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10 Fashion and Beauty Brands With A Great Message

10 Fashion and Beauty Brands With A Great Message

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Looking for brands that not only have great quality but also have a message you can get behind? The ten brands on this list are all worth the money you’ll spend on them, but what’s even better is that every time you purchase a product from a brand on this list, you are doing your part to support your fellow humans all over the world!

1. Burt’s Bees

Burt’s Bees has tons of skincare and lip products to choose from. 100% of their products are all-natural, and the company uses a method they call “community sourcing” to obtain the ingredients for their products. The Community Sourced method provides jobs for people in small communities by finding and utilizing areas where the company’s most popular ingredients (like beeswax) are already being grown or harvested. But the good doesn’t stop there! Burt’s Bees packages their products using up-cycled plastic to cut down on waste. The brand has also teamed up with Fresh Energy, a Minnesota non-profit, and together the two companies are working to raise awareness and funds, attempting to fulfill their goal to restore a love of nature and community!

10 Fashion and Beauty Brands With A Great Message

2. Love Your Melon

Keep your noggin warm (and stylish) all year round with products from Love Your Melon. This brand started out making beanies with detachable poms in 2012 with a heart-felt mission: help children battling cancer. With every purchase from their site, a child with cancer receives a beanie of their very own – completely free of charge. In addition, 50% of the profit from all the products sold through Love Your Melon goes directly to one of the many non-profits the brand supports. Since their start, LYM has expanded to include products like headbands, scarves, blankets, sweatshirts and many more, so go check out their site and all of their adorable and extremely well-made products!

10 Fashion and Beauty Brands With A Great Message

3. Pacifica

With thousands of products to choose from, Pacifica offers an incredible array of 100%  vegan, cruelty-free products. There are so many, in fact, you probably won’t even know where to start! Pacifica’s products range from hair gummies to mineral setting sprays, to deodorizing wipes, perfumes and their own makeup line. As if being completely vegan and cruelty-free wasn’t enough, Pacifica also has its own recycling program that they have created with the help of Preserve (a company that collects and repurposes recycled items). Send Pacifica an email and they’ll send you a shipping label. Rinse out all your empty product containers and send them off! You’ll feel great about doing your part, and you’ll exponentially decrease the amount of clutter in your house. You’re welcome! Visit Pacifica’s website for more information on their recycling program.

10 Fashion and Beauty Brands With A Great Message

4. Shelly Cove

In 2015, Shelly Cove began selling products with the hope of rehabilitating sick and injured sea turtles. Since its start, Shelly Cove has donated over $100K towards rescuing turtles all over the world and researching methods to keep our little buddies safe. In 202o, Shelly Cove expanded from just t-shirts to eco-friendly products like stainless steel bottles and straws, and reusable totes. On their site, you can even find a Guide To Going Eco, a four-step guide to help you get on the right path towards being a better friend to the environment! With every purchase from this brand, you will receive an adorable sticker and information about a turtle your purchase went towards saving! For those who feel especially attached to these flippered friends, check out the Shelly Cove website for information on the product, how to become an ambassador and career opportunities!

10 Fashion and Beauty Brands With A Great Message

5. Pura Vida

When you shop at Pura Vida,  you are helping to support hundreds of families from countries around the world, struggling to make ends meet. Each bracelet is handmade, which not only makes it unique but also lends a level of personal care and dedication to Pura Vida’s products. In continuing with their determination to give back, the Pura Vida brand launched the Charity Collection. Each bracelet was designed with a specific charity in mind, and a portion of the proceeds from this collection are donated to the appropriate bracelet’s organization. Go to Pura Vida’s website to learn more about their story!

10 Fashion and Beauty Brands With A Great Message

6. 4Ocean

If you are an ocean lover, as well as a lover of adorable jewelry, you NEED to go check out 4Ocean. The 4Ocean brand is hard at work collecting plastic and other trash from our planet’s oceans with the sales from their bracelets, but they don’t just stop there! 4Ocean enlists local workers in their efforts to keep beaches in locations like Haiti and Bali free of garbage, successfully putting money back into the area’s local economy. Each bracelet sports a different color string and charm, representing the different types of marine life you are helping by supporting this brand’s cause. One bracelet is enough to fund the removal of one pound of trash. That’s a purchase you can feel good about!

10 Fashion and Beauty Brands With A Great Message

7. CottonOn

CottonOn is an Australian clothing company that makes a majority of its products out of – you guessed it, cotton! CottonOn has recently begun making an effort to train and employ thousands of Kenyan farmers to productively and efficiently produce cotton and provide jobs and stability to those in need. In addition, CottonOn has made the switch to paper shopping bags in an attempt to drastically lower their carbon footprint! Last but not least, with the launch of the CottonOn Foundation, the company will be spearheading the development of educational facilities in underdeveloped areas like Uganda, South Africa, Thailand and their home base Australia. Check out their site to learn more!

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10 Fashion and Beauty Brands With A Great Message

8. TOMS shoes

Less than a few years ago, you couldn’t go anywhere without seeing someone rocking a pair of TOMS canvas shoes. Now the brand has expanded to include boots, flats, and slippers. What’s so great about TOMS is that every purchase provides a pair of shoes for someone who truly needs them. In addition to their desire to provide every man, woman, and child with a pair of shoes, TOMS has now also begun to pair up with organizations in support of mental health awareness, gun violence prevention, and equal opportunity options. Go to the TOMS website to view their entire product line!

10 Fashion and Beauty Brands With A Great Message

9. Warby Parker

Warby Parker has just stolen our hearts with their “Buy a Pair, Give a Pair” program. So many people of all ages and backgrounds strain themselves every day, trying to work around their struggle to see clearly. Warby Parker works with organizations all over the world, donating a pair of glasses for every pair bought through their company, providing millions with the opportunity to do something we take for granted every day. There are dozens of cute styles to choose from and the prices are super reasonable! Check out Warby Parker’s site for more information on “Buy a Pair, Give a Pair” and take a peek at the incredibly fashionable frames they offer!

10 Fashion and Beauty Brands With A Great Message

10. Garnier Whole Blends

Garnier is a well-trusted name in the haircare business, and their Whole Blends line delivers the same quality and reliability you’ve come to know and love from Garnier. The Whole Blends product line is paraben-free, making it oh-so healthy for your hair, and all thirteen blends are packed with ingredients that smell as good as they perform! Your hair will LITERALLY beg you for more. Whole Blends uses as many locally sourced products as they can, supporting small businesses across the US. Their packaging, in addition to being absolutely adorable, is made out of 30% pre-recycled material. This means, by buying a Whole Blends product, you are doing your part to cut back on the production of plastics and other materials that contribute to the pollution problem we so desperately need a solution for. Hop on the Whole Blends website and find out which blend is right for you!

10 Fashion and Beauty Brands With A Great Message

Did any of your favorite brands make the list? Leave a comment and let us know!

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