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Fashion Youtubers That Will Help You Determine Your Personal Style

Fashion Youtubers That Will Help You Determine Your Personal Style

Gone are the days of clipping style inspo from magazines. Now we have fashion YouTubers to show off the best deals, new stores, and even influence our own personal style. There’s been a time in your life where you just open your closet and feel uninspired. You’re sick of the same outfits you’ve been cycling through for months, or you’re in a new place in your life and you don’t have the clothes to go with it. Shopping can be overwhelming if you’re trying to reinvent your wardrobe, but instead of playing 20 questions with yourself, why not just watch YouTube? You’ll know what you like when you see it, especially when most Youtubers just do the work of finding clothes for you (most even link what they’re showing in the description box of the video you’re watching). To get you started on your road to finding your personal style, here’s a list of Youtubers who will serve as your fashion fairy godmothers.

1. Freddy Cousin Brown (Freddy My Love)

If you’re already girly or just thinking about adding some pink and lace to your wardrobe, Freddy is your girl. This lovely Londoner has dedicated the majority of her channel to hauls, style challenges, and even look books inspired by fashion legends (she just dropped a Gossip Girl inspired one for all the Blair Walldorf’s of the world). Freddy typically sticks to her color pallet of pink, white and tan, but she’ll jump outside the norm sometimes surprise you with different colors. If there’s another decade in fashion you wish you could have been born in, watching her videos will help you learn how to incorporate that into the modern world with her love of the ’70s. One of the best reasons to watch Freddy is she has a way of being classic and feminine for every occasion, whether she’s getting on an airplane or just laying around the house. Even if you just want to add a girly touch to your wardrobe and not go full-on pink party, check out Freddy’s channel.

Fashion Youtubers That Will Help You Determine Your Personal Style

2. Carrie Dayton

Even if fashion videos aren’t really your ideal way of spending your time, Carrie’s personality will suck you in. Her love of biker shorts, vintage band tees, and the color mustard will make you want to find wardrobe staples that make you just as happy. This thrifting queen has great tips for anyone who wants to save money, find unique items and help charities or the environment. No matter what you decide your personal style is, you’ll be able to find something for yourself while thrifting, so let her guide you. She’s also all about the body-positive movement and preaches being able to find confidence in whatever you choose to wear if it makes you smile. Need more reasons to head to her channel? She’ll teach you all about midsize fashion and her ‘Inside the Dressing Room’ series is equally informing and entertaining, showing viewers how different brands sizes compare.

Fashion Youtubers That Will Help You Determine Your Personal Style

3. Taylor R

Taylor is Canadian, but her YouTube journey started when she was a model in Japan and Hong Kong. She’s an expert on merging Asian fashion trends with what’s going on in North America. Your personal style doesn’t have to stay the same forever and Taylor is no stranger to reinventing herself. After moving from country to country, she’s a great example of letting your environment show through your fashion, check out her kawaii days when she lived in Japan in the early stages of our channel. Let her introduce you to all the cool Asian fashion brands you never knew about. Her vlogs are casual and make you feel like you’re talking to a friend, but you’ll catch yourself wondering where she got her outfit from every single time. Taylor loves recreating products from high-end brands and isn’t afraid to walk around Hong Kong wearing a towelkini with Safiya Nygaard (there’s no way to explain it, just go watch the video).

Fashion Youtubers That Will Help You Determine Your Personal Style

4. Patricia Bright

Patricia isn’t afraid to try something on and tell you exactly how she feels; she’s completely unfiltered. If she loves it, you’ll know and if she hates it, she’ll tell you not to waste your money. Hauls and look books are two of her many specialties and even her older videos will inspire you on your fashion journey. Her style skills are flawless, always finding a way to mix the latest trends into her own wardrobe for your inspo. She’s also great at showing pieces at different price points for the girls on a budget and what is great to splurge on. If you’re considering adding some new make-up to your collection to go with your wardrobe, don’t forget to check out her product reviews for more the more expensive brands. You won’t want to stop watching her videos, so dedicate at least a night at home to binging on all things Patricia.

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Fashion Youtubers That Will Help You Determine Your Personal Style

5. Amber Scholl

Amber describes her style as extra and that’s what makes her extra special. Her adorable sense of humor, love for sparkly shoes and her ability to never take herself too seriously makes you want to become her best friend. DIY’s are what helped launch her past 3 million subscribers, so get out the glue gun and let her guide you with some E6000 glue. Shoes are this girl’s forte and she’ll teach you how to rock a pair of heels with any outfit.She’s come a long way from her humble Youtube beginning, but that hasn’t stopped her “broke bitch tips” and showing off amazing designer dupes. One of her latest series is all about her shopping in different countries, a dream you may have never known you have until you see what she buys. She leaves a little sparkle in whatever she wears and will inspire you to do the same.

Fashion Youtubers That Will Help You Determine Your Personal Style

Are you ready to go shopping? Which of these YouTubers do you think will help you determine your own personal style? Leave your comments below!

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