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Fashion Aesthetic Tips You Should Try Based On Your Rising Sign

Fashion Aesthetic Tips You Should Try Based On Your Rising Sign

Finding your true fashion aesthetic in all facets of your life has become a new life’s mission. From our skincare routine to our fashion choices, we always want to look our best by experimenting with the latest trends we see via social media. In Western astrology, the answer in finding your true fashion aesthetic lies in your rising sign. Also known as the ascendant, the rising sign in your natal birth chart is how others see you, sort of like the mask you wear and how you present yourself to the world. Ultimately, this sign gives us an idea of what you look like, specifically when it comes to your visual and physical attractiveness.

Lucky for you, this article outlines 2 fashion aesthetics you should definitely try based on your rising sign! In order to find out what your ascendant or rising sign is, you must know the time you were born and where you were born. To find this, check out the Astrolabe site to calculate your full natal chart. If you don’t know either the location or time of your birth, you can just use your star sign because that is rooted in your personality, and trying fashion aesthetics should also feel like you. Let’s get started!

Aries Rising: Leather Jackets and Short Hair

People who are Aries rising appear to be tough and almost always go after what they want. This admirable trait can be mimicked in their wardrobe by sporting a good quality leather jacket. This fashion aesthetic is worn by all genders and is timeless, giving Aries that on the go, rugged look.

It goes without saying that people who have their ascendant in the sign Aries exude masculine energy about their faces. From an amazing jawline to thick brows, short hair will do an Aries rising so much justice by bringing out these beautiful features. It can be a pixie cut, a buzzcut with designs, or a faux hawk. All that matters is that you’ll look your best with a cropped hairdo as a crown, leaving everyone in awe!

2 Fashion Aesthetic Tips You Should Try Based On Your Rising Sign

Taurus Rising: Layered Necklaces and Turtlenecks

Taurian qualities are ruled by Venus–the goddess of love–giving off a feminine vibe to people. Taurus risings are natural beauties with exquisite necklines, which is why layered necklaces are sure to grab anyone’s attention. This fashion aesthetic can be difficult to master, but a Taurus rising truly has the magic touch with this accessory by making a lot of pendants around the neck look classy and natural.

When it’s cold out and you still want to look elegant and cozy, a turtleneck is a way to go, especially as a Taurus ascendant. A safe and smart way to show off your asset, a simple turtleneck will remind people why they think you’re alluring the next time they see you. Turtlenecks will also hug your body, a definite plus because every Taurus rising individual has a goddess-like figure–a figure that comes in every shape and size!

2 Fashion Aesthetic Tips You Should Try Based On Your Rising Sign

Gemini Rising: Designer Logos and Bold Nail Art

Gemini risings come off as ” I can do this and that” type of people. And they’re not wrong. Due to this, Gemini risings can do the most when it comes to their fashion aesthetic. Excessively sporting designer brands like Chanel or Fendi wouldn’t look pretentious or too flashy for Gemini risings. Whether it’s a phone case or a whole fit, they will look chic drowning in Louis Vuitton, so don’t sleep on the logomania trend.

A fashion tip for Gemini rising is to try the latest nail art trends, especially those that stand out. You can do acrylics or dip powder, solid colors or designs, etc. The endless options mirror a true Gemini rising’s fashion interests and needs. It’s also important to know that Gemini, as a sign, rules the hands, so drawing attention to your hands by rocking nail art is a great route for developing your fashion style.

2 Fashion Aesthetic Tips You Should Try Based On Your Rising Sign

Cancer Rising: Cashmere Sweaters and Mom Jeans

Cancer risings should be all about the feels when it comes to their wardrobe. A water sign, Cancers are about their emotions and comfortability, which is why a good cashmere sweater will keep them warm and physically reassured by the softness of the fabric. Cancer risings are also associated with having great chests, and we all know a good sweater can make your breasts look good!

Anyone with a Cancer ascendant placement appears to be maternal and take care of their loved ones. They’re probably the mom friend of the group. Due to this, mom jeans are a match made in heaven for Cancer risings! You can literally wear these pants in your friendships. This fashion aesthetic piece is comfortable, cute, and trendy.

2 Fashion Aesthetic Tips You Should Try Based On Your Rising Sign

Leo Rising: Gold Jewelry and Dramatic Cat Eye Look

Leo risings constantly appear to be making boss moves anywhere they go; this is first nature for Leos, seeing that they are the king of the jungle. For this reason, dripping in gold jewelry would only be appropriate as they rightfully sit on their throne as royalty. It can be gold rings or even gold grillz. Just know that this fashion aesthetic has always called your name, so stay fierce!

Now, as king of the jungle, it is necessary to keep up with visual appearances by accentuating your eyes by doing a dramatic cat-eye look. While this look may be too much for some people, that can’t be more wrong for Leo risings. They can rock this look going to a kid’s picnic or the grocery store and it would still be so fitting. There are so many iterations of this eye look as of late, so feel free to try them all out!

2 Fashion Aesthetic Tips You Should Try Based On Your Rising Sign

Virgo Rising: A Basic White Tee and The French Girl Aesthetic

The mantra for Virgo energy is definitely less is more. Minimalism goes a long way for a Virgo rising with the world eying their ability to make something simple desirable. Just wearing a basic white tee will have people turning their heads and asking you where you got it from. Copping this look will turn your talent of minimalism into your new fashion aesthetic.

The “French Girl” aesthetic is a popular style trend that focuses on your “natural” beauty and classic clothing that lasts a lifetime. While this look has caused some controversy and is subjective to what is considered beautiful and natural, one thing we can gather from this aesthetic is that wearing simple clothing and being yourself will go a long way. So wear what you think is timeless and natural and kill it out there!

2 Fashion Aesthetic Tips You Should Try Based On Your Rising Sign

Libra Rising: All Things Nude and Heels

Similar to Taurus, Libra is ruled by Venus, so this rising sign deals with elegance as well. Libra energy is connected with the skin, the body’s largest organ. Libra risings tend to have beautiful skin, which is why it’s essential to venture into skin-like makeup products and nude clothing if you have this placement. As a fashion aesthetic, you will most likely notice the incredible upgrade in your newfound style.

Additionally, the sign of Libra is associated with the butt, so a nice pair of heels will give you a little lift and do wonders in highlighting this asset. If you’ve never worn heels or don’t plan on wearing regular heels, you can always start small as well by trying on chunky heels or platform sneakers. Either way, an exquisite heel was definitely made for you!

2 Fashion Aesthetic Tips You Should Try Based On Your Rising Sign

Scorpio Rising: Maddy Perez Inspired Eye Makeup and Lingerie Fabric

First of all black, second of all shiny. Scorpio risings have an intimidating, yet mysterious and sexy look to them that grants them the ability to get away with dark colors. However, they are also a water sign, so incorporating shimmery things pairs well with sable tones. Euphoria’s Alexa Demie’s eye makeup looks as Maddy Perez perfectly, at times, displays the inner workings of a Scorpio and the exact eye looks Scorpio risings need to try. This is the fashion aesthetic of our time so don’t miss out!

Considering they have a natural sex appeal, it’s paramount that a Scorpio rising wears an item of clothing made from typical lingerie pieces. This includes lace, silk, or satin. You’ll look irresistible, trust me!

2 Fashion Aesthetic Tips You Should Try Based On Your Rising Sign

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Sagittarius Rising: High Waisted Bottoms and Fanny Packs

There is no doubt that having your ascendant placement in Sagittarius means you’re thick in the thigh and thick in the waist–word to Doja. Now, you might not be super curvy, but since these are areas ruled by Sagittarius, there’s a high chance that these are places on your body you or someone else loves about you. A good way to show off these areas is to wear high waisted bottoms. You’ll be vibing and obsessed with how you look!

Another resourceful and fashionable way to show off your waist is by wearing a fanny pack. They’re cute, stylish, and convenient. You can also find red or orange-colored fanny packs that go with the Sagittarius element of fire. This will be a hot look on you, no pun intended.

2 Fashion Aesthetic Tips You Should Try Based On Your Rising Sign

Capricorn Rising: Tight Black Fits and Dark Brown Hair

Capricorns work hard in anything they do. For most, owning anything black results in white dust by the end of the day. Capricorn risings, however, know how to take care of these pieces of clothing as they understand how much of a staple the color is and work hard to keep it clean. Also, the tighter, the better. Capricorns rule the skeletal system, so showing some clavicle in a black outfit or wearing a black watch to highlight your wrists might make us swoon.

It is important to note that Capricorn is an earth sign. They tend to have earthy features, such as brown eyes and brown hair. While they might not be natural brunettes, I firmly believe a Capricorn rising should dye their hair dark brown if they have never done so before! Dying your hair this color might make more sense to the fashion aesthetic you should go for.

2 Fashion Aesthetic Tips You Should Try Based On Your Rising Sign

Aquarius Rising: Tiny Sunglasses and Shiny Anklets

Aquarians are very creatures and are a whole vibe when you meet them. Sometimes, though, they can be nervous and feel misunderstood, which is why Aquarius risings were made for tiny sunglasses. Let me explain. Because this placement appears worried but free-spirited, having these trendy shades will have people focused on how fun they are and the uniqueness they emit to the world.

This sign also rules ankles and the resurgence of anklets is a wave that Aquarius risings need to be the face of! This fashion aesthetic item is super underrated, which is why Aquarius risings need to check this fashion tip out. They can make something unique always stand out!

2 Fashion Aesthetic Tips You Should Try Based On Your Rising Sign

Pisces Rising: Dad Shoes and Oversized, Graphic Tees

A Pisces rising appears to be very young, even at old age. Pisces are imaginative and romantic, so it’s not far off to believe they have youthful traits for a lifetime. A trend amongst Gen Z and Millenials right now are oversized, graphic tees. This fashion aesthetic is perfect for Pisces rising as the water sign looks youthful and comfortable and your clothes should always feel comfortable if you’re a water sign.

As harsh as this sounds, no one wants to look like an actual dad when they wear dad shoes. Sorry dad. Dad shoes are chunky tennis shoes that are basically cool because they’re ugly. Pisces rules the feet, so this is a current trend Pisces risings need to hop on and shoes they need to hop into.

2 Fashion Aesthetic Tips You Should Try Based On Your Rising Sign

What fashion aesthetic based on your rising sign will you try? Tell us by commenting below!

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