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10 Famous Crimes We Like To See Get The Lifetime Movie Makeover

10 Famous Crimes We Like To See Get The Lifetime Movie Makeover

I am obsessed with two things, true crime, and Lifetime so I thought what would be better than to combine my two loves, and make a list of 10 famous crimes I would love to see get a Lifetime movie makeover. I tried to shy away from crimes you have all heard of, and have been beaten to death as the topics of many movies, and TV shows, sorry OJ. But just because you may not know these true crimes, doesn’t mean they are any less juicy, and honestly more perfect for a Lifetime movie makeover.

1. The Amazing Survival Story Of Michelle Knight, Amanda Berry, and Gina DeJesus

Although a hard story to get through, it is an important one to tell with a happy ending. On May 6, 2013 Michelle Knight, Amanda Berry, and Gina DeJesus were rescued after being held captive by Ariel Castro for almost a decade. Castro was just an acquaintance’s father, but by the time the girls realized the true monster he was, it was too late. Castro not only kidnapped the three Cleveland women, but brutally tortured, and sexually assaulted them for years. Though heart breaking, Knight, Berry, and DeJesus’s story is one of hope in the face of a horrific adversary.

2. The Abduction Of Jayme Closs

13 year old Jayme Closs was just getting on her school bus, when 21 year old Jake Patterson drove by, and saw Jayme. It was at that very moment Patterson terrifyingly decided he wanted her. Patterson stalked Jayme, and then on October 15th, 2018, after brutally murdering her parents, James and Denise Closs, Patterson abducted Jayme from her home. But Jayme is a fighter, and thankfully, after being held for 87 days, Jayme used her wits, and strength to escape Patterson. Who is now rotting in prison for the rest of his life.


10 Famous Crimes We Like To See Get The Lifetime Movie Makeover

3. The Mysterious Murder Of Katrina Holmer

The case that still haunts Boston to this very day. Katrina Holmer was a 20 year old Sweedish nanny in Boston when in the Summer Solstice of 1996, Holmer was found dead in a dumpster. The young girl was not just brutally murdered, but was severed in half at the waist. Despite the many potential suspects including her host family from the wealthy town of Dover, Ma, a mysterious man with a dog, and a strange rocker who lived close by, the case was never solved, and who ever killed Holmer still remains a mystery.

10 Famous Crimes We Like To See Get The Lifetime Movie Makeover


4. The Bizarre Murder of Marlene Warren

Justice is a dish best served cold, which so happens to be the case for Marlene Warren’s family. 20 years ago there was a knock on Marlene’s door, when she answered the door, there was a clown holding balloons. Even more terrifying, the clown fatally shot Marlene, then calmly walked away to their white Chrysler Le Baron and drove off, as Marlene layed there bleeding to death. Investigators first looked at Marlene’s estranged husband, but he had an “airtight” alibi, but what about Marlene’s husband’s mistress, Sheila Keen.

10 Famous Crimes We Like To See Get The Lifetime Movie Makeover

5. The Brutal Murder of Elyse Pahler

If you haven’t seen the cult classic film, Jennifer’s Body, I highly recommend you do. But for fans of the film, I bet you didn’t know the movie was actually inspired by true events. In July 1995 high schooler, Elyse Pahler, did what most teens do, and snuck out of her house to meet three boys. Pahler had no idea that these boys who she considered “friends” would end up luring her to a Eucalyptus field, where they strangled, and stabbed her to death. The boys then raped Pahler’s dead body in the name of Satan. The three men later claimed that they thought sacrificing a virgin to the devil would make them better guitar players, which in turn would bring them a new level of potential fame. Major spoiler alert you guys: It didn’t.


6. Ezra McCandless AKA Monica

This case is wild, in a bananas plot to get her ex boyfriend back, hipster queen Monica who proudly changed her name to Ezra, showed up on a stranger’s doorstep bloodied and desperate for help. Ezra/ Monica claimed someone she knew had just tried to kill her, but look closer, and you will see this young lady is the true monster in this story.

7. The Gruesome Murder of Brenda Sue Schaefer

Like most of us, Brenda Sue Schaefer was just looking for love, too bad she met Mel Ignato. Brenda was a beautiful, young, and hard working woman, until she mysteriously disappeared while she was dating Mel Ignato. Ignato had a dark side, and was an abusive prick, but when Brenda tried to break things off, Mel conspired with ex lover Mary Ann Shore, to torutre then murder Brenda. This story is another rough one to get through, but in the end karma prevails thanks to a coffee table. Sorry Mel, but it was your time to get the F off this earth.

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8. The Scream Murder of Cassie Jo Stoddart

The real life “Scream” murder of Cassie Jo Stoddart is another crazy case. Trying to emulate the story line from the classic horror film “Scream,” Cassie was savagely tortured then murdered by her two classmates, friends, and Billy and Stu wanna-bes, Torey Admcik, and Brian Draper. This all went down while Cassie was house sitting for her Aunt and Uncle, in a house that was in the middle of nowhere. Spook spook.

10 Famous Crimes We Like To See Get The Lifetime Movie Makeover

9. The Jenny Jones Secret Crush Murder Case

If you were alive in the 90s then you most likely remember The Jenny Jones show, and the show’s secret crush segment. Usually a fun part of the show, in may 1995 Scott Amedure revealed his secret crush on The Jenny Jones shows, which led to an outcome no one could have ever predicted. Amedure’s secret crush was his friend, Jonathan Schmitz, it was never known if Schmitz was gay or not, but three days after the show Schmitz snapped. He then drove to Amedure’s house, and shot him dead. The show never aired, but the case brings up some serious issues involving the negligence on the part of The Jenny Jones show, the gay panic defence, and the negative aspects of ambush television.

10. What Happened To Alissa Turney?

On May 17, 2001, a young 17 year old girl named Alissa Turney, went officially missing. At first Alissa was labeled as a runaway, but as investigators dug deeper into Alissa’s case, Alissa’s sudden disappearance seemed more likely linked to foul play. Even more shocking the evidence seems to point toward Alissa’s overbearing, dick head step father, Michael Turney, as suspect number one in Alissa’s disappearance. Michael was the last person to see Alissa the day she disappeared, but with more questions than answers from Michael, who refuses to talk, it has been almost two decades later, and investigators still do not know what happened to Alissa Turney.

10 Famous Crimes We Like To See Get The Lifetime Movie Makeover

I know this list was heavy, but the true crime junkie in me is screaming. I know in my heart of hearts Lifetime would do these stories justice, but to me there is no such thing as too much true crime, so I would love to know the most bonkers true crime stories that you guys think need the Lifetime touch.