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8 Fashion Trends We Need To Just Let Go

There are fashion trends that we are so stoked to keep coming back to and making a reappearance, but there are also some fashion trends to leave behind. The time has come for us to think about the fashion trends to leave behind in the past – where they belong. It’s even a wonder how some of them became fashion trends in the first place. Some of them shouldn’t have even made it to the point where they should be considered fashion trends to leave behind.

While I know that some of these fashion trends can be nostalgic and bring you back to a better and simpler time, it’s time that we put that nostalgia to bed with the fashion trends to leave behind. It’s time to welcome in a brand new set of fashion trends. After all, it’s 2021 and we’re closer to 2050 now than we are the 90s. Here are some of the fashion trends to leave behind before we reach the middle of this year. They’ve had their time to shine, but I’m afraid it’s time to move on.  

1. Cold-Shoulder Tops

These pieces of clothing were a big deal when you were a kid and you wanted to give your outfit a more mature look, but this is one of the fashion trends to leave behind. Like for a friend’s birthday dinner or a middle school party you knew cute boys would be at. They were a little more grown-up, but not too grown-up making them a girl’s fashion trend and a women’s fashion trend to leave behind. We shouldn’t be rocking them anymore as adult women. Cold-shoulder tops are a fashion trend to leave behind as we move forward because it’s time to make up our minds; are we hot or are we cold? Either we cover up the shoulders completely or wear a tank top. No more of this in-between. 

2. Distressed Clothing

Ah overly ripped jeans. Why did we think these were a good idea in the first place? This is one of the fashion trends to leave behind a long time ago. They just make us look like we don’t know how to stay up on our feet or like we just got attacked by a vicious animal. They were semi-decent when there were maybe like one or two rips at the knees, but when you can see more skin than denim while you’re wearing jeans, that’s a bit of a problem. Seems like they are already becoming a fashion trend to leave behind as we move towards buying paint-splattered jeans instead. 

3. Extremely Short Dresses and Skirts

Why are we still wearing short dresses and skirts? Short dresses and skirts are one of the fashion trends to leave behind because we’re growing so our clothing should, too. You’ll no longer have to worry about tugging it down or being afraid of what will be on display when you sit down. Ditching them will just be a lot easier for everyone. Plus, there are way cuter dresses and skirts now that are a little longer and just better looking. Let’s say goodbye to clothing that may make us feel uncomfortable while we’re trying to look cute. 

4. Clear Handbags

These are only good for shows and events that require them to be the only bags you can take inside and are one of the fashion trends to leave behind. They aren’t a good idea for just a day or night out on the town. They scream, “Go ahead and take my stuff,” which isn’t safe for anyone. Clear handbags are a fashion trend to leave behind because you shouldn’t want to have all your bag contents on full display and frankly, no one really wants to see them. Either we leave this trend behind or we might as well just start carrying our stuff in our hands for the world to see. 

5. Low-Rise Jeans

Low-rise jeans are just uncomfortable and they’re one of the fashion trends to leave behind as soon as possible. Yes, they were cool when Britney and Christina were rocking them back in the 90s, but you know those ladies had to have been uncomfortable while they were wearing them, too. Low-rise jeans are a fashion trend to leave behind because they are impractical and less for women and more for men. Again, let’s ditch clothing that makes us uncomfortable in an attempt to make us feel cute. You can be just as cute if not cuter in a pair of high-waisted trousers. 

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6. Latex and Vinyl

Again, just super uncomfortable. They are tight, sticky, squeaky, and restricting. Another one of the fashion trends to leave behind because they just aren’t practical and not the least bit comfortable. Plus, they add an unwanted connection to sex and there are enough pieces of women clothing floating around that do that already. This is a fashion trend to leave behind because we don’t need latex to feel and look sexy.

7. Neon

Neon was cool–for a time. It was once in to wear the brightest of colors so that everyone could and would see you. Neon colors can be a bit harsh on the eyes, and that’s why neon is a fashion trend to leave behind. A pop of color every now and then is great, but it’s time to steer away from the ones that make you look like a traffic sign or a highlighter. Pastels and earthy tones are the way to go now because they keep your wardrobe looking clean and warm. 

8. UGG Boots

Sorry ladies, but it’s time you put those UGG boots you bought back in 2005 away. I know they were a must-have back then and that they actually do keep your feet pretty warm, but it’s time to upgrade your UGG boots. There are plenty of other cute boots you can choose from. Another fashion trend that I associate with high schoolers for some reason, the UGG boots are one of the fashion trends to leave behind because we are no longer high schoolers. We’re grown women who wear grown women boots.

What are some other fashion trends to leave behind in 2021? Do you agree with the ones on this list or do you believe these should live to see another day? Let us know in the comments below!

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