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Fashionable And Practical Bags That Are Perfect For Starting Uni Again

With uni starting up again soon, making sure you have the perfect bag for it is crucial. The bag needs to be practical enough to suit all your needs like fitting your laptop, books, stationary and necessary compartments for your bits and bobs that you carry around with you. But having a practical bag doesn’t necessarily mean you have to sacrifice  any style. Here are our top picks of bags that come in handy for uni whilst keeping you fashionable and stylish. Class is in session.

1. Rectangular animal print tote bag

This orange tote bag looks simple and plain at first glance but actually has a lot of detail added with the animal print. Wide enough to fit any uni student’s essentials which is their laptop, this tote bag can be carried on your shoulder to help you go hands-free as you go about your day or can be held in your hand with the top handle which gives the back some versatility and more detail. The shoulder strap is even detachable if you wanted to just go for the top-handle look. It comes with a removable inner bag with a zip closure so you can keep all your bits and bobs in the mini pouch instead of it all just laying at the bottom of the bag, the fact that it’s removable makes it even handier. The orange colour is sure to add a pop of colour to any outfit and the gold hardware finish keeps to the warm tones of the bag.

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2. Nude pink hobo bag

Feminine, stylish and cute. This pink hobo bag from Topshop is big enough to carry all of your uni essentials. It has a hidden zip closure so it’s secure and safe to keep your valuables like your laptop, phone and any other gadgets inside. The adjustable and removable shoulder strap is thick and sturdy so it stays comfortable as it rests on your shoulder whilst you carry it. The bag has a tortoise shell ring for the shoulder straps to clasp onto and adds extra detail to the bag and is on the exterior closure of the bag too. The nude pink colour is a soft and feminine shade that can make a great addition to your outfit.

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3. Black backpack

The black backpack is definitely a classic school and uni bag and it is not hard to see why. A backpack is ultra handy as it keeps your hands free, is always secure on your back so you don’t have to worry about it fall off your shoulders all the time unlike shoulder bags and is just more comfortable to carry as all the weight of the bag is evenly distributed along your back. Backpacks also tend to come in a lot more larger sizes than things like tote bags or shoulder bags which means it’s easier to fit more in. They’re for sure more heavy duty uni bags (depending on which you get) as you can really get a lot of stuff in there so it’s great if you’re planning a full day out in and around uni. The black colour means it can go with any outfit, no matter what clothes you throw on. This particular backpack from Topshop has an exterior compartment so you can easily take our your essentials without having to rummage through the whole bag, it also has a top handle so you can easily grab it and adjustable straps so you can get it to the perfect length that’s the most comfortable for you making it one of the best practical bags.

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What do you think of our bag suggestions? Let us know in the comments below.

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Franchesca Villar

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