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Fashion Items That Look Expensive But Are Affordable

We all want to look like models off duty when we strut the streets; it can be hard to manage to afford lavish clothing and accessories, especially as a college student. Here are fashion items that look expensive but are affordable! 

1. Amazon Cloud Slides

The first item on our list of affordable fashion that looks expensive are dupes for the high-end Yeezy slides that you see all of the Kardashians wearing on their walks to get coffee or to meetings. These are not only incredibly comfortable but they also have a reputation of being seen as expensive thanks to all the celebs that are seen wearing them; these slides are sleek, simple, and will add a chic touch to all of your outfits. Plus they are super easy to find on Amazon for no more than twenty dollars! All college students need these slides not only because they are conveniently comfortable and easy to slide on but also because they will add an “expensive” looking twist to all of your outfits, making you look like a model off duty. 

2. “Designer” Shades

We all know that an essential part of any celebrity’s outfit is their sunglasses, that is why our next advice on affordable fashion is to look for sunnies that resemble those that you see in your magazines but for much cheaper prices! As long as you first determine which style of sunglasses is your favorite, you can then easily find them for extremely affordable prices all over Amazon or your favorite stores such as Marshalls or Forever 21. Everybody loses and breaks sunglasses easily, so getting cheaper ones is actually a much more convenient way to shop in addition to also being more affordable! Some examples of sunglasses that look designer, but actually cost less than ten dollars are cat-eye sunglasses, rectangle sunglasses, and oversized sunglasses! All of these specs will easily make you look like you just got off the Prada runway, and you won’t need to worry too much if you lose them. 

3. Affordable Gold Jewelry

Another important aspect to affordable fashion is to remember that it is all about the simple tweaks that will make your outfit look that much more expensive, without actually needing to spend the money. One of the easiest tweaks you can make to your outfits to make them look more boujee than the actual price tag of the items is by opting for affordable gold jewelry that is easy to find just about anywhere. Although cheaper gold jewelry may be more easily tarnished, it is so easy to find for extremely low prices that it really doesn’t matter all that much! Chunky gold rings, layers of gold chains, and thick gold hoops are all the perfect way to go when you want to make your outfit look more expensive in a subtle and inexpensive way.

4. Minimalist Watch

Next up on affordable fashion is to find a minimalist watch to throw on with any of your outfits. Something about a simple and sleek watch adds a twist of chic to your ensemble like nothing else; your wardrobe will be effortlessly enhanced to look ten times more expensive with a simple watch that can be found in a plethora of places for very low prices. The majority of minimalist watches are made to appear expensive; you can tell by the simple color options, such as white or gold, which will make you feel like a well-known girl boss.

5. Expensive-Looking Mini Bag

Everybody loves expensive mini bags like the famous Prada re edition 2005 or the Dior saddlebag, but unfortunately, not all of us can spend our entire life savings on a purse. That is why next up on affordable fashion we recommend for you to take into consideration opting for a mini bag that looks pricey but is actually budget-friendly. It is all about the material and color of your mini bag; you have to ensure that you choose the correct material and color that will enhance the “expensiveness” of your accessory. Some examples include opting for faux leather material with colors such as black, brown, or white. You might also want to look for a bag with a chain strap, similar to the Prada re-edition, or a crocodile design, which makes your handbag appear to have a few extra zeros on the price tag.

6. Sleek Minimal Sandals

In case you have not noticed already, minimalist options are a big aspect of affordable fashion. Sleek minimal sandals are another perfect footwear option that will make you feel like you just got done with a photoshoot with Vogue; something about the simplicity adds an ambiance of chic to any ensemble without needing to put in much effort or needing to drop too much money! Lock in the “expensive” look by opting for more neutral tones for your sandals such as beige, brown, or light yellows. Simple sneakers, sleek mules, or chic ankle boots are other minimal shoe options if the weather prevents you from wearing sandals.

7. Matching Knit Set

Another thing we have all seen the Kardashians wearing is sets from Kim Kardashian’s brand, Skims. In case you have not already noticed, affordable fashion is not only about finding basics but also about finding cheaper dupes for well-known celebrity brands! Fuzzy sets like the ones we see Kylie Jenner lounging around can easily be found for more wallet-friendly prices on places such as Amazon or Forever 21. You will not only be incredibly comfortable in a soft and stretchy fuzzy set, but you will also feel elegant and as if you are wearing an expensive set because of the fact that you are matching from head to toe!

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8. Chunky Sweater Cardigans

Chunky sweater cardigans are next up in affordable fashion because these are not only super easy to find for good prices, but they also will make your outfit look ten times more expensive simply because of the material! You can find chunky sweaters in dozens of different colors, designs, and styles all for prices that are affordable to college students who are looking to amp up their wardrobe. You’re set to look like a boujee girl boss when you pair your chunky sweater with your inexpensive gold jewelry and your favorite mom jeans!

9. Cream Colored Trousers

Neutral tones are always the way to go when it comes to affordable fashion; the color itself will add a certain level of sophistication to any of your ensembles without you needing to spend your paycheck. Trousers are super easy to find for affordable prices and are the perfect substitute for any of your other bottoms if you are looking to make your outfit look more chic and expensive. Mixing the two key ingredients to make your outfit look more lavish (neutral tones and a pair of stylish pants), cream-colored trousers are the perfect result and will make all the difference when creating your fits. 

10. Oversized White Button Up

Last but certainly not least in affordable fashion is to make sure that you have an oversized white button-up somewhere in your wardrobe. This item of clothing is probably one of the easiest on our list today to find for a very affordable price, or you can even steal one from your dad’s closet! Adding this to any of your outfits will immediately make it look more expensive, and it requires minimal effort. All you have to do is create your favorite ensemble, whether it be casual or athletic, and then throw on your oversized white button-up right on top to add a chic touch! 

We hope that this collection of affordable fashion has shown you that anyone, regardless of their budget, can look like a model off duty! What’s your favorite affordable fashion piece? Let us know in the comments!

Olivia Plotkin

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