wow did viewers experience a lot of these feels!

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8. Kelly Kapowski

When reflecting back on the ’90s, it’s no wonder Kelly Kapowski was an aspect of conflict for Zack and Slater; her fashion was just to die for. Kelly couldn’t help but look cute no matter what she was wearing. I really appreciate her incorporation of bright colors and faded denim, two aspects I like to mix into my weekly wardrobe. From crops and high-waisted jeans to the cutest mini skirt and tank combinations, I find myself noticing trends started by Kelly resurfacing three decades later. It proves that when your style is that good it’s truly timeless!

Female Characters of the 90s Who Were Fashion Icons

9. Tia Landry and Tamera Campbell

What’s better than one ’90s fashion icon…two! Tia and Tamera, who were two of the most stylish twins of the decade made it clear that denim is queen. These girls knew the value in layering, wearing hats and how to properly pull off tights and shorts. The two proved that you don’t have to show a lot of skin to look cute, and that baggy is certainly more appealing and comfortable than super tight!

Female Characters of the 90s Who Were Fashion Icons

All these lovely ladies brought unique looks to the table and didn’t care about what others thought. The women who played them were equally as daring in their fashion choices. Not only did they have a strong sense of fashion but they also had a strong sense of self!

Who are your favorite ’90s fashion icons? Share with us your thoughts in the comments below!

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