15 Coachella Fashion Trends To Copy This Year

Coachella fashion trends are a big part of the music festival! The Coachella Valley Music and Art Festival is an annual festival that takes place in Indio, California in the Colorado desert. Coachella is a fashionable mini-vacation that allows you to get as weird, crazy, and wild as you want. 

Many purchase tickets to see their favorite musicians take center stage, to join in on all the partying or try and get a selfie with a celeb. Coachella kicks of summer festival season and also the start of summer fashion. If you’re heading to Coachella this year or just like to watch YouTube clips online, here are fashion trends to look for at Coachella 2020.


Coachella is the perfect time to wear all the craziest color combinations and what perfect way to sport the rainbow then in tie-dye. You can purchase tie-dye shirts with prints in stores or even create your own at home. A trend we see a lot during Coachella is tie-dye shirts with fringed liked tassels at the bottom.

*14 fashion trends to look for at Coachella 2020.

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*14 fashion trends to look for at Coachella 2020.


Creativity is the key to owning a Coachella outfit. Cut off jeans are a trend we will see again this year. If you’re heading to Coachella yourself and have some old jeans you don’t wear anymore, maybe spruce them up and create some funky shorts for an extra dose of hipster-like vibes! 

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Floral dresses

Vanessa Hudgens is the queen of Coachella. She frequently rocks flow floral dresses at the festival sometimes even twinning with her sister in matching sets. Who can blame her? Floral dresses are comfortable and airy giving you the perfect ensemble to dance all night long in. 

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Blossom Tree White Floral Print High-Low Maxi Dress

All white combos

Coachella takes place in Indio, California which is a huge dessert. It will be hot with record temps of 90 degrees and above. So many chose to wear all-white ensembles to look chic and also to stay cool in. They also make a great outfit pop for Instagram pics against dessert and greenery backdrops. Also, what better way to show off a great tan than wearing an all-white look.

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Understated Leather Lightweight Easy Rider Jacket in White

Crop top

During Coachella season we are bound to see some skin. I can guarantee you crop tops will be worn in all colors. They are also so easy to pair with shorts and sneakers, a classic Coachella trend worn by celebs like Hailey Bieber and Kendall Jenner. 

*14 fashion trends to look for at Coachella 2020.

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*14 Fashion Trends To Look For At Coachella 2020

Mesh dresses

 Mesh clothing is defined as a loosely woven or knitted fabric that has several closely-spaced holes. Gone are the days of seeing mesh in costumes and lingerie. Back then, mesh just seemed plain cheap. Now mesh trend is all the rage. For years we’ve seen mesh pieces all over the fashion runways. A popular way to wear a mesh dress is over slip dresses or a two-piece workout set. 

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Once Upon A Midnight Black Embroidered Long Sleeve Shift Dress


Festival season is the perfect occasion to see runway trends in the wild. It’s no surprise that neon colors will be making its reappearance at this year’s Coachella. Stars like Justin Bieber and Gigi Hadid have been seen letting their freak flag fly in super colorful, psychedelic duds. 

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Neon Babe Cropped Sweater

Tiny sunglasses 

At last year’s Coachella, Camilla Mendes, who plays Veronica on the CW television show Riverdale, was seen sporting some trendy tiny sunglasses in a yellow hue. The tiny sunglasses trend is bold and daring. One thing you can guarantee with fashion is that when things have reached an extreme they’ll swing the opposite direction. So as soon as glasses grew so big and bug-eyed that’s when the small shades started popping up and changing the game. 

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Replay Vintage Sunglasses Chrome Just A Girl Flower Sunglasses

Hands-free bags

At Coachella, you’ll be too busy dancing and moving to the beats to want to have to worry about carrying the weight of your purse on your shoulder. The best hand-free bags to spot at Coachella this year will be fanny packs, backpacks, and cross-body bags. Also, belt bags are a cool way to have hand-free access while still being able to hold on to all your festival necessities. Clear backpacks make for an easy-going festival experience since festivals draw in such a large crowd there’s bound to be increasing safety regulations. 

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Dressing head to toe in one color might seem boring and dull for some but think twice. It’s so easy to wear and style. Monochromatic makes coordinating an outfit easier than ever. You won’t have to think twice if two pieces match and go together. This trend works for all body shapes since it’s simply styling one color without any patterns. 

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Linen Pin Dot Crop Top 1

Bucket Hats

It wasn’t until the 90s that bucket hats were adopted and reinvented by the rap and hip-hop community. This trend is slowly making a come back amongst pop culture celebs like Tyler the Creator, Khalid, and Jaden Smith. Keep your eyes peeled during the festive. I’m sure you’ll spot several bucket hats in prints like leopard, denim, and gingham throughout Coachella weekend.

*14 Fashion Trends To Look For At Coachella 2020

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*14 Fashion Trends To Look For At Coachella 2020

Mixed Prints

The thought of mixing widely clashing patterns in Coachella in a nutshell. Pulling off these looks are doable. Playing with proportions, mixing prints in the same tonal range, or try out prints that are similar in design but opposite in style camps are great ways to make mixed prints work for you. 

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Hoop Earrings

The bigger the hoop the better. Whether you are wearing a crop top or maxi dress, a pair of hoop earrings would add a chic look to your appearance. Earrings alone a great way to enhance your style and outfit. Nothing says bohemian-inspired style better than hooping earrings and some fringe.

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j.crew factory: simple hoop earrings, right side, view zoomed

Fedora hats 

You’ll need the extra protection from the sun during Coachella. Nothing will kill a good time than having to squint constantly. A hat like a fedora is perfect to shade your face from the beaming California sun and also add to the desert vibes that Coachella is known for. 

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product photo

Have you been to Coachella before? Or just like scrolling Instagram the next day to see what all your favorite celebrities wore for the event? We’d love to hear about your favorite fashion trends and looks from the past festival season. Let us know below in the comment section. 

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