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Fashionable Shorts To Wear This Summer

Trends come and go, but fashionable shorts will always be a summer clothing staple. Summer is the perfect time to bare your legs in cute fashionable shorts that are not only trendy but comfortable. Finding the best summer shorts for women can sometimes be a difficult and tedious task when many of them are too short, too tight, or look unflattering. You want summer shorts that are perfect for any occasion, whether you’re going on a hike, getting ready for an upcoming vacation, updating your work wardrobe, or planning a summer cookout with family and friends.

No matter the occasion you want to look your best! So we’ve narrowed down the best shorts every girl should have in her closet. If you don’t, make sure to get a jump start on spring and summer fashion by making purchases now before it’s too late. Trust me, you don’t want to be that person who goes to look for white shorts in the middle of the summer season and come up empty-handed. Read on for the best fashionable shorts you need to own this summer.

White shorts

When shopping for summer clothes make sure to pick up some fashionable shorts in white. Crisp white clothes are always popular to wear during the summer, heck it’s even encouraged. White shorts are simple, elegant, and can go with just about anything you own! Now that is a clothing staple we all need in our closet.

Grab a pair of mid-rise distressed boyfriend shorts from Old Navy that are on sale for less than 20 bucks online. With a comfortable stretch and cuffed legs, you won’t have to worry about camel toe or the material being too stiff.

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Striped Shorts

A pair of fashionable shorts you need to own are striped shorts. These shorts are great alternatives for when you want to switch up the everyday blue denim ones. Striped shorts are great to wear to work. Simply pair the shorts with a matching blazer and you have an awesome short suit. You can even dress up the shorts by wearing a pop of color, like a pink or aquamarine tee-shirt for a fun date night look with accessories.

If you think striped shorts aren’t for you, think again! If thick stripes aren’t your style find a pair with thinner stripes for a more flattering look.

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Black shorts

Just like white shorts, black shorts are a summer must-have piece of clothing. Black shorts can be dressed up or down depending upon the look you are going for. Wear a plain white tee-shirt and black shorts for an effortlessly cool vibe with a pair of black and white Adidas or checkerboard printed Vans.

Black shorts are also great to wear with some heels or wedges. When you want to look nice but not too dressed up for a first date, wear a pair of black shorts, blazer, and camisole with your favorite pair of heels.

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Corduroy  shorts

American Eagle has on sale now a pair of corduroy mom shorts for 20 bucks! You don’t have to be a mom to own this pair of fashionable shorts. The color may transfer when new. So wash once separately in cold water before wearing. Machine wash cold inside out with like colors. If you tumble dry on low you’ll keep these shorts in pristine shape.

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Bermuda shorts

I use to think these shorts were just awkward in middle school. Not really jeans but not really shorts either, they were just weird to me. Now, I can fully appreciate them for all their worth. These are the perfect shorts to run around in outside or wear to a cookout. They are also my favorite pair of fashionable shorts to wear when hitting the beach when I don’t plan on actually going into the water.

Kohl’s have a pair of bermuda shorts on sale now from the Jennifer Lopez collection. These shorts have a slight high rise that first naturally on the waist. Grab them while supplies last!

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Distressed shorts

Distressed shorts are always in style. Whoever thought to add slits to jeans for a worn-in look was a total genius. They are the perfect shorts to wear to instantly add style and flair to a plain outfit. If you are wearing just a tee-shirt and add these shorts you can instantly transform your whole look. So for those days when you don’t feel like putting in much effort into coordinating your outfit  or just not feeling good about yourself, all you need is a good pair of fashionable shorts like these to change your whole mood and give you a little boost of confidence.

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Linen shorts

These fashionable shorts are always trendy just for the material alone. Nothing feels better against freshly shaved legs than a pair of linen shorts. Clothes made out of linen are highly valued for their exceptional coolness in hot humid weather. So you won’t experience any discomfort of your shorts sticking to you when it’s 90-degrees out. Linen is also a very strong and absorbent material and dries a lot faster than cotton. The perfect shorts to wear while hanging at the beach or lake for the day.

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High waisted shorts

High waisted shorts are great to give your look a bit of polish. They generally look better when your shirts are tucked in and can be paired with casual tops as well as something dressier.

Head over to Bower Millet online for a pair of sky blue high waisted vintage denim jean shorts. These shorts are traditional 5 pocket shorts with button and zip fly closure. Great stretch in the material for a comfortable fit.

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Summer is all about trendy fashion that is built for comfort. Which fashionable shorts from our list do you currently own and love? Did we leave out a few? Tell us below in the comment section!

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