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11 Winter 2019 Fashion Trends Worth Your Money

In need of clothes this winter and short on cash? Well, allow this list to direct you to some of 2019’s trendiest winter clothes that won’t kill your wallet!

1. 70’s Style

Yes, you read that right, the 70’s are back! In the year 2019 we are paying homage to some of the greatest looks of the 70’s, like this groovy little multicolored sweater. Pair it with a pair of high-waisted jeans and bell bottoms. There is no shortage of these sweaters anywhere, go to either your local shopping mall or online and you’re sure to find an abundance of 70’s style sweaters.

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2. 90’s Style

Yup, you’ve got it, the 70’s AND the 90’s are back! It’s important to pay respects to the fashion trends that came before and what better era than the 90’s? Bomber jackets, high-waisted skirts, flannels, crop tops, what more could you ask for? The 90’s was a great time, with large and oftentimes disheveled clothes, that really amplified the rock n roll attitude everyone strove for. Relive the greatness with a giant flannel to keep you warm this winter. Luckily, flannels are so easy to find, from the men’s section at your local thrift store, to a retail store online, they are everywhere AND cheap! Pair it with denim overalls or perhaps an old band t-shirt and you’ll fit right in. 

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3. Puffer Coats

Reigning as popular as ever, the puffer coat! Always reliable in keeping you warm against winters harsh elements, allow yourself to transform into a trendy marshmallow. Now, coats are something you should not be shy about putting down a decent amount of cash on. They are articles of clothing that will last you years and years to come, so you want to make sure that it is most importantly warm, as well as something that will stay on trend throughout the seasons. Stylish in any length or color, throw it on with a pair of skinny jeans and boots, maybe a chunky beanie, and you’re ready to hit the street in style.

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4. Pockets

The lifelong problem of all women who dress in female clothing everywhere…where are the pockets? Yes, it’s true, most clothing companies do not think it necessary to tailor female clothing to have big pockets, or pockets at all for that matter. But in 2019, we are putting an end to that by putting pockets IN STYLE. Expect jackets and sweaters to be adorned with big and many pockets, a trusty nook for your gloves, keys, phone, or whatever else you’re sick and tired of always having to hold! My favorite pieces of clothing equipped with big pockets are soft fleece jackets or cardigans. Fleece jackets and cardigans are everywhere you go, so there is no excuse in not participating in this adorable trend. Over-sized cardigans and fleece jackets can always be counted on to sport two giant front pockets, so you can finally kick your bulky bags to the curb!

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5. Loose Pants

Let your skinny jeans and leggings breathe for a little bit, because loose pants want to make an appearance this winter! No more squeezing into tight little pants every day, because 2019’s fashion trends were kind enough to say skintight is not the only option. Let your skin breathe with some baggy and trendy pants. Throw on a pair of Vans or Converse with these and you’ll look like you’ve just climbed straight out of a 90’s music video. Allow your inner emo to flourish while staying very on trend this winter.

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6. Military Gear

Weird. I know, but military gear has found it’s way into the fashion trends of 2019. Specifically, military-style coats and prints are going to be popular this season. These coats are great because if you get a decent one, it can even manage to double as a winter coat to keep you warm. Again, these can be found in stores everywhere, and don’t be afraid to go the over-sized route when it comes to these. The bigger the cuter, pair it with a pair off leggings or jeans and you’re good to go, easily staying warm and fashionable.

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7. Safari Explorer Chic

Safari is in! If you’ve ever been curious as to what it would be like to dress up like a Wild Thornberry’s character, then look no further! So, what classifies as “safari-chic”? I suggest sticking with sandy colors and breezy looking apparel. Most likely very easy to find, make sure you are following the correct color scheme of for your safari themed apparel. If you’re feeling bold enough, throw in a cool hat or accessory to top everything off!

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8. Corduroy

Corduroy, always a cute material, making up the nostalgic overalls of our youth. Corduroy is great in any color, but brown seems to be the preferred color this winter. Again, with safari on trend, continue to veer towards sandy colors. Corduroy jackets can run a little pricey, but again it is a jacket you will find yourself reaching for time and time again, years and years from now. Seemingly, corduroy is never out of style, and manages to make a comeback every year.Get this adorable corduroy jacket for a great deal!

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9. Turtlenecks

And who says turtle necks can’t be cool? British professor-chic seems to be in this winter, so go out and grab your favorite turtleneck sweaters and run free! Turtlenecks are very easy to locate at any store you choose to browse in, with its ability to be paired easily with almost anything, you’re bound to get compliments the next time you decide to sport one this upcoming winter. With so many ways to pair it, you and your neck will stay nice and toasty this season.

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10. Fleece

My favorite material, fleece remains in and on trend for winter 2019! I personally love the fleece zip-up jackets but there are also sweaters, coats, hats, socks, gloves and so much more to try out and wear this season! I’ve found countless fleece jackets for sale without even trying to, they are without a doubt, one of the more popular trends for women this season. Despite whatever you may have on underneath the jacket, a fleece is always sure to dress up your look effortlessly. Put a fleece jacket on top of t shirts, sweaters, turtlenecks, or whatever you feel comfortable with, it’s always sure to be a great look!

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11. Fur Collars

So, it turns out turtlenecks and scarves won’t be the only thing that’ll keep you all warm this winter, because fur collars are in! Typically found on puffy coats and jackets, allow a faux fur color to add a cool pop to your outfit—and relief to the biting cold on your neck. Typically, a cheap accessory that comes with many jackets and coats, it can run a little pricey if you are just talking about buying a fur collar alone. Pair it with any jacket you’ve got and it’s sure to make a really unique accessory!

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Hopefully these fashion trends were able to help you stay on trend this year, while maintaining a good quality of life for your wallet. Let us know which looks you tried, and which were your newest favorites for the winter season!
Angela Reyes

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