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6 Feel Good Brands That Give Back To The Community And Environment

Shopping for things you’ve wanted for awhile always feels good but believe it or not that experience can get even better. When you support companies that are committed to protecting the environment or giving back to the community, buying stuff takes on a whole new meaning. For most people I think the hardest part is finding brands rooted in service with products that are seemingly worth investing in. Fortunately, each year more companies are deciding to give back so finding a few you love is probably easier than expected. Here are 6 brands that give back to get you started, and hopefully finding more becomes a fun, lifelong challenge.

Spiritual Gangster

Spiritual Gangster is my latest muse. The brand’s commitment to service is inspiring, but their intent to promote a healthy, happy lifestyle is really cool too. The yoga-inspired clothing company actively donates to a few local Phoenix organizations like Make A Wish Arizona and the Phoenix Children’s Hospital, but they’re also partnered with Feeding America to conduct the meal matching program.


Spiritual Gangster has donated more than 10 million meals to people in need. They continue to uphold their promise to provide a meal for each item they sell. The full collection is only available online but you can find a yoga studio nearby that sells Spiritual Gangster items too.

Pura Vida Bracelets

Pura Vida is an online bracelet store that was founded in 2010 by two college grads after a trip to Costa Rica. Since its inception, they’ve partnered with over 190 different organizations and donated more than $1.5 million dollars to support different causes.

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Pura Vida, when translated from Spanish, means ‘pure life’. This message reminds people to live each of life’s moments to the fullest. If you love the idea and want to continuously support the brand, Sign up for the monthly club. You will receive three bracelets for just 15 bucks a month.

Burt’s Bees

Most people are familiar with Burt’s Bees chapstick and other beauty products but what’s not-so commonly known is how dedicated the brand is to giving back. The Greater Good Foundation was established in 2007 and since, the company has donated more than $1.2 million dollars to various charity and volunteer organizations. Majority of these groups are fighting to protect bee habitats in different regions of the world.

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Sephora has partnered with more than 500 nonprofit organizations as part of their Sephora Stands Mission founded to help those faced with unexpected hardships.

“We encourage bold choices in beauty—and in life. Sephora Stands is dedicated to inspiring the fearlessness to make those choices. Our programs address the needs of entrepreneurs, communities in transition, and Sephora employees. And together, our company and employees share a commitment to increase our positive social impact.”

They’ve written dozens of grants and fund a matching gift program at the end of every year. Not to mention, most Sephora employees have personal missions rooted in service and actively volunteer elsewhere.

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MAC Cosmetics

If Sephora isn’t your go-to makeup store don’t worry, MAC gives back too. A vast majority of the company’s donation efforts have gone to fund AIDS/HIV research. Since 1994, MAC has been raising money for research and diagnosed patients by contributing a portion of each sale in the Viva Glam lipstick line to the cause.

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MAC has also stood behind several environmental initiatives. Including one where lipstick lovers can collect their empty canisters and return six for a free new stick in any shade of their choice.

Savvy Rest

Savvy Rest is a Virginia-based mattress and pillow company that partners with American Forests to provide pillows to guests in emergency shelters. They’ve provided close to 3,000 pillows since the Safe Sleep Pillows program launched just four years ago. Savvy rest also funds efforts to safeguard forest ecosystems all over the world. Tree planting is a huge part of this project and they’ve planted roughly 15,000 trees in counting.

On top of dedicated service, the brand also sources their mattress materials responsibly. 95 percent of these materials can be reclaimed. The company was initially founded on a concern regarding the toxic chemicals used in mass mattress and furniture production. Next time you shop for a new bed or sofa, look into the producer’s backstory. It may lead your shopping a different direction.

Can you think of any other feel good brands that give back that should be on this list? Let us know down below!

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Veronica Baas

Veronica Baas is a senior at Colorado State University studying media and technical communication and business administration. She has spent her life traveling as a pilot's daughter and lived in the UK as part of a study abroad program.

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