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8 Fashion Trends From The 90s You Need To Try

Oh, how I miss the 90s. Seems like things were just easier and better then. But I guess if we can’t get the whole decade back at least we can get some of the 90s fashion trends back, right? I’m all for it because when I was a kid I lived in overalls and I’ve started doing it again. Some of the 90s fashion trends worn by celebrities and even the kids of the decade have retaken their place in today’s fashion world. From scrunchies to bucket hats, here are some of the most popular 90s fashion trends that have made their way back into stores and the closets of those of us who wish we were still listening to MMMBop on our CD Walkman on the bus home from school.

1. Scrunchies

Every 90s girl’s favorite accessory, the scrunchie, has made its return to the tops of heads and holding up ponytails all over the world once again. As a popular 90s fashion trend, scrunchies were usually made with velvet or wacky print fabrics. Today, while those classic prints and fabrics are still used, you can also find scrunchies made from satin, silk, and cotton. Some scrunchies even have bows or knots attached to the tops just like the ones pictured below. You can find scrunchies at almost all clothing stores now, but some of my favorite styles, colors, and prints come from different shops on Etsy. They’re all homemade and you can usually buy a bundle of different ones. Scrunchies were a 90s fashion trend staple, and now in 2021, they still sit upon heads everywhere.  

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2. Overalls

As a kid, I rocked overalls almost every day. They were comfy, cool, and could literally be paired with any shirt and pair of shoes. A good pair of overalls, a Looney Tunes t-shirt, and a pair of tennis shoes was the best outfit to play outside in. I was a part of a 90s fashion trend and I didn’t even know it. Now as an adult, I am so glad that overalls are one of the popular 90s fashion trends that came back. Overalls are still comfy, cool, and go well with cool shirts and a sick pair of shoes. I’ve traded up and now rock my overalls with my Doc Martens and a band tee, but I still don’t think I’m cool enough to wear them with one strap unhooked like the Tik Tok kids do. Again, overalls can be found at almost every clothing store, but both my denim pair and my black pair are from Target. They have a great selection of colors and styles for guys and girls of all sizes. 

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3. Biker Shorts

A 90s fashion trend that maybe wasn’t even made for biking, biker shorts are now worn by more people who don’t even own a bike as opposed to those who do. Similar to workout leggings, biker shorts have become the ultimate comfy bottoms that people wear to hang out or lounge around in. Half the biker shorts sold in stores today have never even seen a gym. Often worn with an oversized graphic tee and white sneakers or with a crop top and a blazer, black biker shorts have become one of 2021’s well-known fashion trends.  These high-waisted biker shorts come from Aerie and even have a pocket to carry your phone in for all of those Instagram photos you’ll take while you wear them. 

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4. Tiny Sunglasses

We’ve brought back the tiny sunglasses and they’re still more for fashion rather than blocking the sun. Made famous by Keanu Reeves in The Matrix, tiny sunglasses have returned to faces and the bridges of noses everywhere. This 90s fashion trend became a staple of cool girls everywhere and is still worn by some of today’s It Girls. Bella Hadid has been spotted in her fair share of tiny sunglasses, and who wouldn’t want to rock the same trend as one of today’s notable fashion icons. For an array of colored lenses, hit up your nearest Urban Outfitters and grab yourself some tiny sunglasses to wear on your next outing. 

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5. Fanny Packs

One of the most practical 90s fashion trends was the fanny pack. It was compact, could be worn around your waist, and was still roomy enough to hold your wallet, Gameboy, and Coca-Cola flavored Chapstick. Sometimes seen as uncool or the staple of touristy dads on vacation, the fanny pack left with the 90s but ultimately made a return over the past few years. We’ve seen both guys and girls sporting fanny packs at Coachella, on a day out in various cities, and on the Tik Tok accounts influencers everywhere. While some people still rock the fanny pack across the waist, it has also moved to across the shoulder. We’ve brought the 90s fashion trend back, but given it our own little 2021 twist. You can find an assortment of fanny packs at SHEIN to match almost any outfit you choose to pair it with. 

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6. High-waisted Mom Jeans

I sometimes think that I owe my mom an apology for criticizing some of her outfit choices when I was younger because I now like to wear some of the things she was wearing then. My mom rocked Doc Martens, turtleneck short sleeves, and mom jeans before they were cool. (I’m picturing that outfit in my mind right now and it would probably be worn by some celebrity today). A 90s fashion trend that we associated with moms has now become one of the most popular fashion trends today. Mom jeans are sold in stores everywhere and worn by women everywhere. This pair comes from American Eagle and emulates the type of mom jeans non-moms are wearing these days. I think we like to wear them because we realized they’re just comfier than those tight skinny jeans. This pair is loose-fitting, hits just above the ankle, and has rips in the knees; what more could you want in a pair of mom jeans?

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7. Colorful Windbreakers

The squeakiness of a good windbreaker is always appreciated. It lets people know you have arrived. Colorful windbreakers were all the rage amongst kids and teens in the 90s. A 90s fashion trend that left with the casts of Kenan & Kel and All That, the colorful windbreaker has reemerged in recent years and brought back all the nostalgia of walking to your neighborhood basketball court in your squeaky windbreaker and matching squeaky sweats. Once we bring back the full squeaky sweatsuits it’s over. Forever 21 has some great colorful windbreakers like the one here. Pair it with your favorite pair of mom jeans and your Air Force 1’s and rock it at your next lunch with your best friends. 

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8. Bucket Hats

I personally have never rocked a bucket hat, but I have definitely seen them around a lot more in recent years. First designed to shield our faces from the sun, the bucket hat became a 90s fashion trend when rappers like Jay-Z and LL Cool J were seen wearing them. Girls everywhere wanted one when they saw Britney rock one in Crossroads or saw Mary-Kate and Ashley in one in almost all of their teen movies. Tweens rocked them in the 90s and now we see all kinds of people wearing them. You’ll usually see a bucket hat when you’re chilling at the beach, attending a music festival, and even walking down fashion runways. You can find trendy bucket hats at most skate shops and clothing stores like this one from Tilly’s. 

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What are your thoughts on 90s fashion trends making a comeback? Are there any 90s fashion trends that you rock today? Are there any that you wish would stay in the 90s? Lets us know in the comments!

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Lindsay Longacre

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