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10 Fashion Gifts That Even The Most Unfashionable Dads Will Appreciate This Father’s Day

Buying fashion gifts for your dad can be the hardest thing to do when your dad isn’t the most fashion-minded person in the world. Your gift of the latest and greatest thing in fashion right now won’t impress him. In fact, it is more likely to end up at the back of his closet never to be seen again. Here are 10 fashion gifts that even the most unfashionable dads will find useful and appreciate this Father’s Day.

1. Dress Shoes

Every man needs a good pair of dress shoes. If his last pair of good dress shoes was from his wedding day 20 and some years ago, he will probably need a new pair. Even if these shoes sit in the back of his wardrobe 90% of the year, he will no longer have an excuse not to wear a good pair of shoes for special occasions.

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2. Watch

No matter what fashion choices your dad makes, a nice watch will always go with everything! This fashion accessory isn’t something that your dad will thank you for and then toss into the back of his drawer. It’s practical and stylish! Also, every time he checks the time, he will look at his watch and be reminded of what a great gift-giver you are.

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3. Sunglasses

A pair of sunglasses is another signature fashion accessory that will never go out of style and will go with anything. These sunglasses are classic and your father will love them! After all, everyone needs protection from the sun and why shouldn’t your cool dad look like cool while wearing eye protection?

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4. Sneakers

While dress shoes are great for special occasions, sneakers are the go-to shoes for everyday life. If you want to give your father a gift that he will usually 90% percent of the year, these sneakers should be your gift of choice. These sneakers are another fashion gift that will go with anything and everything so your dad won’t ever have to worry about pairing or matching these shoes with an appropriate outfit. 

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5. Glasses

Whether your father has always needed glasses or he needs glasses now that he’s getting older, your dad shouldn’t be forced to wear a thick (and somewhat ugly) pair of glasses as a medical necessity. Give your dad a fashionable upgrade this Father’s Day and he will love the way he looks whenever he needs to see, which tends to be often. You are solving not only a fashion dilemma but also a medical problem by giving him these classic glasses!

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6. Hiking Boots

Your dad is the outdoorsy type. He’s always hiking throughout the woods or going down to the lake to catch some fresh fish. Instead of letting him wear a pair of crummy hiking boots, you should treat your dad to a sweet, new pair of boots. Toss those dusty and worn boots into the trash because your dad now has supported arches and good foot protection!

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7. Dogstooth Suit

Are you tired of your dad wearing an ill-fitting dress shirt and jeans for every wedding, graduation, and any special event? He needs a good-fitting suit but does not know where to start in order to get one. Be the golden child this Father’s Day and solve that problem for him with this dogstooth suit! Dogstooth is a great pattern; it is classic and won’t date very easily. These colored suits are subtle enough to suit his needs but updated enough to give your dad some fashion flair.

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8. Hat

Whether it’s a hot and sunny day on your next family vacation or he needs some shade while he’s working on his next construction project, your dad could always use a new hat. This grey cap is the perfect neutral tone for a simple man that doesn’t want to make a huge fashion statement. After all, you might have a fashion-forward sense of style but your dad might be more comfortable in old T-shirts and jeans; he doesn’t need to push the limits of fashion.

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9. Backpack

When your dad travels abroad or just around town, where does he keep all his stuff? Are his pockets weighed down by the sheer amount of things that he carries around with him? Solve this sagging pants problem by giving him this sleek backpack for Father’s Day. Not only will he be able to fit a lot of things inside but the fabric is durable so this backpack will survive all the wild adventures that he takes it on. 

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10. Tie

So you have already given your dad a solid pair of dress shoes and fitted him into the perfect suit. What else could you give him this Father’s Day? Since your dad has all the staples of a classic wardrobe, you should add a little spice and fashion flair into his life. This bright tie will complement the gifts that you have given him in the previous years and it will also push his fashion boundaries a little. If he is comfortable with everything that you’ve given him so far, he won’t mind something a little out-of-the-box this Father’s Day.

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Which fashion gifts would you give to your unfashionable dad this Father’s Day? Tell us in the comments.

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