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6 Feelings Only Students Working In College Can Relate To

6 Feelings Only Students Working In College Can Relate To

6 Feelings Only Students Working In College Can Relate To

Everyone’s going to have a job at one point in their life and it’s always a good idea to get a job (or two) in college to build up your resume and make a little spending money. Now whether you wanted the job or you had to get a job, you’ll definitely be able to relate to these feelings only students working in college can relate to!

I always was working in college, and I can definitely relate to these feelings!

1. Deciding whether or not working in college is the right decision for you in the first place.

This is the (sometimes ever constant) feeling where you decide whether or not you want (or need) a job. You weigh out the pros and cons, maybe you write out a list so you can fully visualize it.

My lists generally look something like this:


Work Experience


I’m lazy
I’m lazy


2. Not feeling entirely sure if you actually want places to hire you or not.

You apply for the job, made a resume (if you didn’t already have one), and probably padded up your resume with a few half truths; so what if the only experience you have as a PA was answering your mom’s phone and taking a message that one time? Still counts. You apply for as many jobs as you think you qualify for and then you cross your fingers and hope for the best. At this point you’re not entirely sure if the best outcome is getting the job or not getting it.


3. The inability to contain your excitement when you are hired somewhere, even though your instincts may tell you beware.

You got the job. You’re probably very surprised, but hopefully more so excited. You could be excited about the job itself for any number of reasons or just because you’re going to be making money and that is very exciting. Either way, you go in there optimistic about what you’re sure is going to be a great experience. You’ll make friends with your co-workers, your boss will be great, and of course you’re getting paid at the end of it.

6 Feelings Only Students Working In College Can Relate To

4. The initial feeling of comfort from settling into a routine.

All of your initial feelings (negative or positive) have been replaced with a feeling of comfort and you’ve settled into a routine. You’ve pretty much got the hang of this work thing. You’re always there on time and you’ve managed to work your classes and assignments around it. You’re pretty sure you can do this. You’re definitely sure it could be worse. You’ve made sure you made the right call here. This adulting thing is definitely going to be a breeze.

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5. Constantly asking yourself “is this even worth it” after you’re over settling into said routine.

Why? Why are you doing this again? Yeah, you’re getting paid but is it REALLY worth it? You’re starting to feel like you haven’t seen your friends in years and you’re missing outings and parties and- what is a social life anyway? An animal? A new dance craze? On top of all that you’re exhausted, your workload is getting heavier and you have to study.



6. You feel so proud of your hard-earned money, you almost call your parents to cut off their financial support. Then you think better of it.

This is it! You’re getting paid! This is money YOU earned. You can’t even believe you went through that rough patch in the middle, you were definitely being very dramatic there. You can buy food now! So much food. Imagine all the things you’re going to buy if you save a little. You can open a savings account.

Mostly though, you’re just proud of yourself for being so grown up. You call your parents to let them know that you don’t need their financial support anymore, you brag about how grown you are. Then you promptly call back to let them know you were just joking about not needing them.

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