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5 Fashion YouTubers You’ll Want To Watch ASAP

5 Fashion YouTubers You’ll Want To Watch ASAP

As far as guilty pleasures go, watching fashion YouTubers is fairly harmless but also a bit like taking a step down a rabbit hole. One minute you’re watching a five minute Fall 2019 fashion look book, the next minute you’ve spent three hours binge-watching haul videos. It can be quite a slippery slope, but it’s also really fun to watch fashion YouTubers talk about style and clothing, and as long as you’re conscientious about your time management, you’ll be just fine.

There are a ton of fashion YouTubers out there and many more to be discovered, all hoping to be the next big thing, so here are five that you should definitely keep a lookout for on the platform. 


This channel is the creation of a 21-year-old woman named Ashley and is also the reason why I use words like “spicy” and “hot mess” and why I recently started really liking pointed-toe shoes. She’s a big supporter of sustainable fashion and is one of the subtly funniest YouTubers there is, especially if you’re a fan of sarcasm, side comments, and mild self-deprecation. Watching Ashley feels like watching a sister or good friend talk about clothes, style, and life in general, and her videos are always incredibly well-edited.

5 Fashion YouTubers You’ll Want To Watch ASAP


This is the channel featuring the stars of Buzzfeed’s Ladylike: Freddie, Jen, Kristin, Chantel, and Devin, and while it’s not all fashion content, they always look stylish. Plus, the fashion content that they do produce is fun and entertaining. In addition to that, the women have very different body types, so it also works as a good representation of a range of sizes and shapes.

Plus, it helps dismantle the stereotype and myth that plus-size women don’t dress well. Just look at Kristin and try to tell me she doesn’t look amazing at all times. That’s right, you can’t.

5 Fashion YouTubers You’ll Want To Watch ASAP

 Pretty Pastel Please

Pastels, fashion, Australian accents, and a bird. What more could you want from a YouTube channel? Alex (the human) and Archie (the bird) review clothing and makeup, and it’s super entertaining to watch Archie strut around Alex’s space, looking like he owns the world. Alex creates a bunch of the “I spent X amount of money on [insert website here]” and those are always informative in terms of knowing which sites are legitimate and which are not.

5 Fashion YouTubers You’ll Want To Watch ASAP

Safiya Nygaard

Originally a Buzzfeed regular, Safiya set out on her own a few years back and now creates her own original content, quite a bit of which involves fashion and experimenting with style. Her videos trying out fashion fads and online brands are interesting, and the amount of detail and care she puts into each video is evident. You can tell when she likes something and she’s honest when it doesn’t work.

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You’ve got to appreciate that level of honesty, especially when on YouTube, it can sometimes be difficult to tell if a creator is being sponsored or not. Safiya’s honesty and candid appraisal of what she buys are some of the best things about her channel.

5 Fashion YouTubers You’ll Want To Watch ASAP

Micarah Tewers

A queen of fashion and DIY projects, Micarah once made a dress out of a couch. True story. She makes costumes and recreates designer and red carpet items, and she’s also super hilarious. Micarah’s interactions with her dad are really cute, and he often makes appearances in her videos.

Although her DIY projects aren’t necessarily ones that are meant for (easily) following, they’re always funny and entertaining, and it’s amazing to see what she can make or recreate out of swaths of fabric, chicken feed bags, and/or old clothes. Micarah also has a rat, several ducks and chickens, and occasionally she dog-sits, so watching her videos tends to also fulfill an animal video desire.

5 Fashion YouTubers You’ll Want To Watch ASAP

Who are your favorite fashion YouTubers? Leave a comment down below!

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