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15 Faux Fur Coats You Need In Your Closet

For many of us, the cold weather has kicked in and unfortunately, it is here to stay. So since we can’t change the weather, we change our fashion; no longer are the days of light jackets as we now transition into large heavy coats! Although a lot of these bulky winter coats aren’t appealing, the faux fur coat is here to help with that. These coats are heavy, warm, and super cute. So if you’re wondering what warm, furry, and trendy jacket to get for your winter wardrobe, then we’ve accumulated a list of the best faux fur coats that can have a place in everyone’s closet!

1) A Cute & Cozy Cardigan

A fun and warm button up cardigan with that faux fur attribute looks great paired with a cute bralette! Perfect for your everyday style, and can be worn by everyone!

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2) Warm, Short, And White

Step up your everyday look simply by adding a white faux fur jacket! White looks great with any look. Wear this jacket day or night, it will go with anything!

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3) Long Hair And Cute Striped Jackets

Patterned faux fur coats are a fun twist to a normal jacket. Wear this look with some simple black pants and ankle boots, or even match with your bestie!

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4) A Hint Of fur

Just a hint of fur is such a cute option if you don’t experience a frigid winter like the rest of us. Use this jacket to add some style to a regular t-shirt and pants, or just for warmth!

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5) The Natural Look

Classic fur coats are a very traditional style that every coat lover deserves to have hung up in their closet. The best part, natural looks like this will always have a place in fashion!

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6) Boho Vibes

Honestly, who doesn’t love a good boho look? Keep that hair loose and beachy and throw on a large fur coat as a statement. Expect a lot of compliments!

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7) Graphic Tees And Vintage Vibes

Faux fur coats don’t always have to be worn for a dressy occasion, keep it simple with a vintage tee and some shades. Not to mention pink is such a fun color to style your outfit with!

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8) Fur And Shorts

If you don’t experience a winter (you’re lucky), but still want to rock the winter look, just pop on that trendy coat over your everyday t-shirt and jeans! Such a cute way to upgrade your style while still keeping it casual.

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9) Long, Warm, And Furry

Throw on a long faux fur coat and style it with a cute hat, shades, and a Louis bag! LOL just kidding, but wouldn’t it be nice if we could all afford a Louis Vuitton?

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10) Cute “Cheetah” Print

Cheetah print is making a comeback, and there really is no better way to show it off but in coat form. Match it up with some simple style clothing and you will be looking super trendy!

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11) Long Hair Don’t Care

Yes, I know her hair is short… but her coat’s “hair” isn’t. A nice purple hue and long fur really set the tone for a fun occasion.

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12) Simple And Chic

There’s no better fashion advice to give then to keep your style simple, as you can never go wrong with a plain look. Wear one of your faux fur coats with all black, you’ll be looking both trendy and high fashion!

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13) Wear Your Fur Loosely

The long fur is back, and looks great when worn loose and off the shoulder!

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14) Mid Length And Colorful

Colorful faux fur coats like these are to die for, and give such a vintage vibe. A multi-colored coat can really complete a denim and plain t-shirt look!

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15) Beautiful, Black, And Chic

Black is such a classic color and looks good with everything! Therefore, purchasing a black faux fur coat is always in your closets best interest!

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What are some of your favorite faux fur coats? Leave us a comment in the section below!


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