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Fashion Trends We Used To Laugh At That Are Back In

Fashion Trends We Used To Laugh At That Are Back In

If you were born in the 1990s or early 2000s, you may have noticed that the fashion trends you found comical in your youth you now kind of like and want to wear. Fashion trends spring into the limelight, then fade out with time. Some, though, make a comeback, resurfacing with renewed vigor and a modern twist. Here are some of those fashion trends that were hot, then not, and are now hot again.

Bold Florals

This fashion trend has been cycling through popularity and hibernation for much of the past century. The 60s and 80s were bold floral highs, meaning you probably used to think of these patterns as something your parents or grandparents wore when they were “cool”.

Now that you are grown, you probably have some bold florals of your own that you love to wear to make you feel elegant and pretty. Yes, bold florals are in once more. When you look at those old photos of your relatives from when they were your age, you now think that they look quite posh, and you take fashion inspiration from their past. Take pics of your bold florals now, because your future children will likely see them become popular once more.



Associated with 80s exercise videos, then as that weird 90s thing your mom wore that you thought looked like something you wore as a baby, bodysuits are a leotard-inspired fashion trend that went out of style in the late 90s. So, when they resurfaced several years ago in clothing stores, they likely were something fresh and new to you.

Bodysuits are now an “it” item, being one of the cool current fashion trends. They look like tucked-in shirts and cannot come untucked, which is great. Some wear them alone, which is rather risqué, but a part of this fashion trend’s evolution.


This fashion trend made its debut in the 60s, then resurfaced in the 90s. Either wearing them as a groovy choice or as a grunge statement, overalls were definitely outdated… until recently.


Whether wearing overall shorts, skirts, or pants, they are a fun fashion trend that is here once more. They come in all sorts of colors and materials and have taken a softer style than in decades past. Though those old photos may still look humorous, there is no denying that the current take on overalls is a very cool fashion trend.


Nothing says 80s fashion trends like neon. Think spandex, headbands, and windbreaker jackets, all in neon colors. Neon was bright; neon was energizing; neon was the future. Then, neon vanished.

Look out, because neon is back! Within the past decade, neon has become a fun addition to your closet. Any article of clothing you want in neon, you can find it. Not to mention, famous individuals like Billie Eilish love the neon fashion trend. It may be a while before this trend fades out again.



Men and women were rocking jumpsuits in the late 60s through the 70s. Look at Elvis Presley. He made jumpsuits iconic. When you look at those pictures of him in a white bedazzled jumpsuit, it is hard not to giggle at the fashion of the time.

Now, half a century later, we love jumpsuits once more. They come in all sorts of shapes, patterns, and colors, and can flatter anyone. And they are so easy! This fashion trend has been around for the past several years and is still going strong. How will we let this comfy crazy fun fashion trend go again?

High-Waisted Pants

First becoming popular in the 50s, this fashion trend has been on a high-low roller coaster ever since. Pants fashion trends go from high waisted to hip-hugging and back up again, as time passes. You very likely grew up with hip huggers, so high waisted pants seemed like a fresh new look when they came out again.


With the re-emergence of high waisted pants has also come the crop top. These two make a great team, and everyone is rocking the look. Whether including the crop top or not, high waisted pants can suit any occasion and make your outfit look modern and stylish. And when they go out of style, keep them; they will be back.

Combat Boots

The 90s brought us the grunge trend, meaning oversized and more masculine clothing for women. Thus, combat boots fit the fashion trend. These and other chunky-soled shoes were very in for women in the 90s. Maybe you had some when you were little, but upon becoming a teen, you likely thought they were a fashion mistake.

Well, combat boots and chunky soles are back and trendier than ever. Now, they can be paired with very elegant looks, like soft flowing dresses, and look great. Whatever your style, there is a combat boot for you. Plus, they keep you ready for whatever crazy scenario you may fall into.


Thick-Framed Glasses

Can you say vintage? Thick frames were iconic for the 50s, such stars as Buddy Holly rocking the fashion trend. They slowly evolved into various shapes through the 60s and 70s, then largely faded away, thin wireframes or frameless glasses replacing them. When you were a kid, pictures of your grandpa in these thick frames were pretty funny, while you silently wondered what made him pick those.

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Now, thick frames are WAY in. They have been in for a while now, and continue to be very popular. They come in all shapes and colors, the most popular still being the classic black rectangular frames. What brought this fashion trend back is not clear, but it definitely looks like it is here to stay for a while. What will your future grandchildren think when they see pictures of your boldly unique thick frames?



This is an old fashion trend, being very popular during the roaring 20s. It came back in the 60s and 70s when this fun material was often worn as jumpsuits and dresses. This makes sense because it has a beautiful sheen and is so darn soft. And let’s not forget Austin Powers’ dapper blue velvet suit. Velvet probably looked really dated to you when you were young, but now you find yourself seeing it with new eyes.

They make velvet everything now. From hair accessories to boots and everything in between, velvet is taking over current fashion trends, and we do not mind. Though mostly solid colors, velvet can come in any pattern as well and lays beautifully on any figure. Velvet suits for men are coming back, too, so watch out, ladies. Try to resist the mojo.

Big Sleeves and Ruffles

You know those prom pictures of your mom where she has on that really ruffled puffy-sleeved gown? That picture used to make you ask why, and your mom just told you it was what was in at the time. You never got it, until now. From the bell sleeves of the 60s and 70s to the ruffled poof of the 80s sleeves, they all seemed like something you would never do.


Sleeves are bigger than ever, and shirts are ruffled and ribbed. The funny thing is, you like it. Of course, these fashion trends have been modernized, so you are not completely in love with past trends. How long these fashion trends will stick around is uncertain, and who knows if they will be back, but for now, they are fun and liberating.


As previously mentioned, the 80s were jam-packed with exercise wear. Leggings were a must-have wardrobe item, completing the workout look. You remember laughing at those 80s exercise videos and commenting that they were decked out in spandex?

For the past decade, leggings have dominated the pants world. Most women almost solely wear leggings as pants. They come in all sorts of cuts and patterns, so they are a great tool for self-expression. If this trend fades, it will take a fantastic new pant to snuff leggings out.


Which of these fashion trends is your favorite fashion resurrection? Which fashion trends from the past do you think will come back next? Let me know in the comments below!

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