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Father’s Day Ideas For The Dad With COVID Blues

Father’s Day Ideas For The Dad With COVID Blues

Like most celebrations and holidays over the past year, Father’s Day might look a little different in 2021. Normally, Father’s Day ideas might look like a cookout with all the dads in your family, going to a baseball game, or visiting your dad’s favorite brewery. While it may be easier to carry out some Father’s Day ideas this year as compared to last, there’s no guarantee that we’ll be able to do exactly what we want to for our dads this year. Some dads might have developed the Covid blues, but they can be cured with some of these Father’s Day ideas.

Since quarantine has presented some dads with the Covid blues, we’ve compiled a list of quarantine-friendly activities that you can do with your main guy. We’ve got Father’s Day ideas for the dads were hunkered down with at home and even if the Covid blues may have them down, you can show them they’re loved and appreciated with some of these quarantine Father’s Day ideas.

1. Serve and Enjoy A Hearty Brunch

Start his day with a breakfast feast that is fit for a king. This Father’s Day idea can be pretty close to the brunch you might’ve taken your dad to at his favorite breakfast spot if you try to create some of the dishes he might order there. My dad enjoys a good breakfast bagel, so maybe along with the eggs and bacon, you can set up a build-your-own bagel table. And of course, you can round out the breakfast with a nice Bloody Mary or Mimosa. It’s a holiday after all, so closing out breakfast with a cocktail is the perfect way to end this Father’s Day idea. 


2. Beer Tasting At Home

Just because you can’t take your dad to his favorite brewery, thankfully most places have made it so you can takeout brews and enjoy them in the comfort of your house. This Father’s Day idea will please your dad if he’s a beer-drinking kind of guy. You can pick up a beer tasting flight then pour them up for your dad at home. Not only will your dad discover some new favorites, but you’ll also be supporting a local business in the process. You can create the ambiance of your dad’s favorite brewery by just being there with him and trying new brews with him. A Father’s Day idea that could become a tradition. 


3. Family Game Night

A family game night is always the move. Whether it’s poker, Monopoly, Uno, or Mario Kart, having a game night with the man who probably taught you how to play most of these games is the perfect Father’s Day idea. A game night provides the opportunity for your dad to have all of you together and to bond over the competitiveness you all share. Letting dad pick the game that starts it off is a nice Father’s Day idea, then continue the night playing all of your family favorites with one another. 

4. Go To A Socially-Distanced Car Show

I’ve never met a dad who didn’t enjoy going to a car show. Many towns are still hosting safe and socially distanced car shows and parades so why not take one in as a Father’s Day idea. Taking your dad to one of these shows and letting him talk with the owners about engines and models is a great Father’s Day idea. It’s entertainment that your dad will enjoy, especially because he’ll be able to take all of you along and you can spend the day together talking shop and enjoy being outside. 


5. Plan A Picnic

The Covid blues are usually created because people are cooped up inside at all hours of the day. How about trying a picnic as this year’s Father’s Day idea? You can gather up dad’s favorite meal, either one you all helped make or one you picked up from his favorite restaurant, and head to a nearby park for some needed fresh air and family time. After the meal, you can all just bask in the sunshine and pick on dad by sharing some of his most embarrassing stories. It’s a great Father’s Day idea that will get you out of the house and let you celebrate the man that made you who you are. 

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6. Go Camping

Camping is the perfect Father’s Day idea because it’s socially distanced and it provides quality time for you and your family. Your dad might even get annoyed with you because of all the time you’ll spend together. Even if you go to a campground or set up a campsite in your backyard, camping gives you the opportunity to be outside and in the presence if your family. With this Father’s Day idea you’ll bond over pitching the tent, making s’mores, telling stories around the campfire, and stargazing. 


7. Take Him Golfing

Dads love golf, and because golfing is also socially distanced, it also makes for a pretty great Father’s Day idea. Whether it’s just the two of you or you bring your whole quarantine bubble to the course, you can spend the day golfing with your favorite man. Turns this Father’s Day idea into a competition and see who has the best game, or compare the distances of your tee-offs to keep the game interesting and fun. Enjoy riding around in the golf cart with your dad, sipping drinks, and basking in the quality time golfing will give you guys. 

8. Go On A Virtual Museum Tour

My dad is a huge history buff and one of my favorite things to do with him is go to museums and talk about some of his favorite moments in history. Seeing as we live in two different states now and most museums are still closed anyway, this year for our Father’s Day idea we’re considering a virtual museum tour. With a virtual museum tour, you can walk the exhibits together on your computer screen. You can still discuss all of the exhibits and engage in those deep conversations while staying safely at home during this Father’s Day idea. Quality time with your pops while not having to deal with crowds of people? Sign me up!


What are some Father’s Day ideas you’re considering this Father’s Day? Will you be with your dad or will you have to possibly have to do something virtually? Let us know in the comments below!

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