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Fashion Meets Comfort

Let’s break down fashion meets comfort. Ever since a global pandemic struck the earth, the need for fashion has fallen from a priority to an inconvenience. While most people have been stuck at home for well over a year, the need to remove the now crusted sweatpants from their bodies has become significantly insignificant. However, while daylight breaks and the drowsy film is peeled from our eyes, we have collectively concluded that sweatpants aren’t exactly going to cut it when merging back with the human population. As a result, we have decided to pursue the avenue of fashion meets comfort.

Fashion meets comfort has probably implemented itself into your life in one form or another. The idea here is not to prevent you from being comfortable but to make two ends meet and kill two birds with one stone, so to speak. While you likely have ways of going about this already, hopefully, these tips will help you along on the days where it is more challenging to pull yourself out of bed.

Strut in Style

From personal experience, heels were likely the first thing to go. Many of us work from home while snuggled up with blankets and PJ’s while wearing fuzzy socks or no socks at all. Let’s face it, even when on a zoom call, the pants you are wearing are not work-appropriate. What are good shoes to wear while going back into the office that is not going to cause significant amounts of pain and discomfort while you adjust to an elevated foot again. Wedges are a go to! These shoes are so cute and can be styled up or down. They provide more stability and mobility than a traditional stiletto and can help you feel confident and sexy while making an entrance walking into work. Plus, who doesn’t love the sound of a confident woman in heels walking down the hallway, especially when it’s you!

Pants You Can Move In

Moving up from the shoes to create a beautiful outfit all while fashion meets comfort brings us to pants. While leggings and sweatpants are great, they are not typically the most appropriate work attire. Most women’s work clothes needed an update in comfort anyway. Skirts and dresses are always a go to but have you tried out dress pants that actually move with your body. When you drop something, you can pick it up because you have a full range of motion. If you are back at the office and just can’t handle the tight dress pants anymore, give the ones with significant stretch a shot! 

How to Layer

If you leave anywhere where the weather fluctuates on a minute-to-minute basis, layers are always a must. Many tops can be restrictive the more formal they get. Instead of layering with typical dress jackets, try on a couple jackets that go for the oversize look. If your workplace allows legging, the oversize look pairs amazingly with leggings or those stretchy dress pants. Adding a shapewear tank top under the jacket with simplistic jewelry provides an excellent modern look that meets the expectation of fashion meets comfort.

Cardigans or sweaters are another great way to still look comfortable and still classy. Finding a brand that excels at both is hard to come by, but adding layers can diversify the look enough to pull off your favorite sweater that you would have been wearing at home anyway.

Let’s Hit It

Perhaps you are still working virtually, and you are looking for something cute and comfy to wear on a night out. Let’s just pause here and mention…you can never go wrong with leather. There are so many great options for leather, and it seems to be a trend that never really fades. Options such as jackets, crop tops, pants, or shoes are great ways to incorporate more texture into your wardrobe. Pairing leather leggings with a simple tee shirt with a graphic or spicing it up with a lacy tank top or bodysuit is a great way to go. While heels will take this outfit up a step, finding a well-fitting flat is another fantastic option, especially if you will be on the move.

Leather jackets have been around for quite some time. Nothing can beat a classic gray, warm brown, or black but adding a signature piece into your collection is always a great idea too. While leather seems to be a little uncomfortable, a well-fitted jacket with well-worn leather is super warm and cozy. If you find your first genuine leather, pay serious attention to the fit. Also, know that leather relaxes slightly when worn the first couple of times, so if you are comfortable in two sizes, choose the smaller one as it will “grow” a tad.

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Accent Pieces

If leather isn’t your scene, that is totally ok because there are millions of ways to spice up your wardrobe while still being comfortable. You can still obtain the “fashion meets comfort” look with tons of accessories. This can be anything from handbags, jewelry, scarves, or hats. Express yourself in whatever way you pleaser, just make sure you are comfortable as lately, that is the most important thing. Finding staple pieces is great. So many options can be found for jewelry, but some top stores if you need ideas are Alex and Ani, Local Eclectic, or Boho Magic. These stores can provide you great ideas to keep it real while not being overwhelmingly priced.

Staple Sweater

Last but not least, adding a staple long jacket or sweater to any outfit is about the coziest and adorable thing you can do. Not only can you bundle up on those cold nights simply by wrapping this long, versatile item around you. But it will also give you significant length, especially with a cute pair of heels. Your wardrobe will definitely thank you.

While the adjustment to in person will likely be a long road ahead, hopefully, you can be cozy while doing so. Fashion meets comfort is a go to for any wardrobe, especially since spending so much time at home.

Let us know the best ways you love to implement fashion meets comfort? What are some of your favorite pieces so far?
Kaylee Dellert

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