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5 Fashion Don’ts For Short Women In The Summer

5 Fashion Don’ts For Short Women In The Summer

Summer is easily the most favorable season out of all four. You can joy vacations or just enjoying the heat in your own hometown. The best thing about summer is that you can put your coats and sweaters away and bring out the clothes to show more skin but you have to keep in mind what is most appropriate for you to wear. Short women struggle constantly trying to find the right clothes that fit, and make their body look proportionate. If you are lucky sometimes you can even make yourself appear taller with the right selection of clothes. With these 5 fashion don’ts for short women this summer can not only have you looking good but feeling good as well!

1. Don’t Not Think About Your Proportions

When it comes to summer sometimes short women can get a little carried away thinking just any outfit will work for them. It may seem a little harsh, but thats the beauty of having so many different types of women. Women come in all shapes, colors and sizes and it is wonderful to see the different variations and the different creations you can put together for a dazzling look over the summer. For shorter women you have to think about your size and what will make you look proportionate. There are at least a handful of fashion don’ts for short women that can help take your summer wardrobe to the next level. Similar to people wearing darker colors to make you look smaller, finding out the right proportions for your height can really help you look as good as you want to for whatever look you are desiring for the summer.

2. Don’t Cut Off Your Pants At the Waist

No one really enjoys wearing pants in a hot summer but when you must, try to stay away from jeans or pants that cut off at the waist. Depending on how long your legs are, wearing pants that stop at the waist can make you appear even shorter. This does not mean you cannot wear any pair of jeans or trousers that stop at your waist, but you should try to aim for wearing high waisted paints, skirts or shorts. This style will make your legs appear longer and they are very flattering for your curves.

5 Fashion Don’ts For Short Women In The Summer

3. Don’t Think Every Maxi Dress Necessarily Works For You

Maxi dresses are a favorite for many women over the summer. They are easy to put on, very airy for those really hot days and they are usually one size fits all or a simple small, medium, or large style. These dressed are easy to find and can be very flattering, but not every maxi dress looks flattering on a petite woman. Try and stay away from the long maxi dresses. They tend to make you look short by dragging as well as the bottoms of the dress can start to fray if it drags on the ground too long. This is one of the big fashion don’ts for short women in the summer. Do try a maxi dress that ends at around the ankle with either a nice sandal and an empire waist. The empire waist will make you appear with a longer torso as well as you do not have to worry about the fraying of a long dress.

5 Fashion Don’ts For Short Women In The Summer

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4. Don’t Cut Off Your Height With Your Shoes.

Many short women make the mistake of cutting off their height with their shoes. Don’t necessarily think that just because a solid darker color shoe matches your outfit, that you have to wear it. Some special occasions can call for it but instead since it is summer, try nude. On any skin tone nude shoes of any type can help your legs appear longer. Nude is also a great color because it sometimes essentially matches with anything you have on. Play around with it and see what different combinations you can come up with.

5 Fashion Don’ts For Short Women In The Summer

5. Don’t Wear Skirts Below The Knees

The last big helpful tip for short women for the summer: Don’t wear skirts below the knees if you can help it. This is another one of the big fashion don’ts for short women. If you can avoid it, DO! Shorter skirts just at the knee or a little above it can truly lengthen your legs for any occasion. If you want to add some more length think about trying skirts that have movement. They will further elongate your legs and give you the appearance of being much taller.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a petite woman of any size or shape. Love who you are and embrace it. With fashion you can choose to wear whatever you like, but remember that not every fashion style is not made for every person. That is the beauty of being unique. You can find your own style in whatever you want to wear but keep these 5 fashion don’ts for short women in the summer in mind when shopping this summer.

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