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15 Fashion Items That Will Help Your Outfits Stand Out

15 Fashion Items That Will Help Your Outfits Stand Out

Do you wanna find that perfect fashion piece that makes you stand out amongst the rest? Finding the right piece can be hard when you don’t even know what you feel confident in. There are so many different fashion pieces that are truly going to make any outfit stand out. 

1. Belt

A good belt is a make or breaks for any good outfit. You can wear belts for all sorts of things. You can wear a basic black belt over some blue jeans with a tucked-in shirt for a cute casual look. You could add a chunky belt to a dress to give yourself a cinched waist. There are also really cool belts with different prints like a clear belt with a heart buckle. 


2. Beret

Live your best Parisienne fantasy wearing a super cute beret. This is a great piece to give your outfit that little extra something when you want to be casual but also look elegant. There are a lot of different kinds of berets you can choose from as well that come in a lot of different colors. One really cute beret is the custom made ones that have really cute embroidery in them.

3. Buttons

Specifically, button pins, are great accessories to really boost your outfit looks. You can get a lot of button pins to add to different outfits. You can add a button pin to a hat for some cool mismatched look. Button pins are also really great to add to a denim jacket or a leather jacket. 


4. Patches

You can find bulks of different iron-on patches online so you can have a lot of different styles to choose from. You can iron-on patches to different pieces of clothing. You can iron-on patches to some hats or a plain tee-shirt to give it a cool design. You could also iron on a lot of different patches to a denim jacket or a leather jacket to give them a cool look to go along with the button pins.

5. Fur vest

This piece of clothing is great for a really fun going out outfit. A fur vest is a statement piece that will really make your outfit stand out. You can get one that’s super fluffy and soft so that it is really flashy. You could also get a vest with just a fur lining so it’s a little more subtle but still a really cool piece to add to your outfit.


6. Overcoat 

This one is something we all have in our closet but might overlook as an outfit changer. The overcoat is great to really give your outfit a classier look. Wear a pair of jeans with a basic hoodie but put on an overcoat and you have a nice going-out outfit. You could also wear this with a dress or a button-up and dress pants for a fancier looking outfit.

7. Leg warmers

A little bit of an 80s throwback but leg warmers are a super cute addition to your outfit. They are certainly making a comeback with the weather getting colder. Wear some leg warmers over your favorite pair of black leggings for a little pop of color to your outfit. 

8. Fingerless gloves

This fashion piece is a little bit of a 90s grunge aesthetic. Although there are a lot of different kinds of fingerless gloves. You could get some fingerless leather gloves for a bit of an edgier outfit. You could also get some knit fingerless gloves for a cuter outfit. There are also mittens that can fold over into fingerless gloves for the cold weather.


9. Scarves

There are a lot of different kinds of scarves you can use to really change up your outfits. You can use knitted scarves to add some bulky layers for a chunky silhouette. You could use a silk scarf and tie it around your neck for a little ascot kind of look. You could also tie the silk scarf around your hair in a lot of different hairstyles.

10. Layered necklaces

This is a newer look that has started to become really popular. Layering on different chains and necklaces over a turtleneck or tightfitting shirt is the new trend. You can get some simple thin chains to layer and then on a necklace that’s different as an accent piece.


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11. Beanie

A beanie is a classic and simple way to change up your outfit. Beanies are perfect to wear for any casual look you are trying to complete. If you have an outfit that is just a hoodie and sweatpants the perfect piece to complete that look is a basic beanie. You could also wear a beanie with a nice look like a button-up, dress pants and a trench coat. 


12. Printed tights

Printed tights are always a really cute way to add something different to an outfit. You can get really vibrant printed tights that look super cool and different. You could also get some tights that are nude but have really cute embroidered designs in them. Tights are just a great way to add to an outfit if you’re wearing a skirt or dress.

13. Platforms

These kinds of shoes are really out there because you don’t see many people wearing them. You can get platform heels for a nicer looking outfit. There are also platform sneakers that would look really cool with a nice basic outfit. Platform shoes are just a really cool way to spice up an outfit because they are super unique and out there. 


14. Cape

Now, this isn’t like a superhero crime-fighting cape. This is more of a cape that is fashionable. You can get a nice knitted or cotton cape to drape over some elegant outfits. You’d normally wear a cape with a nice dress or fancy clothing. There are really nice capes you can find that are different and really cute to wear for your outfits.

15. Corset

The trend of wearing corsets is new but very in right now. Wearing a corset over your clothing gives you such a unique silhouette and it’s just such a cool piece to own. A corset looks amazing over a basic tee shirt or a button-up shirt. You could also wear the corset over a tight-fitting dress for a very cinched look. There are also different shapes for corsets to achieve different looks and aesthetics.


Which of these fashion pieces are you going to add to one of your outfits? Is there a fashion item we missed? Let us know in the comments. Don’t forget to share with your friends so they can find fashion pieces to make their next outfit unique.