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20 Father’s Day Jokes For The Guy Who Loves A Good Dad Joke

Father’s Day jokes never ever have to get old- no matter how many times your dad may say them to you and your family. Father’s Day is coming up, and it’s a time to channel your inner dad-joke humor and make him laugh harder than ever before! Whether the joke literally involves Father’s Day or not, here are some cheesy yet hilarious jokes for any guy who loves a good dad joke. Laugh away!

1. When Does A Dad Joke Become A Dad Joke?

“No idea.” “When it becomes apparent!”

Get it? I sure hope so. Father’s Day jokes can be so cheesy, but they really are original and funny down to the core. 

20 Father’s Day Jokes For The Guy Who Loves A Good Dad Joke

2. What Did The Daddy Buffalo Say To Its Son Before It Left For School?


Bye, son!

3. When Is The Boiling Point Reached?

Asked the science teacher. The student says, “When my dad sees my report card!”

Hopefully, dad doesn’t freak out when he sees my report card, then! Yikes!

4. What Did The Mother Bullet Say To The Father Bullet?

“We’re gonna have a BB!”

Not all Father’s Day jokes have to be about or include Father’s Day, ya know! Dad’s on Father’s Day, or any day really, will laugh at any cheesy joke that involves them or being a dad. Trust me, try it out!

5. What Does Your Father Do For A Living?

“He’s a magician. He saws people in half.” “Do you have any brothers or sisters? “Yep, four half-sisters and a half-brother.”

This is easily my favorite of all the Father’s Day jokes listed here. Like, seriously, it made me laugh out loud. And that is pretty darn hard to do. Definitely use this joke on your dad this upcoming Father’s Day!

6. What Do You Call Your Dad When He Falls Through Ice?

“A POPsicle!”

Father’s Day jokes can be funny, but I sure hope your dad doesn’t fall through ice any time soon!

7. How Is The Baby Bird Like Its Dad?

“It’s a chirp off the old block!”

Get it, chirp! 

8. I Have A Lot Of My Dad’s Genes.

“Really? I bet they don’t fit!”

HA. This one is funny if you know that genes are not the same as jeans. And most of our dad’s jeans won’t fit us until we are older anyways, hence the joke.

9. What Did The Golfer Dad Want For Father’s Day?

“A Tee Shirt!”

Ohhhh golfer dads are too much for me. Too funny, too cheesy. It’s too good. Father’s Day jokes HAVE to occasionally reflect some of their favorite things and a lot of dads love golf!

10. Why Did The Daddy Cat Want To Go Bowling On Father’s Day?

“He was an alley cat!”

Hey, some of these Father’s Day jokes actually are giving me some great idea’s on what to do with my dad this year! Bowling? Sure! And I’ll just have to crack this joke to him while I’m winning in the alley!

11. What Did Daddy Pig Put On His Father’s Day Pancakes?

“Hog cabin syrup!”

A classic line, I’ve heard this joke so much. Hog cabin, simple, yet pretty effective. Make your dad some pancakes and include this joke in the ingredients!

12. What Did The Bear Give His Daddy On Father’s Day?

“A bear hug!”

Aw, what dad wouldn’t love a bear hug on Father’s Day? 

13. What Do Hermit Crabs Do On Father’s Day?

“They shell-abrate their dads!”

Honestly, I can say that I have never heard a hermit crab joke in my life, but this is a pretty good one! Let’s shell-abrate our dad’s with these awesome jokes this Father’s Day!

14. What Can You Give Your Dad For Father’s Day That He’ll Love- For No Cost?

“A longggg nap.”

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What dad wouldn’t love a long nap on Father’s Day? This one is a joke, I guess, but it honestly is just so true. Our dad’s do so much for us, they deserve to rest for at least a day while we do all the chores for once.

15. What Did The Banana’s Daddy Get For Father’s Day?


Slippers, slipping on a banana, I assume you get the joke. Make your dad laugh out loud with this Father’s Day with a banana as a gift and a homemade card with a banana on it- I don’t know, be original!!

16. What Do Dads Like To Snack On For Father’s Day?


These POP jokes are too frequent in my opinion, but they’re still pretty good. There are just so many POP jokes to make when it comes to Father’s Day jokes!

17. When Does Father’s Day Come Before Saint Patrick’s Day?

“In the dictionary!”

I mean, it’s true, I just would have never have thought of that joke by myself. Kudos to whoever did!

18. Why Did Dad Want To Go Fishing On Father’s Day?

“He was hooked on it!

Ah, the classic fishing Father’s Day jokes. What dad doesn’t love fishing- let alone on Father’s Day?!

19. What Should You Never Give A Daddy Dentist On Father’s Day?

“A plaque!”

I’ve never heard of dentist Father’s Day jokes, but hey, this works! You definitely do not want to give your dentist father any sort of plaque on his special day.

20. Why Did The Kids Give Their Dad A Blanket On Father’s Day?

“Because he was the COOLEST dad ever!”

Get it? Their dad is so “cool” that they needed to give him a blanket for his Father’s Day gift! Get your dad a blanket for Father’s Day and then write this joke on a card–I’m sure he would love it.

I hope these dad jokes made you smile, but more importantly, I hope they make your dad smile this coming Father’s Day! What are your favorite dad jokes to make on Father’s Day, or in general? Share with us in the comments, we could all use some new joke inspiration!

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