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Fantastic French Fry Recipes That Everyone Should Know About

Fantastic French Fry Recipes That Everyone Should Know About

Prepare to enjoy a night filled with classic dishes with one of the best American delicacies: french fries! French fries can be served in so many ways that will delight both your heart and your taste buds. You just have to know how and what to make out of them. Go the extra mile with the best french fry recipes that will please your hunger cravings in more ways than one. Check out this list of fantastic french fry recipes that will make you happy a million times over!

Carne Asada Fries

Turn your snack serving of french fries into a full-blown meal with an incredible dish of Carne asada fries! The fries are handmade out of russet potatoes and seasoned with paprika, garlic powder, salt, and coated in olive oil to bake. Then a steak will be marinated in orange juice, salt, pepper, chili powder, oregano, garlic, cilantro, and lime juice to create a perfect blend of flavor and tanginess. The steak will be cooked until it’s done and then chopped into tiny pieces to top off on the finished fries along with some Monterrey Jack cheese. It’ll broil for ten minutes and then have some sour cream, guacamole, grated cotija cheese, and diced tomatoes to add a delicious finishing touch. Garnish this dish with some basil and this meal will be the best serving of fries you will ever try!

Fantastic French Fry Recipes That Everyone Should Know About

Hot Cheeto Fries

For all of you Cheeto lovers out there, these hot Cheeto french fries will be a dish that you’ll want to try more than anything. Some flank steak will be cut into fajita sized pieces and mixed in with some lime juice, salt, and taco seasoning and then marinated for half an hour. The steak will be cooked in a pan until finished while french fries will be baked in the oven. Some avocado will be mixed with some lime juice and salt to give it a strong, zesty taste to top off on your fries. Some condensed cheddar cheese sauce will be topped on the fries and the steak for some cheesy effect along with the guacamole, steak, hot Cheetos, and sour cream to create the best loaded french fry dish ever. These hot Cheeto fries are the ultimate dish that will please your appetite and leave you filled with positive thoughts!

Fantastic French Fry Recipes That Everyone Should Know About

Mediterranean Loaded French Fry Salad

Most people enjoy an occasional salad here and there, but what’s one thing that can make a salad go from bland to better? The Mediterranean loaded french fry salad, and it will do just the trick to please your taste buds! The fries will be handmade from russet potatoes, and a creamy yogurt sauce that’s mixed with some lemon juice, parsley, dill, garlic, and salt to provide the sauce with a tangy, zesty, robust taste. The potato fries will be deep-fried until they’re golden brown and then topped off with some chickpeas, cucumbers, lettuce, tomato, red onion, and feta. Add some lettuce with a little bit of extra lettuce on top and this french fry recipe will become a favorite to chow down on all of the time!

Fantastic French Fry Recipes That Everyone Should Know About

BBQ Pulled Pork Fries

One of the best combinations of french fry recipes that can always delight someone’s stomach are french fries with some pulled pork, and these BBQ pulled pork fries are the prime example of that! A pork shoulder will be coated in BBQ sauce and baked for two hours. Fries will be made out of some russet potatoes and baked for at least 45 minutes. Once both dishes are done, the pork will be cut into shreds and coated in even more BBQ sauce and then topped on top of the golden brown french fries. The dish will be topped off with some red onion, shredded cheddar cheese, pepper jack cheese, and some scallions and then repeated until the frying pan is full. It’ll be baked again for another 15 minutes and then it’ll be ready to serve. These delectable and scrumptious loaded french fries will look too good to eat, but will be worth every bite!

Fantastic French Fry Recipes That Everyone Should Know About

Garlic Parmesan Baked Carrot Fries

Add some extra nutrients into your meal plan while still getting the taste of classic fries with some garlic Parmesan baked carrot fries! Instead of using russet potatoes (or store-bought french fries), the “fries” will be made out of carrots! The carrots will be cut up into your average sized french fries and mixed with some olive oil, parmesan cheese, garlic powder, and salt and pepper. Greek yogurt will be served as a dipping sauce and mixed with some pepper, lemon juice, and garlic salt to substitute for a healthier option of dipping sauce for this nutritious meal. Dip your carrot fries into this creamy, delectable sauce and you’ll be relishing in every bite of this piquant and yummy dish!

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Fantastic French Fry Recipes That Everyone Should Know About

S’more Funnel Cake Fries

If you think you’ve seen it all with what you can do with french fries, then this next french fry recipe will prove you wrong. Go all out and get the best serving of fries you’ve ever tasted with these s’more funnel cake fries! The funnel cake will be made with the contents of some flour, sugar, baking powder, salt, milk, and three eggs. The batter will be poured into a deep fryer one string at a time until the funnel fries are golden brown and crispy. Then the fries will be placed in a frying pan and topped off with some marshmallows and some chocolate chips and then broiled from 2-3 minutes to create a golden brown s’more finish. The sweetness and chocolatey taste will be too much to pass up on this amazing, decadent treat and will be a dish that you will fall in love with!

Fantastic French Fry Recipes That Everyone Should Know About

The versatility and combinations of recipes that you can create with french fries are endless, and now you can have some more of them from this list. All of these fantastic french fry recipes will make your taste buds explode so much that you’ll never want to eat average french fries again!

Which one of these french fry recipes would you try? Are there any other recipes for french fries that you suggest? Please leave your comments and thoughts below!

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