10 Fashion Trends You Can Easily Thrift

As seasons change, so do fashion trends. Instead of spending money buying new clothes every couple of months try these 10 easy to thrift fashion trends.

1.  Shirt Dresses

Shirt dresses are a classic fashion trend that comes around every couple of years. Thrifting is a great way to keep a rotation of dresses in your closet. For both tee shirt dresses and button-down dresses, look at the men’s section. An extra large men’s graphic tee is an easy DIY dress, simply cuff the sleeves and you’re good to go. For a more fitted look, gather any excess fabric at the back of the dress and sew a seam on the inside of the dress. Cut off the folded fabric and viola a new dress.

The button-down shirt dress is one of the fashion trends that requires a bit more DIY skills. To see how to turn a classic dad shirt into a stunning dress follow this YouTube tutorial.

2. Oversized Blazer

One of the fashion trends that never seem to go fully out of style is the oversized blazer. Instead of buying a brand new blazer, get an authentic one right from the 80s at your local thrift store. If the full shoulder pad look is a bit too much for you, they’re super easy to remove making this trend both stylish and friendly to your wallet.

3. Plaid Skirts

Checkered and plaid skirts have entered the mainstream. No longer just for school uniforms, these trendy items are an easy way to dress up a tee or add style to your work clothes. Although they’re easy to find in most fast fashion stores, plaid skirts are also all over thrift stores. Check out this YouTube tutorial by @best.dressed to see how she made this skirt.

4. Hair Scarfs

New fashion trends can seem too out there for everyday outfits, but this trend is just the opposite. Adding a scarf around a bun or ponytail helps elevate any outfit and makes you look like a fashionista. Your local thrift store is sure to have a collection of cheap and trendy scarfs for you to pick from.

5. Silk Tops

A silk top is a great day-to-evening trend that doesn’t need to cost a ton of money. These tops are classy and elegant so no one would guess that they can be found in the pajama section of most thrift stores! The nightwear section of most thrift stores is full of great finds you wouldn’t expect. Wear these tops tucked into your favorite jeans and be ready to be stylish and comfortable.

6. Skirt Suits

This fashion trend is no longer reserved for politicians and CEOs. Skirt suits are now a powerful fashion piece everyone can add to their wardrobe. Check out @withwendy and her YouTube tutorial on how to make one of these statement pieces for only $10.

7. Layered Dresses

Not sure if it’s worth investing in a summer dress when it’s not warm long enough to get real use out of it? This fashion trend takes summer dresses and turns them into stylish pieces to wear year round. Simply find a patterned or textured dress you love at the thrift store and layer it over some basics. Now you have a cheap outfit ready to be worn all year round.

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8. Layering Pieces

When layering pieces, like the dresses mentioned above, you need something to layer them over. Try finding tops with lacey details to add an extra pop on the underlayer. Simple tanks and turtlenecks can be found in abundance in your local thrift store so you should have no problem in combining these fashion trends into one stellar outfit.

9. Patterned Button Downs

Patterned button downs are one of those fashion trends that shift with the seasons but don’t ever really go away. Update your wardrobe with season-specific pieces from the thrift store. Try out new spring florals, fall stripes and most importantly Hawaiian shirts. Button downs are easily dressed up or down so these tops will always come in handy when outfit searching.

10. Oversized Hoodies

Oversized hoodies are the easiest and the comfiest things to find in thrift stores. Go crazy with an extra large men’s hoodies that can double as a dress, or find one to tuck into shorts in the summer. Whatever your heart desires there’s a thrift store hoodie for you.

What other fashion trends have you thrifted? Tell us about your favorite finds below.

Feature Image Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/5hDqrxz5Rpc
Cassandra Rego

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