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15 Fantastic Summer Curls Looks To Show Off Your Waves

15 Fantastic Summer Curls Looks To Show Off Your Waves

Finding different hairstyles to do with your natural curls or waves can be difficult sometimes, especially in the summer when things are heating up. Don’t worry, we have the perfect list for you to give you all the hair inspiration you need for the summer season!

1. Half Up Half Down Space Buns

This is an easy way to show off your Summer Curls and also show your fun and wild side! It’s something simple but it still adds a little twist. It’s also something that you can easily do in under five minutes and it still looks very put together. 

This is the perfect hairstyle when you’re doing something casual, maybe a late-night bonfire with friends or brunch. It’s cute, fun, and puts your curls on display!


2. Low Ponytail 

This is another hairstyle that’s easy to do in a few minutes and it’s absolutely gorgeous! A low ponytail is perfect for any occasion. This hairstyle will take you from a casual outing with your friends and family to a party at night. 

A low ponytail also puts your Summer Curls on display perfectly because the entire bottom half of your hair is out for everyone to see!


3. Tousled Beach Waves

This is a summer staple and super easy to achieve for a girl who already has hair texture that is on the wavy side. In order to achieve this Summer Curls look you’re going to want to focus on the products, you’re putting in the hair to give it that tousled look. 

One of the best ways to achieve a tousled look is to put in a texturizing spray or a sea salt spray. This gives the hair a natural messy texture and also helps define your curls. 


4. Natural

There’s no better way to put your Summer Curls on display than just going all-natural and rocking what you got! All hair is beautiful and if you have naturally curly hair you should flaunt it! 


5. Tucked Front Pieces 

One of the simplest and cutest hairstyles to have your Summer Curls on display is to tuck your crown pieces behind your ears and clip them with barrettes. This is a quick and easy look to do and it’ll look slicker and put together.

You can achieve this look in under two minutes and it gives you the appearance that you spent a lot more time on your hair. 


6. Cute Cornrow

If you love to rock your natural curls but you want to add a stylish flair then this is the perfect Summer Curls look for you! Adding one or two braids or cornrows to the side of your head screams summer! It’s cute and flirty, and the majority of your curls will still be on display!

7. 2000’s Chic

This Summer Curls look is perfect for the Y2K trend that has taken over beauty and fashion recently! If you love the trends of the early 2000’s and that’s your current aesthetic then you’ll love this look and you should definitely try it out. 


To achieve the look all you need is small plastic rubber bands. If you want to be extra spunky then you can buy colored ones and use a different color for every tie you do. But all you want to do is pull back the two front pieces of your hair and tie them back two or three times. Then just fluff out the top and you’re done!

8. Braided Front Pieces

If you’re looking for a quick and easy Summer Curls hairstyle that gives off a beachy summer vibe then this is the one for you! We think this one is pretty self-explanatory but you can costuming it however you want. 


The front braids add a super bohemian flair to your natural curls and waves.

9. Messy Bun

If you’re on the go or you just want your hair out of your face, then this is the Summer Curls look for you. Especially on days where it’s windy, you aren’t going to always want your hair flying around so this is the simple solution; put it up. 


A messy bun still keeps your hair up and out of the way while still having your curls on display. You can play with it and pull some strands out to make it the perfect look for you.

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10. Add Some Fun Jewelry

If you want to be super playful you can add some fun clips and jewels in your hair to give your hair a fun pop! We think this is so chic and could be one of the next new hair trends this year so if you want to be a trendsetter you can start doing this before everyone else does! 

The fun thing about this is that you can add any fun accessories in your hair that you like and costuming it to whatever you like. If you want to keep it classic and chic we think the pearls shown below are the perfect way to elevate your style!


11. Braided Half Up Half Down

If you’re looking for the perfect way to be fun and flirty with your summer curls then this is the look for you! This one might take a little bit more time to do so plan ahead, but it’ll be so worth it in the end! If you’re planning to hit the clubs or even just a party this is definitely a style you should consider. 

12. Half Up Half Down With A Bun

If you want your hair to be up and out of the way but you still want to wear your hair down then this sis the perfect Summer Curls style for you! You get all your front pieces away and out of your face but you still. have all your curls on display in the back!


13. Classic Bun

If the messy bun is too messy for you then just putting your curls in a classic and neat bun still works just the same! Just twist it up and go! 


14. Two Front Twists Into Half Up Half Down 

This is a. pretty and elegant style to do during the summer. All you have to do is grab the two front sections of your hair, twist them back, and pin them down. If you want to get extra with it you can even put the twists in a bun like the photo below.

15. Low Bun With Side Twist

Keeping on the twist trend, we think this bun is cute and elegant. Put your hair in a side part and then get the front section and twist all the way to the back. Then just get the rest of the hair and make a bun in the back and you’re done! Effortlessly classy!


Which summer curls hairstyle is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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