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15 Famous Alumni From Johnson and Wales University

15 Famous Alumni From Johnson and Wales University

Johnson and Wales University has several famous alums. The Johnson and Wales alumni have gone on to be successful and famous chefs! Here are our JWU alumni.

1. Emeril Lagasse

He graduated from Johnson and Wales University in 1978 and went on to be the executive chef at Dunfeys Hyannis resort and Commanders Palace in New Orleans. You may also know him from his food networks shows where he often said “Kick it up a notch” and “Bam!” Lagasse is the executive chef at 13 restaurants across the nation.

2. Tyler Florence

Graduated from JWU in 1991. He went on to host multiple food network shows like the Great food truck race, which I recommend watching, and has opened a series of restaurants in California. He was given an honorary doctorate from JWU.


3. Aaron Sanchez

Before attending Johnson and Wales University, Sanchez worked under Chef Paul Prudhomme in New Orleans. He has opened a few restaurants with his business partner Alex Garcia. He has also judged on a few shows on food network.


4. Sam Talbot

Graduated from Johnson and Wales University Charleston. He went on to run a few restaurants and appeared on Top Chef.

5. Thomas C. Slater

After graduating from Johnson and Wales University, Slater went on to be in the Marine Corps for 30 years retiring as a Sergeant Major. He went on to be a Providence representative in state house and was there until his death in 2009. He supported the legalization of medical marijuana in Rhode Island and has a medical marijuana edibles company.


6. Graham Elliot

Went on to be on Master Chef and Master chef junior. He also competed on Iron Chef and Top Chef Masters. He also had the honor of cooking Barack Obama’s 49th birthday dinner.

7. Beau MacMillan

Was a Sous Chef at Hotel Bel-Air. Beat Bobby Flay on Iron Chef America. He has been featured on many food network shows and has helped many restaurants flourish.


8. Amy Sacco

Graduated from the college of business at JWU. Has been in a few films. Owner of the NYC hot spots Lot 61 and Bungalow 8.


9. Chris Cosentino

Winner of Top Chef Masters. Competed on The next iron chef and has been on Iron chef.

10. Adrianne Calvo

Owner of Chef Adrianne’s Vineyard restaurant and wine bar in Miami, Florida. Won ten of 40 national competitions while at JWU and was runner up in the other 30. She has written a few cookbooks and has worked under some of the best chefs in the world.


11. Lisa Fernandes

Top Chef season 4 finalist. Owns The restaurant Sweet Chili in NYC. She does a wide variety of Asian inspired dishes.

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12. Chris Santos

Graduated in 1993. Became an executive chef at the age 23. Has opened a few of his own restaurants like Beauty and Essex in the lower east side of New York City. He also is a recurring judge on Chopped and is developing his own show.


13. Michelle Bernstein

Has won the James Beard Award. She has opened a serious of restaurants over the years with her husband and partner.

14. Michele Ragussis

Competed on Chopped and Food network star. Executive chef at Central House at the Crown in Massachusetts.


15. Tracey Medeiros

Has written 3 cookbooks. Usually travels as a guest speaker and cooking instructor. She supports the sustainable food movement.



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