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20 Fantastic Dorm Decor Ideas For The Fall Season

One of the best ways to get into the fall season spirit is by decorating your dorm! There are so many different decor ideas that will surely inspire you to transform your room into the ultimate fall room on campus. Also, who doesn’t love celebrating the fall season! Here are all the fall dorm decor ideas you need to know!

1) Pumpkin Pillow

Can’t have a real pumpkin in your dorm room? Well, there are so many adorable orange pumpkin pillows that will get your dorm room into the fall spirit! One way you can spice up your dorm for the fall is by changing out your bedding to match!


2) Fall Blanket

Going along with the theme of changing your bedding to fit the fall aesthetic, having a fall-themed blanket is another fall dorm decor idea that is absolutely adorable (and cozy)! Make sure that your fall-themed blanket matches the pillows and the rest of the bedding. You really can’t go wrong with adding another comfy blanket in your dorm room anyway. 

3) Fall Leaf Lights

To get even the classic dorm twinkle lights in the fall spirit, add a few string leaf banners in the mix. This adds a totally new feel to your dorm room and introduces a bunch of beautiful autumn colors in your dorm room color pallet.


4) Fall Themed Snacks

Let’s face it, dorm rooms are very small and sometimes even your snacks are on display. Well, you can get your snacks in the fall spirit and use the snacks as a dorm decor idea! Apple cider donuts? Hot cocoa? Carmel popcorn? Display them as part of your fall vibes!

5) Candles/ Scents

For the college students that are allowed to keep candles in their dorm rooms, definitely capitalize on the fall scented candles. If you are not comfortable or allowed to have candles in your dorm room, then air-fresheners and wood wicks are a great second option to getting your dorm room smelling like fall!

6) Mini Pumpkins

These baby pumpkins are adorable and can become really good fall dorm decor. Place these mini pumpkins on your window cell or on your disk to really get into the spooky spirit! 

7) Desk Decor

Adding string autumn leaves around your desk area is a fabulous fall dorm decor idea that you must do. It is one of the simplest ways that you can decorate for fall in your dorm!

8) Fall Signs

Grab your command hooks and hang up your fall signs! This fall dorm decor idea is so cute! It is also recommended that you can put a fall sign on your dorm door. This is very inviting and is a fun way to get your dorm hall in the fall spirit. 

9) Fall Trinkets

You can find small fall trinkets at most targets or online and they are so cute to place around your dorm room to decorate for the fall. Place these on your desk, bookshelf, or windowsill!


10) Coffee Mugs

Okay, all you coffee addicts! This one is for you! Add a few fall-themed coffee mugs to your lift of fall dorm decor ideas because they are simply a must! Plus, you can all carry around the fall spirit with you to the library and your classes. 

11) Fall Themed Pillows

Our favorite fall-themed pillow is the spooky ghost pillow! But, there are so many other fall-themed pillows that you can choose from! Note that even if you just wth out some of your pillows to more fall-themed colors, then you are good to go!

12) Dorm Door Mat

Having a dorm doormat has recently become extremely popular. Why not add a little dorm door mat flare by also having it go along with your fall decor! It is great because it keeps the mud out of your dorm room but also is a very cute and welcoming sign. 

13) Halloween Flower Bucket

This is a cute and easy fall dorm decor idea that you can’t pass up. During the fall season, use a pumpkin bucket to hold beautiful fall-colored flowers! 

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14) Fall Banners

String fall banners over your bed and by your windows to show you dedication to the fall theme in your dorm! There are so many different kinds of banners that you can choose from to match your unique fall dorm decor idea!

15) Candy Bucket

This one is probably the most popular when it comes to friends visiting your room a little more often. Fill a candy bucket and have it in your room to share with visitors and friends! Candy corn and candy pumpkins are a fan favorite.

16) Ghost Tassel Garland

This is a crafty and cute fall dorm decor idea that you must try. Tassel garlands are so trendy anyways in the dorm life, so why not make them spooky? 

17) Fall Message Board

Every dorm room needs to have a message board. Don’t forget to change your message board quote to match your fall dorm decor theme!

18) Carved Pumpkin

When it’s close to Halloween, a fun activity to do is carving pumpkins with your dorm floor! In the meantime, keep your pumpkin in your room as decoration and then set your carved pumpkins outside of your dorm! (Warning that they will probably get smashed, but it’s the thought that counts)

19) Fall Soap/ Lotion

By your sink or desk, keep some fall-themed lotion! It also is a trick to keep your room smelling like a treat.

20) Fall Cookies

Okay, if you’re not baking these in your dorm kitchen, then you HAVE to! This deserves to be a fall decor idea because a room is not complete in the fall without them ready to eat along with other fall treats! This completes the dorm decor aesthetic. 

These fall dorm decor ideas are just scratching the surface of all that you can do for the fall season. What are some of your fall favorites? Let us know in the comments!

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