8 Fashion Tips To Follow For Fall

8 Fashion Tips To Follow For Fall

With the chilly season upon us, fall is seriously the best time of year for fashion! There are so many cute and versatile outfits you can only wear this time of year! Here are our favorite eight fashion tips you can follow this fall whether you’re on campus or at work.

1. Summer Sun Dress

You don’t have to stow away your summer dresses for fall. Rock your favorite sun dresses by simply pairing them with plain black tights and a little cardigan overtop, or a cotton long-sleeve shirt underneath. This ensemble goes great with most any pair of boots, sneakers or heels, depending on the occasion. 

8 Fashion Tips To Follow For Fall

2. Summer Shorts

As above, the same rule applies to your summer shorts that don’t need to be shoved into the bottom of drawer, where they won’t see the light of day until June. You can spruce up this outfit though with patterned tights, instead of plain black or solid color pantyhose for an extra fun look. Shorts are more casual than dresses, but can easily be worn for school, work, day or night. Wear your shorts and tights with boots, a t-shirt and jacket for a comfy, on-campus look. 8 Fashion Tips To Follow For Fall

3. Patterned Socks

Pattern socks are an incredibly fun way to add a pop of color or pattern to your outfit. Consider pairing patterned ankle socks with your shorts and black tights combo from above, for a subtle chic look. Or if it’s the perfect temperature to pull this off, opt for a pair of calf or knee high patterned socks, with a fun bold print, no tights, and solid colored boots, shorts, shirt and jacket. This outfit goes nicely with the fall-must have: scarf and hat. Now you have a wicked cool look for back to school.

8 Fashion Tips To Follow For Fall

4. Crop Sweater

Sweaters are an obvious fall staple as it is-sweater weather, so consider a crop sweater. This pairs perfectly with a black high-waisted skinny jeans, for the peek-a-boo midriff effect. If your crop sweater is a plain color, consider pairing it with an oversized flannel shirt for that extra cozy, laid-back look on your way to classes. 

If you don’t want to show off your midriff you can easily wear a tank top/camisole underneath and still have a cute fall look!

8 Fashion Tips To Follow For Fall

5. Legwarmers

We talked about patterned socks but we need to at least mention legwarmers. They’re far more simple and casual looking than bright, bold socks, while of course keeping your legs warm. Plus the same pair of black, gray, white, or beige wool legwarmers can compliment far more outfits and pieces in your wardrobe than purple and pink polka dot knee highs (as cool as those are).

Invest in a few pairs of wool legwarmers from Target and you have a sensible, functional, yet cute addition to your outfit! They go great with the dress + tights or shorts + tights combo, but work perfectly over jeans on those especially cold days. 

8 Fashion Tips To Follow For Fall

6. Scarves

Speaking of warm and versatile, you’ll want to make sure you have a few scarves handy this season. Scarves not only have been on trend as of late, but they are a functional and an essential piece of your wardrobe that will you keep you cozy on those breezy fall mornings. They not only work in the fall, but are especially ideal in the winter. 

You can easily just have one or two basic scarves of solid pattern and neutral color, to ensure it pairs with all your outfits. But scarves come in a variety of colors, patterns, textures and materials, that are suitable for a variety of occasions. Scarves can go with just about anything: color of pants, jeans or leggings, boots, jackets, leather jacket, denim jacket, sweater and hats.

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Work the scarf around the outfit. Find a few fun ones that you like, and mix and match some stuff in your closet putting together a chic fall outfit. 

8 Fashion Tips To Follow For Fall

7. Fingerless Gloves

If you live someplace extra chilly, or spend a lot of your time outdoors in the fall you may notice that your hands get cold before anything else because they are exposed to the air (especially if you’re texting or you’re like me and you’re taking pictures). Whatever the reason, it may be wise to grab a pair of fingerless gloves and have them in in your jacket pocket at all times. 

I suggest fingerless gloves because 1, it’s usually not cold enough to go full out with the winter gear yet and 2, you’ll still have use of you finger tips for texting or working other devices (like a camera). Fingerless gloves can be really cute and make such a fashion statement especially if you’re going for an edgy look! 

8 Fashion Tips To Follow For Fall

8. Casual Jacket

To complete any outfit, a jacket is a necessity during this chilly season. You likely have dozens of jackets in your closet, hopefully at least one of them being a basic, casual, every day jacket. Whether its a black leather, a blue denim or a green utility jacket-something neutral, something basic and something that could compliment most any look, including the ones in this article. 

8 Fashion Tips To Follow For Fall

Did you find these fall fashion tips helpful? Can you make most of these outfits with what you already have your wardrobe? Tell us in the comments below!

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