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Top 10 Fashion YouTubers for your Everyday Fashion Needs

Top 10 Fashion YouTubers for your Everyday Fashion Needs

Sometimes we all just need a fashion upgrade. Or maybe we’re noticing that our wardrobe is looking a bit boring, or you’re noticing that you’re wearing the same clothing every week. Or maybe you just like looking at fashion videos. Whatever the case is, here are a few fashion YouTubers to give your sub to for your fashion needs. 

1. BestDressed

BestDressed is a fashion YouTuber that specializes in many different things on her channel. Her channel mainly comprises of vintage fashion thrift flips, vlogs, and personal discussion videos. She also occasionally posts lookbooks and seasonal outfit videos. 

Often times, her fashion videos includes discussions or just brief mentions of societal issues that mainly deal with women. She’s an staunch feminist, and these discussions, along with the aesthetic look of her videos and her style makes up a unique style. 


She gives off a very confident, girly, and vintage vibe, and we definitely recommend her. 

2. Stevie Salle

Stevie Salle is a male fashion YouTuber that specializes in — you guessed it — male fashion.


His style can be described as more simple, and definitely in that minimalist vibe. It’s a bit more casual, and not too dressy, meaning this kind of style is perfect for a man who may not be into that dressed up look or wild streetwear look. He doesn’t experiment very much in patterns or bolder designs. 

His content is exclusively fashion, and there’s hardly any videos where he doesn’t do fashion. Salle usually does seasonal hauls, vlogs, seasonal outfit ideas, as well makes videos on new fashion trends, and topics. Must-have videos are also a consistent thing on his channel. 

If this sounds like something you’d like to watch, go check him out!


3. Daniel Simmons 

Daniels Simmons, a male fashion YouTuber, specializes in that same minimalistic style like Salle, but he goes that much further, and actually does include patterns and designs for his fashion. They’re still pretty simple, but the fashion he chooses and showcases definitely has a bit of charm to it with a few designs. 

Simmons also does thrifting videos, as well as seasonal hauls, Q&A’s, tips and hacks, and so much more on his YouTube channel. He also does styling videos with various semi-affordable brands like Levi’s, and various luxury brands as well. 


Simmons also showcases brands like ZARA. Go check him out if this sounds like your style! 

4. iDesign8 

YouTuber iDesign8 specializes in fashion hauls. That’s definitely her staple. She posts a ton of fun videos like try-on hauls from a variety of fashion brands like Shein, BooHoo, Pretty Little Thing, and so many other brands. She also posts vlogs, Get-Ready-With-Me (GRWM) videos, and also posts a ton of seasonal styling hauls.


Her style involves a lot of puffy sleeves, floral prints, pastel colors, patterns, and body-hugging outfits. She’s very much into that dressed up, fancy look, and regularly styles herself in body-con dresses, and tops. 

iDesign8 just has a chill, confident personality that we think that you’ll love. 


5. StealtheSpotlight

StealtheSpotlight or Katie, is an fashion YouTuber who’s style is vastly different from those the other YouTubers on this list. Her style revolves and is influenced a lot by aesthetic. She dresses in a ton of styles which is evident in her thrift hauls, and aesthetic editing.

In her fashion, Katie takes a lot of inspiration form K-Pop outfits, as well as incorporates a lot of bright saturated and pastel colors. Her outfits fluctuate often from punk to that new and modern e-girl aesthetic to soft, preppy or pastel styles.

There’s a lot of different outfits and styles going on. If you’re looking for that young, modern look in a ton of different styles — just to see what you like — then go check her out!


6. Jess Dang 

Straying away from aesthetics and styles, this fashion YouTuber makes a ton of DIY videos that show you how to transform any article of clothing, from jeans to tops to corduroy jackets. 

Jess Dang’s videos is entirely DIY content; she has DIY tutorials on how to to create puff sleeves, crop tops, ruffle shoulders, and many, many other tutorials that can get those creative juices flowing.


In this process, she also shows off her fashion style, which can be described as free, casual, and very summery. Her videos can be used for all your thrifting needs. Be sure to check out her channel! 

7. OnlyGeo

OnlyGeo is a fashion YouTuber that specializes in a lot of streetwear, as opposed to that simple, minimalist aesthetic we’ve seen before.


His fashion mainly consists of stylish outerwear that have darker and earthier tones. There’s a lot of browns, dark blues, and greens that’s highlighted in his fashion. 

OnlyGeo’s content includes a lot of styling videos, showing you how to style a variety of items of clothing like tank tops, puffer jackets, shorts, and other items. He also provides seasonal outfit ideas, occasionally does seasonal lookbooks, and also makes videos on affordable clothing brands. 

If you’re interested, be sure to check out OnlyGeo’s channel! 


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8. Highloweluxx

YouTuber Highloweluxx is a fashion YouTuber that has a fun, chill personality that just highlights all the videos she makes.


She highlights a lot of clothing that is more free-flowing and summery for those who like that kind of thing. Her style includes a lot of bright and colorful outfits that is more casual, and isn’t as dressy as a body-hugging silhouette. There’s a bit of variety in her style as well; there’s ruffles, puffy sleeves, sleek blazers, and sometimes, babydoll-esque ensembles that look absolutely amazing. 

Her content involves a lot of vlogs, seasonal wardrobe essentials, wardrobe must-haves, and even highlights luxury and affordable handbags. She also provides tutorials on how to look expensive on a low budget. 

If this sounds like something you’ll like, go check her out on YouTube!


9. Drew Scott 

Drew Scott is actually mainly a DIY and fashion channel with another home decor channel on the side. On this DIY channel, he offers a lot of tutorials on how to decorate and style your clothing. He specializes in thrifting his clothing as well.

Scott also does a lot of seasonal lookbooks, footwear videos, designer clothing hauls, and a whole slew of different content that we think you’ll love. 


If this sounds like right up your alley, check out his channel! 

10. Sangiev 

Sangiev is another male fashion YouTuber that posts videos on how to style specific items of clothing, showcasing luxury fashion brands, as well as unboxing videos. 


His style is a mix of bougie, expensive clothing and streetwear. He wears a ton of sneakers, baggier pants, and often times, reviews Rick Owens fashion and footwear. 

If this sounds like your cup of tea, then go check out Sangiev’s channel today! 


All of these fashion YouTubers are great for all your wardrobe, fashion, and DIY needs. They cover everything from streetwear to vintage clothing, so you’ll definitely catch inspiration from any one of them.

Which YouTuber are you going to sub to? Which one matched your style the most? Tell us in the comments below! 

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