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10 Fascinating Skills That Are Worth Learning In Your Lifetime

10 Fascinating Skills That Are Worth Learning In Your Lifetime

These are some of the fascinating skills that you should take on in your lifetime. Whether it is learning an instrument or doing meditation...

If you’ve ever sat back and watched other people with super amazing, out-of-the-ordinary skills, you may have looked at your own skills (or lack thereof) and regretted not having learned more at an earlier ae. Now that you’re an adult, you may think it’s too late for you to learn any new skills. Don’t let yourself believe that lie, though. As long as you are alive on this earth, it’s never too late to learn a new skill. If you have no idea where to begin, I’ve got ten fascinating skills you should consider learning.

1. Ventriloquism

Okay, so maybe you think this looks a little bizarre, but you have to admit that there’s something extraordinary about this skill. Really, how many people do you know that can talk without moving their lips? It’s not an inherent skill. Speaking without moving your lips is beyond unnatural and very difficult, especially for the sounds that you have to move your lips for. But this skill is a very personal accomplishment that will bring so much joy to people around you. Just remember after you’ve learned this craft to not pick a freaky-looking puppet to throw your voice with. Many little kids will be indebted to you. These are some of the fascinating skills that you should take on in your lifetime.

2. Ukulele

Ever wished that you played an instrument but never had formal lessons? Then I have good news: the ukulele is the perfect instrument for you. This small instrument is inexpensive, small, and easy to learn. The chords and strumming patterns are uncomplicated, and you can teach yourself on YouTube and the many ukulele websites out there.


3. Photography

Everyone wants to take good photos to remember special moments. But not a lot of people know how to take exceptionally good photos. Improve your photography skills and learn how to use proper lighting, composition, and editing techniques to capture those memorable moments in your life. These are some of the fascinating skills that you should take on in your lifetime.

4. Quilting

Quilting is an impressive craft that shouldn’t be left to die somewhere in the nineteenth century. You may shirk back from anything harder than sewing a button on a shirt, but if you commit yourself to this, I guarantee that you will get the hang of following a pattern in no time. Just remember when you quilt to always keep the end result in mind so you don’t quit halfway.

5. Horseback riding

You could be the most city person that you know—but maybe you’ve always had this desire in the back of your mind to ride horses. You don’t have to live on a farm to learn this skill, and once you learn, you can do so much from professional racing to farm shows to rodeos.


6. Stargazing

There’s so much more to stargazing than just staring at the sky. Did you ever think about educating yourself on the constellations and the unique stories behind each one of them? If you’ve ever known someone who could look at the night sky and tell you what and where each constellation is, then you know it’s an amazing talent. Not only will you become well-versed in astronomy, but you will also become an adept storyteller.

7. Carpentry

This craft has no limits to what you can do. With so much fabricated wood construction out there, quality handmade woodwork is in much demand. Try your hand at small crafts and continue to explore this skill the more you grow in your abilities.

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8. Figure skating

There are three different types of skaters: those who can’t, those who can, and those who take your breath away. Figure skating is as much of a dance as anything you might see in a ballroom, but is also an intense sport that is not for the faint of heart. With many hours of practice, you will learn coordination and gracefulness.

9. Meditation

I know the image that just came to your head: someone sitting by the water striking a yoga pose. If this is all about the way someone relaxes, why would I classify this as a skill at you should learn? Because intentional thinking is valuable, and it is not as easy to learn as you may think. It takes discipline and self-control to purposefully guide your thoughts and quiet your mind. But once you learn to navigate your thoughts, I guarantee you will be more relaxed—and that is much more difficult than just stressing yourself out.

10. Chalk Art

I’m not talking about stick figures on the sidewalk. I’m talking about 3D portraits that look like there’s a whole other world beneath your feet. Like any kind of art, chalk art takes dedication and patience to become a master. But if you dedicate yourself to this fascinating craft long enough, you just might be able to produce equally stunning artwork one day.


With one or two of these fascinating skills under your belt, you are sure to enrich your life and the lives of those around you.  That is the most important thing to always keep in mind: no skill—no matter how stunning—is worth anything if you keep it to yourself.

Which of these fascinating skills are you going to learn? Let us know below.

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