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21 Fashionable Jewelry Stores That Are Low Cost

The wonderful thing about accessories, and jewelry in particular, is that they can dress up an outfit, as casual as it may be, or change up its vibe completely. Whether you add a statement necklace to a somewhat boring, solid colored t-shirt, a pair of gold hoops with your workout attire or a stack of flashy bangles, jewelry can take your outfit from a 1 to 100 in a second. Quality jewelry at a decent price, however, is hard to come by. You can purchase trendy jewelry from a store like Forever 21 or Claire’s, but it is not guaranteed to last very long. The jewelry from these stores may last for a few months before the metal begins to tarnish. There are some jewelry stores, though, both online and offline that offer solid quality jewelry at a decent price and guarantee jewelry that will last for years. Read on to discover the best fashionable jewelry stores that are low cost and will let you sport all the up and coming and current trends.


Mejuri is an online jewelry store that we often see promoted on our social media and is promoted by influencers across all platforms. This website is known for their high quality affordable jewelry and anything trending at the moment you can be sure to find from here.


Adinas, like Mejuri, has great quality gold pieces for a somewhat affordable price for jewelry. The jewelry is not like Target cheap, but will offer you long lasting pieces that you can be sure won’t tarnish or rust in the shower. Look into their name plates! They have a lot of great options and styles for every taste.

Evry Jewels

Evry Jewels has some great dainty pieces that will surely not break the bank. Their prices primarily range from $20-$25 and offer great and unique quality jewelry. Check out their earrings because they are sure to have an everyday style you will adore.

Free People

While Free People is primarily known for their clothing and home decor, they also offer a lot of amazing jewelry options as well. Their website features jewelry from all different price ranges so you can be sure to find some pieces that fall within your budget. If bohemian fashion is more your taste, Free People is a great place to shop for that type of jewelry.


BaubleBar is an all-time jewelry lover’s favorite and has been slaying in the accessories department for many years. Explore from a wide range of styles, color, stones and metals all at a decent price that ensures long-lasting quality.

The M Jewelers

The M Jewelers is also a great place to explore for unique pieces at a mid-price range. Choose from a variety of styles, personalized pieces, name plates and more!

Daniel Wellington

If you consider watches jewelry too, then the Daniel Wellington website is the place you need to be for an affordable, yet long-lasting watch. The website also offers bracelets if you are into the stacked look.


This may seem silly but Amazon actually offers amazing jewelry for great prices that are also very on trend. Don’t want to drop a few hundred on those Jennifer Fisher hoops? No problem because Amazon has some amazing replicas and so much more!

Oak & Luna

Oak & Luna is the best website to visit for very dainty jewelry that you do not want to make too much of a statement. The jewelry they offer is something you might wear on a vacation on the beach but still adds a hint of elegance and beauty to any outfit.

Urban Outfitters

Like Free People, Urban Outfitters is primarily known for their clothing but they also have some great accessories, and specifically jewelry, to offer too. Explore from a wide range of brands and price ranges all put together for you on their easy-to-navigate website.


If vibrant colors and moonstones are more your style of jewelry, then Magick is definitely a website you should visit for affordable jewelry options. This website offers great quality in jewelry and a unique set of pieces that will stand out from all the rest.

Julz Junkie

Julz Junkie is a great website to explore for trendy, low cost jewelry. The prices on this website are somewhere around the $20 price range and the styles are unique and versatile. Go to this website for the trendier jewelry that you do not want to invest in more expensive stores, for the styles may be out of season soon.


While this store may be on the pricier end, it is known for its “basics,” which are the pieces you can pair with every and anything. Go to this website if you plan to wear this jewelry almost everyday and you will be guaranteed the utmost quality pieces. 

Ana luisa

Ana Luisa provides its customers with a variety of unique colorful pieces, astronomy jewelry and trendy as well. The prices are mid range but you will be able to get a lot of wear out of these pieces before they begin to tarnish.

See Also

Jenny Bird

Again, if you are looking for a mix of some simple pieces and some basic ones, this is a good online store to look through. Browse from a variety of necklaces from ones with avocado pendants to a simple, gold snake chain.

Luv Aj

Luv Aj is a store to explore for statement pieces like large turquoise hoops and drop hoops encrusted with crystals. This store offers a mid price range and excellent quality jewelry.


The online crafting, DIY and shopping website offers some great selection of jewelry, all from online websites, small businesses and people just sharing their love of jewelry-making. There are thousands of options on this website that you will never be left disappointed.

Thrift/Vintage Stores

Some other great places to explore if you are more interested in the retail form of shopping are your local thrift and vintage stores. You will find a variety of jewelry styles and pieces from all different eras at amazing prices!

Uncommon James

Uncommon James is Kristin Cavallari’s jewelry line and offers a variety of jewelry styles that you will want to get your hands on right away. The pieces feature both patterns and traditional metals all for great prices for great quality.


Gorgana offers pieces of jewelry that have very intricate detailing and you will be sure to find something that appeals to your taste. Find everything from simple gold ball studs to cactus or skull ones!

Artizan Joyeria

Artizan Joyeria is a great online store to visit for designer replica jewelry for a great price. Their bracelets look great stacked together and with watches.

These stores all offer great quality pieces at a great price and have jewelry that you can wear all year round from basics to amazing statement pieces. Comment which stores you will be shopping from this season!

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