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Fashion Secrets For Men

Fashion Secrets For Men

With all that’s goin on in the world, having a sense of style could put one at ease. For men things may be easier but painting a proper look for everyday activities can be hard if you don’t know what to do. Fortunately, you have a guide for only the best fashion secrets for men.

1. Faux Collar

With the new season approaching, as men, wearing something light fitting but warm and comfortable is important as the weather is going to be shifting from hot to cold. A good way to start pre layering this season is to purchase a faux collar. A faux collar is a half button up shirt that acs as a detachable collared shirt that serves the purpose of giving the illusion of wearing an Oxford shirt underneath the the overlapping top of your choice. The faux collar is perfect for those hot days where you may need to look professional but don’t want to go through the hassle of cleaning up sweat. These collars are often paired with sweater vest, jackets, and even in some cases a blazer. You can find clever illusion pieces on Amazon with tons of different ones to choose from. They have different colors along with different styles all better than the other and all at the affordable prices of $4-30 with the option of getting bundles.


2. Shoe Care

Sho care is one of the essential parts of being a man, so it’s no surprise keeping your shoes looking brand new is going to elevate your look. When going about your business it’s common to accidentally scrape your shoe against the curb. Some might think some water and a napkin could Woburn but in doubt that only makes it worse. The proper way to handle the situation would be to locate the spot and either head to any shoe store to pick up a cleaning kit which can be very helpful, or you could simply mix a tablespoon of hot water, one teaspoon of vinegar, and one tablespoon of baking soda creating a cleaning solution. If your shoelaces get dirty it’s safe to throw them into the wash on light wash. A great tip to keep them from getting dirty is to wear them only when you have to, and when you’re not wearing them, maybe wear shoes that are easy to walk around in and possibly keep the main pair in a dust bag or even plastic bag so they are protected from the elements.

3. High Tops

High tops are an essential staple shoe in a man’s closet as it proved the illusion of looking taller. Not only do high tops make you appear taller but it gives a slightly more expensive look. High tops are also a great shoe to have because they are great shoes for traveling on foot for a long period of time, and you don’t have to worry about anything scratching against your angle. Depending on the shoe brand, high tops are actually going to be easier to clean, especially if they are canvas shoes like converse. You also often don’t have to worry about socks when wearing high tops, the air with National pass through the shoes depending on how they are manufactured. There are many types of high tops to wear but keeping it classic with the basic length ones is going to be your best bet.


4. Planned Outfit 

Having a planned outfit is probably the most important tip of them all. It’s important to pick out exactly what you’re going to wear the next day mainly to save time. When you plan your outfit ahead of time, you’re showing those around you that you’re organized and prepared. The best part of picking out an outfit the day prior is the fact that you can do so much before heading out depending on time, but because you saved some time by picking your outfit ahead of time, you might have time for important things like breakfast. Some people even prepare their entire wardrobe of the week if they know exactly what the week is going to look like for them.


5. Handkerchief 

Not many men carry one around, but a handkerchief can be very helpful on those hot days, or oily days. A handkerchief is a piece of fabric used to wipe down your face if it starts to get greasy. Lots of men would walk around with handkerchiefs in their pockets back in the day, it showed class and was often tucked into the bottom or top pocket of a blazer. A more modern way to wear a handkerchief is to tuck it into the back pocket of the trousers you’re wearing. Not only does this give you the ability to touch up at any time, but it’s also fashionable if you have an exotic looking silk handkerchief. Speaking of styles, there are tons of different handkerchiefs ranging from different fabrics to different patterns. The best part about a handkerchief is that you can actually create your own simply by ripping up some old fabric and keeping it in your back pocket.

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6. Button Down

A button down is a classic shirt every man should have in their wardrobe. Not only is the shirt a timeless piece, but it’s a staple among the closet as you can wear it for any occasion. You can find many types of button downs but the most popular one has to be the classic Oxford shirt. The Oxford shirt is a fitted button down shirt topically worn to work or other business related locations. The button down shirt makes you appear more older, mature, and prestigious. These types of shirts are common among businessmen and even schools! The button down shirt is a popular choice for private or boarding schools with a uniform rule. Besides the Oxford shirt, there are plenty other totes of button downs ranging from casual to designer. Nowadays you can spot a bright and patterned button down with tons of designs and plenty more extensions of the shirt.

7. Watch

Paired with pretty much anything, the watch can elevate your look by more than you would think. When wearing a watch you’re showing class and sometimes even importance. Depending on the watch you get your look can go from looking very basic to very put together just because of the watch. When purchasing a watch it’s important to get watches that best suit you, as you can expect to be paying quite a chunk of cash. The best watches to start off with are going to be the watches around $80-150. It may sound expensive but the brand of the watch is also important as it’s going to show your taste and personality. If you’re a bit more experienced in the watch department you can of course then start buying the more expensive watches as you’ll appreciate them more.


Did we miss anything? Let us know how you feel about these fashion secrets and if they helped you! Taking all of these into consideration you’ll find its actually quite easy to look good without any hassle.