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12 Feel-Good Places To Study Outside School

12 Feel-Good Places To Study Outside School

As a student, it’s important to know the different places you can go to study. Studying is part of the student gig, and because classrooms can get dull, below are twelve feel-good places to study to pick from. 

The Coffee shop

The coffee shop is a great place to study and is conveniently the source of the second most important thing students need, caffeine. Coffee shops are made to meet up, study, read a book, and even work. The music is set to an agreeable volume, mostly soft jams or instrumental; the coffee aroma is enticing; and you’re just one step away for a cup, or more, of your favorite energizing drink. 

12 Feel-Good Places To Study Outside School


The Park

Being outdoors, surrounded by greenery, is a natural energy fix. The fresh air is good for thinking and relaxing. Since a clear mind is elemental for studying, it’s good to get away from all the distractions. The birds’ chirp, the wind blowing, and the sunlight glowing makes it a lovely place to study. To set up camp, you can either, sit by a bench, claim a tree or lay in the middle of a field. If overwhelmed by all the work, take a walk, breath and get back at it.

The Beach

Studying with the sounds of waves crashing, that doesn’t come from a soundtrack, sounds way better.  Under a palm tree, umbrella, cabana, or out in the plain sun, you can put a towel on the sand, and enjoy a chill study session. Research shows that a few hours of beach time can add a significant amount of vitamin D to your system, which helps raise the immune system, that through the strain of studying, may be lowered. Once you’re done, or in between studying, take a dip and cool off. 

The Book Store 

Book stores are easy to spot in any college campus, mall, or city, which makes it an accessible and cool study option.  Book stores combine coffee shop coziness, but with a bit less chattering. Besides commodity, book stores are filled with books which can spark inspiration. Some even have restaurants or Starbucks like Barnes & Noble. But no matter which you pick, buy a croissant or bookmark while you’re at it and get working. 


The Library 

For total silence and concentration boost, libraries are best. With plenty of primary sources to check upon, you’ll be able to digest those hard to understand topics. Since silence is warranted, if you prefer to study with some music, plug in your earphones and zone in on your work. Also, there is something about old books that inspires, and the notion of a library that aids learning. On the plus, most libraries are equipped with printers and computers; when on a hurry or in need of a copy, you’ll be fine. 

12 Feel-Good Places To Study Outside School


For total control of your ambiance, home is the place to go. Some enjoy studying over by the kitchen, others by the porch, and many in their room. If you want to study in the most laid back fashion, or if not in the mood to go out, then staying in maybe’s the best option. If you find that there are too many distractions, pull up a “do not disturb sign”, turn off the TV, and once you’re done reward the good behavior with your favorite snack and show. 


A Friend’s House 

What seems tempting, like talking to your friend and not studying isn’t much as a downfall compared to what can also be a great study session. At an advantage, with a study partner, you can be held accountable, which increases motivation and productivity. A safe place is great for mental relaxation and for absorbing new material. 

The Community Center

Designed to be accessible at walking distance, these centers offer a great setting for all sorts of activities, studying included. At the Center, you can organize a study group or chill by yourself. What adds to its feel-good facade, is the mere act of being near people doing things, that impulses you to do the things you need and want to do yourself. 

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The Gym

Working out energizes, relaxes, and composes you to not only work a sweat but also ace that next assignment. Some top ways to study in a gym is to 1) record your lecture or yourself reciting important information you are trying to learn or memorize or 2) bring your notes and place them on the treadmill or bike machine. You’ll be able to fit-in me time and study time, that’s killing two birds with one stone.

12 Feel-Good Places To Study Outside School

The Car (Roadtrip)

A change in scenery is good, more than one is great. Call the best driver you know and hit the road, while you hit the books. We spend countless hours traveling to and fro from place to place, why not invest that time into your lectures and then study break at each spot on your road trip. Pro tip: bring some earphones to zone out, but other than that, snacks, different places, and good company is the textbook definition of feel-good studying. 


A Museum 

A museum is a great place to study, especially when the topic you’re studying is being displayed. There are art museums, natural history museums, sports, professions,  and rarities museums, to mention a few. For example, with the arts, you can better grasp the context of the epoch and its connection with the lesson. If there isn’t anything related to your topic of interest, or you finished admiring, you can sit by the lounge and finish your work there. 

A tutoring Center

There are moments when studying alone just doesn’t cut it. Maybe the other options presented are too exposed, or uncontrolled, and you seek a more helpful scenario, then a tutoring center is the best place to study in. With capable and willing helpers, you can stay on track with your study goals and enjoy someone’s company in a pro-active environment. 

What are your favorite places to study? Share and comment!

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