7 Fashion Trends That Should Be On Your Radar This Summer

I’m not a major fashion trends kind of person, but, I have to say, there are some out there that I can really get behind. Below I’ve compiled of list of seven fashion trends that I believe should be on your radar this summer, each of which is meant to make you feel good and confident every day.

I’m not about fast trends or ‘trendy’ trends, if that makes sense. It sounds oxymoronic, perhaps, but I take my trends seriously and am conscious of how I adorn my body everyday. Therefore, nowhere on this list will you find trends that I myself have not tried and/or don’t love. In other words, everything on this list I believe is flattering, effortlessly cool, and timeless. 😉

1. All Ivory Ensemble

Summer is all about going lighter — lighter and cooler fabrics and lighter shades. Ivory is a beautiful shade for the summer, adding just enough warmth without being blinding against the sun. Rather than wearing only one piece of ivory clothing, go bold and go all ivory! It’s softer than white and not as dull as grey, allowing you to radiate forwards in the golden hour sunshine (refer to photo below).

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2. High-Cut Bikini Bottoms

Prepare to have legs for days and get some serious compliments with one of my favourite fashion trends this season: the high-cut bikini bottom. This type of bikini bottom is all the rage and cuts high in the front to elongate your legs and show off your beautiful curves. I love the hem at the top of these bikini bottoms, accentuating even more your frame. I feel confident and beautiful when I wear these because they flatter all body types and hug you in all the right places.

Aerie has some great options, in a variety of colours to choose from, especially if you’re working with a budget. Click the second photo below to shop this ever popular cut! I have the exact bottoms linked below and the colour is gorgeous. If you’re okay to splurge a little on your bikini and aren’t afraid of showing off a little more skin, I’d recommend the e-commerce swimsuit company, 437 Swimwear, and namely their Aubrey bottoms, or Gooseberry Swimwear, both of which are at higher price points but worth it.

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3. Snake Print Wide-Leg Pants

Now, these beauties I actually just purchased at Anthropologie because I was captivated not only by the fit of them, but I also loved the little button detail at the top. I’m not typically crazy about patterned pieces (You wouldn’t catch me wearing polka dots, for instance), but I absolutely loved this snake skin print. The other detail that caught my attention with these pants is that they aren’t quite brown; in my eyes, they’re a mahongany-burgundy colour, making them look all the more luxe.

We’ve all seen the satiny leopard print midi skirts that have been oh so popular so far this summer, but I thought I’d adapt that, adding a new pattern into the mix. Plus, because I have these pants maybe I’m a little biased. That said, they are perfect for summer, since despite all of the fabric, they are a very light and airy fabric, and will take you through summer all the way into early fall.

My tip: purchase them one size down from what you normally take because they fit slightly lower on the hips. The other beautiful thing about these pants is their inclusivity with sizing: they come in regular, petite, and plus, making them a great summer pant for all!

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4. Matching Pantsuit

I LOVE the look of a head-to-toe pantsuit. It makes me feel so confident and fierce, especially when the suit is in a bright or pastel colour. I don’t wear colour too often, but when I do, a power suit is the way I go. I feel so put together and effortlessly cool in a pantsuit.

When I used to think about pantsuits, I always imagined black pantsuits that were intended for work purposes primarily. However, the coloured pantsuit has become one of the fashion trends that I think completely revamped how I perceive the pantsuit. It’s become a casual option, worn both with heels and sneakers (see below), worn for fashion week or a day out with your girlfriends.

The powder blue pantsuit linked below is by Tara Rivas and is made in Toronto. I have the Macpherson pants and love the look and quality of them. Tara’s effortlessly chic designs fit with the mentality of this fashion trend: pieces that can be worn day in and day out.

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5. Tube Top + Blazer Combo

Along the same lines as the matching pantsuit above, I walked by a woman a couple of days ago who wore a tube top with black biker shorts, sneakers, and a checked blazer overtop. Talk about some serious athleisure! I like to think of this outfit as 80s-meets-90s-meets-2019, a culmination of three powerful decades, each with some serious fashion trends.

I was so inspired by her look. If there’s anything I’ve learned the last couple of years it’s how to take chances with my wardrobe and boldly pair both complementary and opposing pieces together for dynamic results.

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6. Tortoise Print Earrings

An homage to decades past, with its tubular shape echoing its 1960s roots, while the tortoise shell print recalls the 1970s, the tortoise print earrings are making a serious imprint in the realm of fashion trends this summer. I, for one, am ready for it. I absolutely love the look of these earrings, and it really takes any outfit from 5 to 11 instantly.

See Also

There’s something about these earrings that, to me, just screams classic. And by ‘screams,’ I mean demurely evokes the essence of timeless, since they’re too classy to scream. The pattern does the talking.

Because this beautiful earrings are making such an impression on the fashionable these days, companies are making them in various sizes so that you can have more variety. I like to think of the tiny tortoise earrings as little yet bold expressions while the larger hoops are loud. But in the best way possible.

Foe & Dear is home to several beautiful, timeless tortoise shell pieces, among them two earrings, mini and large (linked below) hoops, coated with a thick layer of 14k gold plated metal on the underside of the earring.

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7. Prairie Blouse

Forever paying homage to decades past, what we typically have on our shopping list these days are pieces that were once old but are now considered new again. More often than not, we look to our past to find the latest fashion trends in our present. This button-front blouse from Aritzia is no different.

To me, this blouse from Aritzia has a ’70s vibe to it, especially with the button-front and peplum hemline, not to mention the sheer sleeves. Wear these with some wide-legged denim and you’ll look like you’ve just stepped out of the 1970s, yet with a more modern look to you. While the button-front blouse evokes nostalgia for its groovy past, this blouse is a more sophisticated and refined version, making it a more versatile piece in your closet.

I love its simplicity, allowing you to always feel timeless without feeling dated.

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What fashion trends do you want to try this summer? Have any of these trends inspired your own wardrobe? Share below!

Featured Image Source: https://www.instagram.com/talisa_sutton/
Photos used from: https://www.pinterest.ca/pin/290130400992249934/
Taylor Lecours

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