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2000s Fashion Aesthetics For The 2020s

2000s Fashion Aesthetics For The 2020s

If the 20-year rule in fashion still rings true, iterations of popular fashion trends of the 2000s will make a comeback in the 2020s. While certain y2k fashion and mid- to late 2000s clothing trends were cringey and then some, it is also important to memorialize and iterate fashion from this decade that makes us nostalgic. Let’s go back in time and revisit the 2000s fashion trends for the 2020s. 

Belly Chains & Anklets

Neglected body jewelry we don’t see as often are belly or waist chains and anklets. Every songstress and sex symbol wore belly chains back in the 2000s, pairing them with low rise jeans and a crop top. It was cute, trendy, and had everyone paying attention to the rest of your outfit. Anklets were also a banging trend that came in a variety of colors and materials worn by everyone. We are slowly starting to see these two accessories make a revival, with celebrities like Kylie Jenner and Bella Hadid sporting them as 2020 fashion. 

2000s Fashion Trends For The 2020s

Low Rise Jeans

Some of us have been haunted by low rise jeans in the past by seeing images we wanted to erase from our minds forever. Despite all the backlash the jean style has gotten from past consumers and fashionistas in the last couple of decades, low rise jeans are creeping its way back as a 2020 fashion trend. This is evident in the many TikTokers and Instagrammers unapologetically rocking them for the world to see. 

Button-up & tie-front cardigans/sweaters with nothing underneath

It was actually actress Salma Hayek who accidentally started this trend in 1999 when she found herself taking a fashion risk with a sweater she had in her closet. She just buttoned a couple buttons, wore nothing underneath, and paired the cardigan sweater with a matching skirt. This became one of Hayek’s iconic looks, permeating into the 2000s as a fashion trend. Today, everyone is wearing this, with designers and fast fashion brands customizing the cardigan sweater to recreate this legendary look.

2000s Fashion Trends For The 2020s


From your flip phone to your favorite pair of jeans, rhinestones were a fashion trend that became the fashion stamp of approval in the 2000s. While it was predominately women who accessorized with rhinestones, men were also a part of the bedazzling culture with rhinestones on sunglasses and belts. Rhinestones will definitely weasel its way as a 2020 fashion trend, considering we’re already seeing it in eye makeup and fashion accessories on the runway. 

Ed Hardy Graphic Tees

There is no denying that the Ed Hardy T-Shirt was a staple clothing item everyone had or at least felt the need to have 20 years ago. The graphic tees designed by the famous tattoo artist were worn by individuals everywhere, with edgy and creative tattoo-inspired imagery that the everyday person could just slip on. There has been a recent resurgence of Ed Hardy graphic tees, and there couldn’t have been more of perfect timing, as we’re dealing with an e-girl fashion aesthetic in our midst. 

2000s Fashion Trends For The 2020s

Tiny Purses

Also known as a mini bag, the tiny purse is already a 2020 fashion trend at the moment, with the bags getting tinier and tinier right before our eyes. The tiny purse trend fits well with this decade as inaccessible, celebrity fashion has become more attainable through DIY tricks and tips and fast fashion. There is no doubt that the tiny purse will be here for a little bit longer, just like it was in the 2000s. 

Velour Tracksuits

The velour tracksuit is stylish, comfortable, and, at this point, super nostalgic. While it might have been overdone with innuendo lettering on the bottoms and being bedazzled or coated in animal print, the simplicity and comfortability of the tracksuit is more the reason to bring it back as a 2020 fashion trend. You can be on the go or at home and this outfit staple won’t be a regret of yours. 

2000s Fashion Trends For The 2020s

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Tiny Heels

In addition to the tiny purse, tiny or kitty heels will sure to make an appearance in our current decade. Considering the 2010s has seen its time of a variety of platform shoes, 2020 fashion will introduce toned down footwear for all. And the tiny heel from the 2000s might be a start. It will also be great for people who want to have a little elevation and fit in with the times.


A good halter top can make any simple outfit look stylish. Throughout the 2000s, halterneck styled clothing was a common fashion aesthetic. They took over tops, dresses, and even swimsuits. This trend is also really cute with knitted fabrics and cashmere, making halternecks versatile for cold and warm days. 2020 fashion is beginning to see halterneck clothing once again, so let’s hope it’s here to stay!

2000s Fashion Trends For The 2020s


According to Harper’s Bizarre, headbands are predicted to overthrow hair clips, becoming the new hair and headwear accessory of the 2020s. Not only are headbands reminiscent of the 2000s fashion, but they will appropriately match other 2000 inspired accessories that go along with it, such as the tiny purse. Whether it’s a scarfed headband or padded headbands, the version and design of this trend should be interesting in the several years to come. 


Whether it’s a sheer mesh or mesh netting, there is something edgy and sexy about this material–clothing we witnessed people fashioning time and time again in the 2000s. Mesh netting was popularly worn by artists like Avril Lavigne, who was often seen in mesh sleeves and tights. Today, we are seeing a lot more people wearing mesh netting tights and even tops. Sheer mesh has made its way in fast fashion too, with clothing lines like SHEIN selling sheer tops worn by Instagrammers for under $10. 

2000s Fashion Trends For The 2020s

While we might see some of these clothing articles and fashion accessories soon, other ways you can cop these trends is by buying and thrifting vintage. What 2000s fashion do you think should come back to the 2020s, and which ones should forever stay in the past? Let us know in the comments below!
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