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Fast Food Chains That Represent You Based On Your Zodiac

We all love a good fast food restaurant. They are our guilty pleasures, our pick me ups and treat-yourself moments. It’s everything from burgers to tacos, french fries to pizza that we all love. But, does your favorite fast food match up with your zodiac sign? Let’s see if the stars are aligned with your go-to fast food chain!

Aries – Chipotle

The first sign in the zodiac likes to be first in everything else. Aries are natural-born leaders who are also courageous, honest, passionate, and optimistic. Their fast-food chain is none other than Chipotle. Although it is considered fast food, Chipotle, like an Aries, is honest in their business as it serves only fresh, natural, and organic ingredients in their food which is also something the founder of Chipotle was passionate about.

As a sign that is also very athletic and loves sports, they need a restaurant that they can enjoy like a cheat meal but also still keep them fueled and focus. Chipotle offers nutritional foods like rice, beans, protein, veggies, and more. So it tastes good and is good for you. Extra guac for the Aries, please!

Aquarius – Chic Fil A

Aquarius’ are original people. They are independent, progressive and a true humanitarian as they love to help other and fight for what’s right. A great original fast-food chain is Chic Fil A. They came up during a time when it was all just burger places. They made the chicken sandwich a new favorite for fast food lovers. They also use chickens that have no antibiotics which really show how much they care about the health of their customers.

If you’ve been to Chic Fil A you know that they treat you better than you’re own family with how insanely nice they are. This is just like an Aquarius who loves people and spending time with their friends.

Pisces – Panera

Yes, Panera is considered a fast food restaurant! Panera is a fast food place that feels like a home-cooked meal. Just like being at home, Pisces exude so much friendliness and compassion. They are also gentle, wise, and artistic people. The food served at Panera reflects just that. They have salads, yummy soups, and sandwiches; all the food that make you feel good. Even though you can sit down and have a delicious meal with your friends, you’ll also see Paneras filled with people who are enjoying their alone time. Pisces love to be alone and listen to music. Which is exactly what most people do at a Panera anyway!

So Pisces, grab your freshly made lemonade, and a bowl of steamy mac n’ cheese and settle in at your local Panera.

Taurus – Subway

Taurus’ are stable, reliable, and practical people just like the restaurant Subway. You always know what you’re going to get when you go to a Subway even if you’re at an airport in the middle of nowhere. You know you’re going to get a simple, but delicious sub sandwich.

The practicality of Taurus’ is also reflected in subway as they are considered a “safe” option if you have to choose between other restaurants that serve greasy burgers or pizza that might not always taste the same everywhere you go. Taurus’ enjoy the simple things in life like cooking, music, gardening, and so on. Subway is as simple as it gets and it’s still a classic favorite.

Gemini – Dairy Queen

Gemini’s are known to appear to have two different personalities. However, overall, they are gentle affectionate, adaptable to different situations. Sound familiar? Dairy Queen is known to serve ice cream and milkshakes, but also serves burgers, fries, chicken strips, and other fried treats.

When you see a Dairy Queen you feel comfortable eating there. Gemini’s can chat with everyone just like Dairy Queen can serve anyone as they have a variety of options to pick from.

Cancer – Papa Johns

Cancer’s are very emotional, loyal, and imaginative people. Similar to Papa John’s who serve a classic favorite fast food item, pizza. Usually, when you order a pizza, you know your usual order and you probably order on a similar night of the week. This highlights the correlation as to the loyalness of Cancers who also enjoy a good meal with friends often. What better way to share a meal than with a pizza?

Cancers, being imaginative and innovated people, also share this with Papa Johns as they just came out with their new pizza sandwich-type things as well. Yum! Cancers also enjoy being at home, and most people order a pizza for delivery so it’s perfect!

Leo – In-N-Out Burger

Leo’s are bright people, kind of like the In-N-Out sign. They are creative and passionate people who are also extremely warm-hearted and humous. Just like when people see the In-N-Out sign, they light up with joy. The food at In-N-Out is classic burgers and fries but they’re made to stand out with quality ingredients and greasy goodness that take it to a whole new level.

Leos also like to be treated like a king or queen and are natural-born leaders. In-N-Out is sort of like the king of burgers to most people and they essential lead the way for your classic burger and fries expectations.

Virgo – Jimmy Johns

Virgos are often all work and no play. Just like Jimmy Johns and their slogan “freaky fast, freaky fresh” that highlights how quickly they can deliver your food. While being hard workers, Virgos are also loyal, kind, practical, and also enjoy healthy food. Sub sandwich is one of the healthier options when it comes to fast food for sure. It is also practical food that is served with a smile. This is pretty much the perfect place for a Virgo!

See Also

Libra – Culver’s

Libras are very diplomatic, fair-minded, and social people. They enjoy gentleness and sharing with others. Culver’s always reminds me of a quiet, subtle, simple, but still very good burger place. It’s not in your face with commercials and advertisements like Burger King or McDonald’s. It’s almost like, “come join us if you want and if you don’t that’s okay too.”

Culver’s also promise that everything is always “well made” and “good quality.” How gracious and fair is that? So, Libras, take yourself and your friends for a balanced, well-made meal at Culver’s.

Scorpio – Starbucks

Yep, Starbucks is also a fast-food chain and they are EVERYWHERE. Scorpios aren’t everywhere but they do have similar qualities like being very stubborn, assertive, and resourceful. However, they are also known to be great, long-time friends, and passionate people. And, isn’t that what Starbucks is all about? Getting you a great cup of coffee, anytime, anywhere in the world, and you can trust that it will always give you it’s best. Cheers to you Scorpios!

Sagittarius – Sonic

Idealistic, freedom, travel, being outdoors, and a great sense of humor. It’s hard to tell if I was describing the zodiac sign or the fast food restaurant. Well, it’s both! We’ve all been on the road, traveling at one point, and have seen a Sonic in the middle of nowhere and thought, “oh thank goodness!” Just like Sonic, Sagittarius’ loves the great outdoors.

Not to mention the hilarious Sonic commercials that really reflect the light-hearted and good-humored Sagittarius.

Capricorn – McDonald’s

We couldn’t not include Mickey D’s in this list as it is the OG of fast food chains. It also couldn’t fit better with anyone else than a Capricorn. Capricorns enjoy family, tradition, and responsibility. They are pretty much the time and self-disciplined sign. McDonald’s is obviously all about families as they have children play places in their restaurants and serve a variety of food that will be liked by everyone and can be afforded by everyone as they have their famous dollar menu.

Capricorns also pretty much hate everything at some point and always expect the worst. McDonald’s has been through a lot as far as scrutiny and ridicule for its food, it’s cleanliness in the dining areas, and so on. So, they understand what responsibility and discipline are.

Did your favorite fast-food chain match up with your zodiac? Let us know in the comment section!

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