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22 Fashion Struggles That Are Way Too Real For Short Girls

22 Fashion Struggles That Are Way Too Real For Short Girls

If you’re a short girl, like me, you probably face a lot of challenges in your daily life. It’s a struggle to reach things, and people think you’re a child. You can’t hold a conversation without someone bringing up your height, as if you weren’t aware of how short you are. But, for us ladies, one of the hardest problems is that of clothes. If anyone has gone shopping with a short woman, you might have seen some of these struggles. Below are 22 fashion struggles for short girls that only we short gals will understand!

1. Pants are always too long.

They always bunch up at your ankles, or roll over onto your feet. And when it’s rainy, your hems are always a little bit damp, if you miss one of those puddles you have to leap over anyway.

2. Sleeves are always too long.

At the other end of your body is the same problems. When you wear long sleeve tops, the sleeves cover your fingers so that you look like you don’t have any hands, or you have to roll them up and they get to somewhere between three quarter sleeves and awkward.

3. Maxi skirts multitask as floor sweepers.

Let’s face it, if they were made to be full length on normal people, of course they would make a lovely floor sweeping train on us.

4. But, they can still be used as dresses.

If they’re too long as maxi skirts, they can just be worn as maxi dresses. No one ever needs to know the truth.


5. Tops become tunics.

They just fall too long. You’re doomed to wear a tunic forever.

6. Unless they become dresses instead.

Those adult small t-shirts you get at events? Another name for ugly dresses. Shame on them for discriminating against short people. They have x-large and xx-large, but no x-small!

7. But real dresses are longer than your entire body.

I didn’t realize they made humans that tall.

8. Wearing capris as normal pants.

Hey, even the celebs do it. Rachel Bilson isn’t ashamed of it, either.

9. The oversize cardigan drowns you.

There goes another fashion trend you can’t wear.

10. Long winter coats make you look like an 8 year old playing dress up in your mother’s clothes.

Then again, we live in a world where 8 year olds are taller than their mothers.

11. You actually have to shop in the kid’s section.

Maybe you’re buying something for your little sibling. You have to find some way to face
the humiliation.

12. You buy kid’s size shoes too.

They are your size. What can you do?

13. But the kid’s section doesn’t account for curves.

You might be short, but that doesn’t mean you’ve got a child’s body. What about your boobs and butt?


14. You have to wear heels all the time, or you’ll be mistaken for a child.

Contrary to what people think, you are not a prepubescent boy. You’ve got to make a statement, and adding inches is all that works.

15. But thigh high boots don’t work.

That’s one heel ruled out. If you wanted reverse capris, you wouldn’t have bought the boots.

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16. When you do go shopping, you can’t reach the clothes.

Why do companies put smaller sizes on top? Don’t they want you to buy their stuff?

17. Large prints overwhelm you.

Sometimes bold people need a bold pattern on their clothing. Oh wait, you’re short, you can’t have that either.

18. Having to get everything altered.

Sometimes it’s just so much easier than looking for things that actually fit.

19. Shopping is disappointing because nothing fits.

In case you haven’t figured it out by now, nothing fits.

MRW I look at pictures on FB of friends having fun away at college while I’m at community… from reactiongifs

20. Online shopping doesn’t work either.

Thank god stores haven’t gone extinct. You actually need to try clothes on before you buy. Surprisingly enough, you don’t fit into standard sizing.

Frustrated Georgia GIF by The Bachelorette Australia - Find & Share on GIPHY

21. If you wear high waisted pants, you look like you have no waist.

Low rise jeans are normal, normal jeans are high waisted, high waisted jeans reach your

22. Knee high socks are thigh high socks.

This isn’t always too bad. Thigh high socks look cute too.

Are there any more fashion struggles for short girls that should be on this list? Share in the comments below!
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