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10 Fashion Trends From Yester-Years That Will NEVER Go Out of Style

10 Fashion Trends From Yester-Years That Will NEVER Go Out of Style

Have you ever noticed how fashion trends recycle themselves? For example, one day my friend’s grandmother saw that I was wearing brightly colored harem pants. Her eyes lit up and she exclaimed, “My friend and I used to wear pants like that when we were younger!.” I never thought about how some fashion trends do not go out of style until that moment. These pants that people are still wearing today were also being worn by women in the 1960’s!  Even if it has been decades since that article of clothing came onto the scene, chances are it is still out there and loved by many. Check out some fashion trends from the ’60s, 80’s, ’90s that will NEVER go out of style. 

1. High Waisted Shorts 

First popularized in the late 1980s, this trend has an interesting history.  In the 1980’s, everyone wanted a pair. As the 1990s passed and the 2000s rolled in, many younger people felt like this piece was untrendy and unhip. So who knew “mom jeans” would ever have lasted this long in the fashion game?  But take a look in your closet and your high waisted shorts and jeans fit the definition. This trend started in the ’50s and it doesn’t look like it is going away anytime soon. 

high waisted shorts


2. Choker Necklaces

Whether it is day time or paired with a night on the town outfit, I see these necklaces everywhere I go. It is essential if you want to add an edgy flair to your fit. There are SO many styles out right now that can be paired with a plethora of outfits. This 90’s fashion accessory has stood the test of time. 

woman wearing a choker necklace

3. Crop Tops

In the early history of the crop top, it was seen in theatre performances across the country in the late 1800’s. It was not until the 1940’s they gained popularity with consumers in mainstream fashion. Now, crop tops are being marketed to the masses and people love them. How could they not? that In the hotter weather, pair them with shorts and you’re ready to rock and roll. When the weather starts to get chilly, throw a sweater over it with jeans and boots and you are still getting it. Crop tops are so versatile which makes it a piece loved by many. One of those fashion trends for the ages. 


crop top swag

4. Ripped Denim 

Starting off in the 1980s with the heavy rock/metal era and continued into the grunge look of the 1990’s, ripped denim has not its popularity. Whether you rip them yourself or buy them having that distressed look has never lost its appeal. It is another way to spice up your look and make you feel like an edgy badass. It is one of those styles of clothing that has a cool factor.  

ripped jeans


5. Wide Leg Pants 

BYE skinny pants. Just kidding, still, a lot of love for skinny jeans but wide-leg pants are also here to stay. They are fabulous and very versatile. To my fellow shorties out there, do not fear these types of pants! I know the struggle of finding pants that fit your snazzy little legs, I feel you. But they are cute and comfy. You really can’t beat that. 

wide leg pants

6. Boho Chic 

The 60’s birth a plethora of looks. One of these being boho chic. This trend is staying strong with ruffles, decorative patterns,  and peasant tops to showcase the free love feelings of the 1960’s.  More recently, boho-chic was made famous by celebrities such as Sienna Miller and Kate Moss. Well as well as boho chic businesswoman, Mary Kate Olsen. These looks are also seen throughout the colder months as well! Sweaters, maxi skirts, and boots make a kickass winter look! And of course, it is the perfect fashion trend to give off carefree, summer vibes in a look. All flow. 


boho chic

7. Chuck Taylor’s (Converse) Sneakers

Round of applause for one of the most  OG fashion trends, Converse. They started making the first basketball shoe back in the day in 1917. Soon after, Chuck Taylor, a semi-professional basketball player, came in as a salesman for the company and asked they be made more comfortable and better support. The rest is history, as the popularity of these shows has not ceased since then. These shoes are fabulous no matter what outfit. Dress them up or dress them down. A pair of shoes that a necessary part of every person’s closet. The good ol’ Chuck Taylor’s are simply classic. 

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chuck taylor's swag

8. Plaid 

The flannel can be traced way, way, way back to 17th century Wales where farmers wore flannels to protect themselves from the elements. Although they are known for their fashion appeal than practicality, they still loved by many. I bet you MONEY that every single young adult that will be reading this owns at least one flannel right now. Heck, maybe even adults and children as well. AND IF YOU DO NOT, YOU SHOULD. I truly believe everyone looks attractive in a flannel. They are universal and are an excellent fall statement. 



9. Joggers

Joggers have been making a big splash for decades. They are stylish sweatpants. You can find the comfiest joggers in the game but also be able to slip them on for a night out, depending on the material. Regardless, you can get your swag on with joggers.  No matter if you are getting your business done or about to bust a dance move, these pants got your legs. 


10. Leather Jackets 

Ever since the bomber jacket hit them scene during World War Two, they became pretty popular. In 1953, the popularity of the leather motorcycle jacket was solidified when Marlin Brando wore in in the movie “The Wild One. Leather jackets can be paired with multiple outfits across multiple seasons. Win the day feeling classic, cool with a little mysterious vibe. Yup, this fashion trend is not going anywhere. Ever.


marlin brando

Some fashion trends come and go! Not like these clothing items because they can make you look your best at any time, at any point in time. These definitely have stood the test of time and are here to stay! FOREVER. 

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