10 Father’s Day Ideas That Will Help You Celebrate With Dad

Father’s Day ideas are the hardest to figure out. However, father’s day is approaching us, and with that comes the stress of what to do. We all want to show our dads how much we appreciate them and love them, but we never know how. Below are ten Father’s Day ideas that will show your dad how much you love them and care for them!

 1. Go to dinner

This is an easy peasy one, but it can still be very fun. Dinner is a great way to spend time together and talk. You can catch up if you haven’t seen each other in a while, and it’s a great way to learn more about each other and what is going in each other’s lives. Sometimes, this can be the best way to spend time with someone that you love.

2. Go Kayaking

In Austin, this is a big thing, and since Father’s day falls in the summer, when the weather is just right for Kayaking, this is a Father’s Day idea that many people take part in. Its a great way to bond, and get some of that Vitamin D!

10 Father’s Day Ideas That Will Help You Celebrate With Dad

3. Get him a coupon book

Even as you get older, a self-made coupon book never gets old. Put some silly things like a dance party for ten minutes, or unlimited hugs! Put down things that you know will make him happy. Everyone, not only dads will love this gift.

4. Do some grilling

Dad’s and their grilling, am I right? My dad is always outside grilling up something for us to eat, so if this is something your dad does too, make an event out of it! Do the grilling together!

5. Cook a delicious dinner

Everyone needs to eat to survive, and the better the meal, the happier your dad will be. Spend some time cooking him a delicious dinner and put a smile on his face! He will appreciate the effort and he will appreciate the meal.

6. Massage

Our dads work hard and barely get any time to relax! Book him an appointment to get a proper massage so that he can relax after all the hard work he does! If you don’t have the funds to book an appointment (don’t worry, we understand, college life equals being broke) just give him a small shoulder massage, he will still truly appreciate it.

10 Father’s Day Ideas That Will Help You Celebrate With Dad

7. Scavenger Hunt

Make the day a little more fun by involving a scavenger hunt! This is a super fun way to give your gift to your dad – make him search for it! This is a lot more exciting than handing him the gift, and this way you are spending more time of the day together and it shows that you put in the time and effort to set up the scavenger hunt. You can also personalize the scavenger hunt, using inside jokes to remind him of some of the great times you have had together.

8. Go-Cart Track

Going to the go-cart track is so much fun, but is not a common luxury. Since it is not something that happens often, use it for father’s day! It’s a big occasion, so use this excuse to go out and do something you wouldn’t usually do and going to the Go-Cart track is the perfect thing to do. It’s super fun and a great way to get competitive with your dad. Show him who’s boss!

10 Father’s Day Ideas That Will Help You Celebrate With Dad

9. Go to the movies

There is always a good movie in the theaters, so take him to see one! Buy the popcorn and soda and enjoy the movie together!

10. An Arcade day

Take him to an arcade and play against each other to see who is the better gamer! This is always one of my favorite father’s day ideas.

Which of these ideas will you do on father’s day? Comment down below if you have any other father’s day ideas!

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