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15 Famous Alumni From The University of Tampa

15 Famous Alumni From The University of Tampa

From Freddie Solomon and Lou Pinella to WWE wrestler Chyna, many famous people have come from Utampa. Here are some famous alumni from the University Of Tampa!

These notable alumni who have gone to the University of Tampa aren’t as known as Matt Damon who went to Harvard. But we do have some pretty incredible people who attended UT. Here are 15 famous alumni from the University of Tampa!

1. Brad Schiff

Brad Schiff is an animation supervisor at LAIKA, the animation studio. He has worked on Fantastic Mr. Fox and Coraline.

2. Robert Martinez

Robert Martinez was the mayor of Tampa and then governor of Florida ’87- ‘91!


3. Tino Martinez

Tino Martinez was a major league baseball player for teams such as the Seattle Mariners and the Tampa Bay Devil Rays!

4. Freddie Solomon

Freddie Solomon was a professional football player for the Dolphins and the 49ers! He helped win two Super Bowls for the 49ers.

5. Lou Piniella

Lou Piniella is a former major league baseball player. He’s now the manager of Chicago Cubs and is a three-time world series champion.


6. Chyna

Chyna was a glamour model, an American professional wrestler, and bodybuilder.

7. Charles Scott Leonard IV

He is a singer with the group Rockapella, an A Capella singing group. He studied as a voice major and went to UT on a baseball scholarship!

8. Ozzi Timmons

Timmons is a former professional baseball outfielder. He played for teams such as the Chicago Cubs and the Tampa Bay Devil Rays.


9. Ryan Thompson

Ryan Thompson is a Jamaican international footballer who plays for the Central FC.

10. Steve Boyett

DJ Steve Boyett is a disk jockey and a writer. He is also the author of the book, Ariel.

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11. Earl C. Poitier

Poitier is an American actor best known for Remember the Titans.

12. Charlie Manning

Manning is a former baseball relief pitcher. He has played for Southern Maryland Blue Crabs and Washington Nationals.

13. John Alite

John Alite is an American mobster and hit-man. He was the associate of the Gambino crime family.


14. Pete Peterson

Peterson is a Politician and diplomat. He served as a United Air Force pilot.

15. Nate Johnson

Johnson was a professional basketball player. Played for teams such as the Utah Jazz and Portland Trail Blazers.

Do you know of any more famous alumni from the University of Tampa? Let us know down below!
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