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Fashion Depop Sellers You Should Be Checking Out

For those who haven’t heard of Depop, it’s an app you can download on your phone to create a profile to buy and sell clothes. It’s essentially a virtual thrift store. There are countless things you can find on this app, and it’s not only clothes. You can find jewelry, purses, art, collectibles, there’s just so much stuff! Not only is it a place to find vintage clothing items, but you can also earn some extra cash by selling the clothes, or whatever you’re looking to get rid, on this app. It’s super easy to figure out so you can be selling in no time. If you’re sad that the clothing item you were looking forward to purchasing is sold out, check Depop to see if there is one for sale. Oftentimes you’ll be able to find just what you’re looking for with little to no wear. So if you’re looking for a place where you can thrift shop from home, Depop is the way to go. And we’re here to help you out with recommending some fashion Depop sellers that you should check out first!

Tulip Amore

The first Depop seller that we recommend is none other than Tulip Amore. Her aesthetically pleasing profile holds about 1700 followers, so we recommend checking this one out. Her bio reads “I sell vintage/upcycled items” and “I love ALL era & sunshine”, how adorable is that! In her shop you will certainly find pieces from all eras: vests, sweaters, button-down shirts, funky pants, cute jackets, skirts, dresses and more. We love that her shop pops with color, sending positive vibes into your wardrobe by arguing that colorful clothes will make you happier and have you smiling more.

I was able to find a super cute Christmas grandma sweater, the perfect fit low-rise jeans that I actually like (typically I wear ultra high rise jeans), and some other really statement making, but not over the top pieces that I adore. They were a great purchase and affordably priced. There is no better fashion Depop seller to check out before you search Tulip Amore.

Kingdom’s Kloset

There’s a reason why your favorite store is your favorite, because everytime you go in there, you will find something you like. That’s exactly how it is when looking at Kindom’s Kloset Depop page. This Depop page has the most adorable and feminine pieces that could make any woman or man feeling beautiful. We don’t know how she finds them, but every item she has for sale is on our wish list. You can find corset tops, silky dresses, cropped tanks, pretty skirts and dresses. You’ll be scrolling through her profile having to control yourself from adding everything to your cart. The pictures on her profile showing off each item has perfect lighting to show exactly what you’ll be getting. You know how sometimes when you’re shopping online it’s hard to tell the exact shade or texture of the piece, well that will not happen when buying from this Depop shop, we can guarantee it.

With over twenty thousand followers, there’s a reason why so many people love shopping from Kingdom’s Kloset. Avoid high retail prices while still getting nice quality clothes through shopping with Kingdom’s Kloset. Be sure to check this one out, you won’t regret it. And let us know how easily you find something you want to snatch up before someone else does in the comments below.

Meg Hirtzel

Meg Hirtzel has anything and everything in her Depop shop, so when you do check out her shop, be sure to keep scrolling to see all of the super cool things she has for sale. She has swimsuits, crocheted hats, hair clips, earrings, the cutest skirts and crop tops, must-have sunglasses, and plenty more. Shopping on Depop is great because you will often see items that you would never find in stores near you. When I walk through the mall it’s all the same just with a different brand tagged. But with Depop, it feels like you are getting a unique, one-of-a-kind piece that is only meant for your closet. And prices are super affordable so it’s like you are finding treasure. I don’t know about you but I want the hello kitty crop top and the bright orange halter dress. Never in my life would I pick out an orange dress, but this one just looks so fun that I just wish I could wear it for one crazy night out. Check out this Depop shop and your closet will sure transform into one full of stylish pieces.

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Fran Kaminksy

Fran’s Depop shop is on the lesser known side with less than three hundred followers, but don’t let this deter you because you will find some great items on sale in her shop. If you’re looking for jewelry, swimsuits, jeans, tops, dresses, heels or handbags, look nowhere else but Fran’s shop. She’s got it all. With plenty of good reviews from buyers rating her shop with five stars, Fran is sure to deliver with whatever item you are eyeing. Again, this shop has super affordable prices with quality pieces that will up your personal style with these rare finds. I’m eyeing the white slip dress and cow print handbag. I wouldn’t usually look for things like these two but now that I see them in her shop, I want them! Okay, no one take these, I’ve got dibs on them.

In this time with all of the arguments around what the best way to shop for clothes is, it’s hard to find a clear answer. Fast fashion is terrible, but ethical clothing brands are more expensive. Thrift stores are all the rage, but does shopping from these stores take away from the poor who have to shop here? There’s no real clear answer because it seems like every option has a down side to it. With Depop, we like to think of it as a trade. If you post a piece for sale, then we can purchase something. This doesn’t have to be how you use the app, but it seems like a good way to handle the confusion over the best clothing shopping practices.

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