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Father’s Day Cards Any Dad Will Appreciate

Father’s Day is approaching, which means we will need to start brainstorming things our fathers will want. It can be hard to find the perfect gift for our dad when they do so much for us in our everyday lives. That’s why it is important to start small first. Starting small, as in, starting with a card. Father’s Day cards are so simple and sometimes forgotten, but they really are such a nice way of showing your dad how much you appreciate him and everything he does. Below are some of the different types of Father’s Day cards you can buy- or make- for your dad this year to show your appreciation.

1. Homemade Card

Father’s Day cards can be super expensive, so why not make one yourself? Homemade cards to some people can reflect laziness of going out to the store to buy a card or a lack of wanting to spend money on your dad (broke college students, this one’s for you), but that really is not and should not be the stigma behind homemade Father’s Day cards. A homemade card is actually super thoughtful, and in my opinion, it is completely the opposite of being lazy! No matter how old you are, you can never go wrong with a homemade card. If you are feeling creative or if you are very good at art, draw an amazing card! Your dad seeing your talent through something to appreciate him for him, is actually a very meaningful thing to do. You can find different ideas for homemade Father’s Day cards all over the Internet, such as on Pinterest!

2. Picture Card

Going on a website such as Shutterfly gives you the opportunity to create something super heartfelt for your dad- a picture card. Father’s Day cards can be as inventive as you would like, and a picture card is a great way for your dad to cherish the memories you have together. He will want to keep this card forever! It is super easy to use different websites such as Shutterfly. All you need to do is upload a nice picture of your choice and add a theme. A lot of people just order from these types of websites for things such as Christmas or the New Year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make a picture card for any other occasion! I used Shutterfly for creating a collage of pictures after I studied abroad in Australia. You can personalize images on canvases, cards, blankets, books, you name it! Add your favorite photo of you and your dad, or even your entire family, and he will for sure be ecstatic to receive such a nice card.

3. E-Card

Electronic Father’s Day cards are so showing of our generation. We are such a technology-driven generation that e-cards were bound to become a thing at some point. They really are pretty creative and handy, though. Let’s say, for example, your dad is not in the same place as you once Father’s Day rolls around. Maybe a business trip, overseas, whatever the reason may be, you still are going to want to show your appreciation to him on his special day! Sending an e-card is a great way to do that. You can personalize an e-card, add pictures and text. Your dad surely will be super appreciative of the thought of sending an e-card.

4. Classic Card

The most general way to give your dad a card on Father’s Day is a simple and classic Father’s Day card. Father’s Day cards do not always need to be this super extraordinary thing, they can be as simple as a nice and plain card. The first thing your dad will open on Father’s Day most likely will be his cards. Whenever I buy my dad a classic Father’s Day card, I write a very long and heartfelt message on the inside so he knows how much I care for and appreciate him being a constant role model in my life. It’s important to remind your parents of how big of a role they have in your life, and starting with a classic card can go a long way.

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5. Funny Card

Now, these are my absolute favorite. Who doesn’t love a funny card? If your dad loves jokes, like most do, going the funny route with for Father’s Day cards is always an added bonus to put a smile on his face. Father’s Day cards are sold in a ton of different stores and there are a ton of different themes, funny Father’s Day cards definitely being one of those categories. If you know your dad and his sense of humor well, then buy him a card that you know will crack him up. When your dad opens his cards, you of course are going to want to make him laugh! Start his day off right with a hilarious card.

6. Card Reflecting Their Interests

Every dad is different, which means that so many Father’s Day cards will be about different things, as stores want to try and reach as wide of an audience as they possibly can. Some dad’s love sports, some dad’s love comics, or movies, or just about anything and everything! It can be difficult to narrow down your dad’s interests, but it is still possible. Let’s just say, pertaining to the image below, that your dad absolutely loves golfing. The card below would be so perfect for him! It might seem so simple, but it still will show your dad how much you appreciate and notice everything he does. Heck, you could even buy him a golfing trip to go along with the card. Wouldn’t that be pretty amazing?

This Father’s Day, show your dad how much you love and appreciate him with some of these awesome Father’s Day cards. A little can go a long way, trust me. What are your favorite Father’s Day cards to give your dad? Share with us in the comments below!

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