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10 Fantastic Themes For Your Next Birthday Party

10 Fantastic Themes For Your Next Birthday Party

Birthdays, who doesn’t love birthdays? Birthdays are a special time in people’s lives. It is a time to celebrate you becoming one year older – everything you’ve achieved in the year past and what the future has in store for you – with your family and friends. 

Birthdays are a great time! People often either celebrate their birthday by having dinner at home or out, going out to a bar or club, or by having a party. No matter whether you are turning 21, 25, 37, 50 or 79, a party is called for!! The only thing stopping you is … you (and money). 

However, a birthday party can either be with 5 people to 100 people. If you decide to have a birthday party, why not decide for it to be themed? Here are 10 fantastic themes, they are fantastic ideas for your next party. Who doesn’t love a themed birthday? It is perfect for your next birthday dinner party or your next raging birthday party! 


1. Winter Wonderland

A winter wonderland – what a magical place it would be. Let everyone wear their coolest winter clothes, from ski masks to ski suits, groovy jumpers and funky scarves. You can pair the winter wonderland theme with delicious winter foods. Foods that come to mind including snow cones, decadent chocolate desserts, mulled wine, hot chocolate and soup. An idea for decorations includes fake snow! A winter wonderland theme will make you feel like you’re in a magical winter’s paradise!

2. Circus

If you’re wanting to have a bigger party – why not go circus-themed? Get your loved ones to dress in wacky circus attire. They could be the ringmaster, scary clowns or cute and fun clowns. Pair the dress up with circus-inspired food, you can be as creative as possible. One food you have to include though is popcorn!


3. The Decades – 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, 00’s

Are you an 80’s baby or a 90’s baby? Maybe a 70’s baby? A great theme for lots of friends is a decade themed birthday. Celebrate the era you were born in. Having a decades birthday is the best because you can celebrate the music of that decade! Each decade has some of the best hits, perfect for singing along. Celebrating the decades also provides you with the best clothing options!

Let’s say you want to celebrate the 80’s. The ’80s is the era of bright colours, leg warmers and ‘Let’s get physical’! Wouldn’t it be great and funny to see your friends dress up in leotards outside of your leggings? Bright colours? What about the frizzy or crimped hair too?


4. Farm

For your next party – why not invite all your friends to a farm? It is a fun theme. Get all your friends to put on some cowboy boots, a cowboy hat and your best flannel shirt. An added bonus: having your party at a farm allows your music to be as loud as you want to for as long as you want! Have the longest and loudest party ever! One thing you can teach all your guests – how to do the hoedown.

5. Mexico

Country themed parties are perfect for a dinner party but also a bigger party. You can ask your invites to dress up in their best Mexican attire (if you can think of any)! To pair with the clothing choices/theme – a country-themed party also calls for their national foods. For a Mexico themed party – have a taco night, burrito night, nachos as the entrée and serve margaritas as the celebratory drink!

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6. Asia

Just like country themed parties, Asia is another theme you could do. Who doesn’t love Asia? An ‘Asia’ themed birthday is perfect to have all your favourite foods from Asia. Sushi to represent Japan, dumpling to represent China, fried noodles to represent Malaysia, fried rice, spring rolls and more. The choices are endless! If you want to, you can also ask people to dress up with an element of Asia!

7. Beach

When you think of a beach, you think of warm weather and relaxation. Now, take all those feelings into a beach-themed party! There are many choices on where to host the party – at the beach or maybe at home. You could bring sand from the beach to your party. It might become a bit of a mess, but that is something to deal with after the party. Ask your friends to come wearing beachwear and sunglasses. Serve food with an umbrella and a tropical feel!


8. Garden 

A garden party is a good theme for a child’s birthday, but it is even better for teenagers and adults. It is quite a sophisticated theme. Hosting a garden birthday allows your friend to dress in their best attire – casual suits and beautiful summer dresses. Garden parties give a magical and inspiring atmosphere. The greenery provides a fresh and positive feeling to a birthday.

9. Hawaii

Just like the other country themes on this list, Hawaii is also another country for a great theme. It is the best theme for dress-ups – floral Hawaiian shirts, coconut bras and grass skirts. If you choose to go with a Hawaiian theme and wan to include food – poke bowls and snow cones are some ideas.


10. Board Games 

It may not be a theme that comes straight to mind when you think of a birthday party theme, but board games are the perfect theme when you want to have a quiet party. You can either provide a selection of board games for your guests to play or ask everyone to bring their own board game. Connect 4, Trivia Pursuit, Monopoly, Cluedo, UNO – there are so many board games to choose from. You can even create your own drinking game to go with the board game!

Birthdays are such a magical time and it is a time for a massive celebration! Are you trying to think of the best theme for your next birthday party? Hopefully, this list provides you with one or gives you some inspiration for your theme. Have you recently had a birthday and had a great theme? Share with us in the comments below!

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