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15 Fashionable Winter Coats For Women To Wear This Season

15 Fashionable Winter Coats For Women To Wear This Season

Summer has ended, and the air has started to turn a little bit colder. We know fall has a small chill to it, but if you’re in a place with real seasons, you know the air is about to turn into a frosty bite. Soon most of us, unless you are a lucky one living in a tropical utopia, will require winter coats. 

Fashion doesn’t have to die in the wintertime, there are plenty of unique options you can choose from. You will have the best options to stay warm but look trendy. With these coats, you can create the best street style, to business casual, all the way to some grunge looks if that is your style. 

Patagonia Winter Jacket

For all my sustainable babes out there who care about our environment, this one’s for you. Patagonia is one of the best names in the game. Since the 1950’s they have been creating clothing necessities ethically and as sustainable as possible. 


Try out Patagonia’s Women’s Nano Puff Parka. It is extremely warm yet breathable, and the best thing is this jacket isn’t stiff; you can move in it! One of the best shades to try is their century pink color or perhaps hyssop purple. Both are equally vibrant in color and will be the perfect way to stand out in a sea of black winter coats. 

Nau Puff Jacket

If you haven’t figured out by now, I am all about fashion and promoting the best of the best. In my mind, some of the best mean ethical, sustainable, and extremely comfy and warm. Nau not only makes ethical fashionable winter coats. This brand is based in Portland, Oregon, which I absolutely love! They also have a base in Santa Rosa, California. 


Try out Nau’s Sclendre Trench in ponderosa, a dark green that is a sure way to make you stand out. It is made out of 100% recycled materials inside and out, has a high neck to keep you warm, and is long enough to keep your legs warm throughout the winter. One of the best staples you will ever own. 

Eileen Fisher

Eileen is an ethical fashion designer who uses organic material that keeps forever. This may be a small investment, but it will last you years. She only uses organic materials, and some of them are great for winter. Alpaca wool is one of the organic materials she uses. It is a must-try for all fashionable winter coats. She also uses recycled materials. 

Try out Eileen Fisher’s Organic Cotton Long Coat. This is perfect if you want to layer up in the winter. This coat is designed to be oversized; it can be used as a statement piece on it’s own, or you can wear an oversized sweater and legging underneath. It is not your typical black coat; it is in the shade blue ink. This will give you some sustainable edge during the winter. 


Indigenous Designs

This is a fair trade brand that also focuses on creating sustainable products for consumers. They use free-range alpaca wool and organic Pima cotton for most of their coats. This brand is incredibly transparent and will help make getting dressed fun again. 

If you want something a little more trendy than a classic winter coat try one of their Fleece Trench coats. In the color cherry, you stand out during the winter and bring some brightness from the gray skies. The collar can be worn down, or if you want to add some drama to your wardrobe, you can wear it up. 


A brand in my personal top ten favorite list because of their style and their ethical practices. It is a United Kingdom-based company and will give all others a run for their money. They carry high-quality, fashionable winter coats that are totally unbeatable. 


Try out their Waterproof Tencel Parka in green. You can pair with extra warm layers or a cute beanie that will totally complete the look. It is oversized so easy to wear with thick sweaters, and it is long, so it will keep you dry. 


Another brand that is in my top ten! This brand uses hemp, which is one of the best fabrics to be environmentally friendly. Hemp is the one all be all in my book and can be used for so many things, and that includes creating fashionable winter coats. 


Their Double Layer Parka is one of the best things I have in my closet, and I 100% recommend this to anyone who wants to stay warm in the winter. It comes in green and black, giving it an edgy, almost grungy look. The black piece is a detachable vest; you can either use it or toss it. 


I have always admired this brand because they focus on being thoughtful hence the name. When a brand is focused on the environment, that is amazing, but when they think about what people actually want as well? That is phenomenal! 

Try out their bright blue Phebe Puffa Jacket; this will give you some edge like no other. It is vibrant and is made from recycled material. I guarantee you that no one else will have this color of a winter coat on the street; you will stand out for miles. 



This is a brand that focuses on unisex clothing that is also eco-friendly. Recently the brand partnered up with Christopher Raeburn to create some unique clothing, including some fashionable winter coats. They use recycled materials and even buy some second-hand clothes to revamp. 

Try out their Vellus Waterproof Parka that is technically for a man, but since they create things that are meant to be unisex, you should still try out. It is a soft gray that looks cozy and is long enough to cover your knees. It’s super sleek and has some big pockets that you may not find anywhere else. 



I know it sounds like a funky name, but this brand is lit. They create all of their products from 100% recycled plastic bottles, and they do so with some edge. You can find a few different coats on this website, all great for chic and preppy styles. 

My all-time favorite jacket from them is their bright yellow ASP Hooded Puffer Jacket. It is as bright as the sun and will make a bold statement walking down the street. With so many different styles to choose from, it really makes ethical shopping easier than ever before. 

Flippa K

Although this brand is a Scandinavian based company, rest assured they make some bomb winter jackets that are also stylish and sleek. Flippa K is probably one of the most wholesome and trustworthy brands out there. What makes them trustworthy? They are focused on labor rights and being open about their supply chain. That is one of the most crucial things when choosing a sustainable brand for fashionable winter coats. 


Try out their Alexa Double Face Belted Coat; although this is a black coat, it is perfect for the chic gothic style we all crave. Pair it with a wool turtleneck sweater and some winter boots, and you’ve got a look. You can also dress up this coat with some of your favorite slacks to make it the perfect business casual coat. 

Ella Fashion

Although not all of her material is organic or natural, Ella, the designer, does have a sustainable approach to designing her clothes. Instead of letting others throw away their extra materials when they are done, she buys those extra materials to create each new season. This means that less fabric is going to the dump, which is great for our environment. 

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Try out her classy khaki green Alina Raincoat that you can layer up for the winter. This is a lightweight jacket that is oversized; it will hang to your knees and help you look and feel put together. It stands out with a high neck and a big hood that will help you feel secure and toasty during the winter months. 


This brand is not strictly sustainable, but I appreciate this brand because they have the mindset to be sustainable. They create fashionable winter coats that are meant to last, making them more of a ‘slow fashion’ brand. Everlane is also open about their manufacturing process, which I genuinely believe more brands should do. 


Try out The Cocoon Coat in the color caramel. This coat is not strictly made from sustainable materials. Still, you can see exactly where it is made and the process it goes through to get to you, which is amazing. It is sleek and trendy, good for fall but also winters. Pair it with skinny jeans and dark riding boots. 


This brand is fantastic because they release a sustainability report for the public and themselves every year. You can see exactly what they have done to be ethical and provide sustainable products and know you are getting high-quality goods but also ethical ones. 

An absolute must-try from them is the Holland Trench. It is a light brown or a tan caramel color that is extremely elegant. This will make you look like a movie star that just got off of the set, or perhaps a spy looking to blend in casually. It is a totally romantic trench coat that is good for all occasions. 


Ted Baker

So I understand that not everyone is as passionate about sustainability as I am. So for these last two on the list, I decided to throw you something a little new. This brand is not known for ethics or sustainability. Still, they are known to produce some trendy, affordable, and comfortable products. 

Try out their Double Breasted Mac in oxblood, which is a slight purplish color. It is a long trench coat that is elegant and classy. It is a vibrant purple shade that will catch anyone’s eye and help you stand apart from a crowd. 


Moncler Grenoble 

A designer who is known to produce high-quality products, but not sustainably. However, if you’re like me, you love to ski and play in the snow. That requires a heavy-duty ski jacket that is insulated. This brand makes some of the best ski jackets you can find, and you can find them at your local Neman Marcus.

I highly recommend Channel-Quilt Tricolor-Zip Jacket w/ Belt. This is a classy look that will bring your ski outfit to the next level. It is also good for walking around town and maybe even doing some Christmas shopping. 


Final Thoughts

There are so many amazing winter jackets to choose from, and more than a handful of sustainable brands to choose from. If you’re like me and live where it gets -15, you may want to choose a thicker parka that you can layer up. These are some of the best fashionable winter coats you can find that will last you years. 

What are some of your favorite winter styles? Let us know in the comments below, and be sure to share this with your friends!