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Fashion Tips For Petite Girls

While we should all wear clothes that make us comfortable, fellow petite women might find these fashion tips helpful the next time they’re shopping. Buying clothes can be a struggle, for any woman, and petite women are no exception. We have little figures that can be easily hid if not dressed properly.

1. Skinny Legged Pants

Wearing clothes that are figure-flattering and void of bulk will accentuate your small figure, showing off your curves. This can be said about tops, well-tailored jackets and pants. Try skinny legged jeans. The slim tight fit will showcase your hips and not leave you feeling frumpy. Skinny legged pants also don’t have excess hem that drags, and can be neatly folded over or tucked into your shoes for a discreet look, if you have shorter legs.

2. V-Necklines

Wearing a V-neck, a scoop neck or some kind of emphasized neckline will go a long way to elongate your torso. It draws the eye down from the neck to the chest, giving the illusion you have a longer, taller torso. Simple V-necks or scoop neck tees can be paired with fitted jackets and skinny jeans, shorts or skirts for a classy, put-together look.

Also try adding some extra emphasis to the neck and chest area with that scoop neck look, by wearing a long dangly necklace. It is also recommended women should use delicate jewelry that won’t look heavy on their petite frame.

3. Crop Tops

This doesn’t necessarily mean showing off your stomach, unless that’s the look you’re going for, but wearing shirts that are too long that cover your hips and butt can make short women look even shorter. You want to elongate the legs and torso as much as possible, so try finding shorter tops. This rule applies to jackets and cardigans as well-hitting above to the widest part of the hip is ideal. Even some shirts that are meant to be crop tops on other women may still cover your stomach if you’re torso is shorter. As long as they flatter your figure that’s the aim.

4. Heels

High heels are one of the easiest and quickest ways to add height. Shopping around for the right shoes is the only way to find what works for you. While taller, spikey heels like stilettos will give you height, don’t force yourself to wear shoes that are uncomfortable. Boots with heels are a good way to start as they give you extra height while being more stable to walk in.

5. High Waisted

As a personal piece of advice, I’ve found high waisted shorts, pants or skirts to be essential it elongating the legs. Especially if you have a long, torso and petite waist, with short legs, the high waisted fashion will be your friend. Your torso is already long and doesn’t need to be emphasized, but your legs should. This also pairs perfectly with the crop tops mentioned above.

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6. Flair Cut Jeans

Jeans that flair out, or look like condensed versions of the bell-bottoms will do wonders for short legs. Your legs will look like they go on for miles! But the downside to this style of jeans is their extra long hem that drags on the ground if you’re short. Choose a good pair of shoes with a tall heel which can solve this issue, giving you extra height and the illusion of longer legs thanks to the jeans. Wedge sandals would be a good recommendation with the extra width these pants have at the feet, you don’t want to wear smaller shoes-like stilettos-that will make your feet look extra tiny and awkwardly unnatural.

7.  Smaller Scale Patterns

Larger scale, bold patterns on small, petite women can drown them, adding bulk and take away from their natural curves. Try patterns that are minimal, and simple. Vertical stripes are a great pattern for petite women because these will emphasize the small of the waist, while once again, you guessed it, elongating your frame.

8. Monochromatic Color Schemes

Wearing too many bright colors can be distracting and do nothing for your figure. Try wearing neutral color palettes with a pop of color to compliment your small frame instead. A color accent paired with an all-black or a white-gray outfit will brighten up the look, putting more focus on the woman herself, and her beautiful body. It’ll also help to lengthen your torso or legs.

Did you find these fashion tips for petite women useful? Let us know in the comments below!

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