8 Father’s Day Brunch Ideas For A Foodie Dad

Father’s Day brunch is an easy, fun way to get your family together and be thankful for your Dad. Families that brunch together stay together after all. Though Dad’s may vary family to family (i.e., some tell worse jokes than others), there seems to be at least one universal trait all fathers share; eating the things that you refuse to, like the mushrooms you just picked off your pizza. Switch the tables this Father’s Day by taking your Dad out to a meal you’ll both like.

1. Yum Cha

Yum Cha is fricking delicious. Don’t hesitate to estrange yourself from any family member that dares to disagree. Go out for an early lunch with your Papa in Chinatown, and get the best dumplings money can buy. There are so many different varieties to choose from, so it can satisfy every picky sibling.

Father's day brunch

2. Picnics

Whether you eat in your backyard, or a fancy botanical garden, picnics are a great way to spend time with your family. You get to experience the beauty and tranquility of nature, but snacks are there also. Snacks improve just about any situation. Pack a Father’s Day brunch full of your Dad’s favourite foods, as well as some games to play afterwards. To really convince your father that you are child of the year, pick foods that have a special significance, like a meal you used to make together when you were little.

Father's day brunch

3. Bike Rides and Coffee

Brunch is nothing without a good, strong coffee. The someway you are nothing in the early morning until you’ve had a caffeine fix. If your Dad is a morning person on the other hand, compromise just this once and get up early with him. Take a brisk bike ride together as the sun is still coming up. Bike trails are popping up all over cities, suburbs, and the country, so you’re sure to find a nice track somewhere. Once the stores start to open up, it’s time to take a break and drink a hot cup of joe.

Father's day brunch

4. Breakfast in Bed

A classic for good reason. Let your Dad take it easy for once while you and your siblings make a clamorous mess in the kitchen. Father’s Day brunch in bed should consist of all his favourites, like hash browns or boiled eggs with little toast soldiers. Just don’t get crumbs in the sheets.

Father's day brunch

5. Berry Picking

You may find a farm or orchard close-by that invites visitors to pick their own produce. It’s a great way to turn a day-out with dear old Dad into a tasty meal. The farm may have a café on the grounds where you can eat pies or slices after working up an appetite fruit picking. Alternatively, you can take your berry horde home and cook up your own brunch from scratch.

Father's day brunch

6. Beach Brekkie

Seaside trips will give you nostalgia for all the beach visits you made when you were little. Either eat at a café on the shore, or bring your own packed goods and sit right on the sand. Your family can happily squabble over half-remembered stories while snacking on goodies.

Father's day brunch

7. Baking

Waking up to the smell of freshly-baked cookies or brownies is the one of the best gifts you can give your Dad. For Father’s Day brunch this year, skip to the good part of any meal- the dessert. You can bake with your Dad while he cracks eggs and bad jokes, or enlist the help of your siblings to keep it a secret surprise gift for him.

Father's day brunch

8. Grilling

It is a truth universally acknowledged that all Dad’s love grilling. The best gift you can give your Dad might just be letting him have the floor so he can grill up his own specialties. If you’re trying to do it yourself and he keeps butting him, gently remind him that he is supposed to relax during Father’s Day brunch. It probably won’t convince him, but you can try.

Father's day brunch

What does your family do for Father’s Day brunch? Comment below!

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