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15 Famous Alumni From Temple University

15 Famous Alumni From Temple University

Turns out, Temple University has an innumerable amount of Alumni who are prominent and influential. Below are some of the famous alumniĀ from Temple University! Temple students are in great company.

1. Bob Saget

Looks familiar? None other than the loved actor from the family show, “Full House”.

2. Diplo

A pretty well know producer and DJ! Some songs that he has featured in or created would be “Lean On”, “Where Are U Now”, and “Revolution”.


3. Kunal Nayyar

Who wouldn’t know him from the comedy show “The Big Bang Theory” as Raj Koothrapali.

4. Julie Gold

A singer and composer, she won the Grammy for Song of the Year for the song “From a Distance” in 1991.

5. Sarai Sherman

An artist known for advocation of women and practice in abstract expressionism in the form of prints, paintings, and ceramics.

6. William Goldenberg

He is a renowned film editor for plenty of movies such as “Zero Dark Thirty” and the “Imitation Game”. He had received an Academy Award for Film Editing for the movie “Argo”.

7. Irvin Kershner

The director for none other than “Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back”. He has also directed “Robocop2” and “James Bond: Never Say Never Again”.

8. Paula Scher

A lady immensely involved in Visual Arts, mostly with graphic design, who has worked with CBS production, MoMA, and designed the new logo for Windows 8 and Office 2010.

9. Pattricia Wettig

An actress and playwright, she has received awards such as the Emmy and Golden Globe. She is best known for the “thirtysomething” as Nancy Krieger. Also has a role in “Prison Break”

10. Brandom McManus

An Alumni who has made a significant contribution to Temple Football, currently plays for the NFL team, Denver Broncos.

11. M. M. Pallam Raju

Probably many of you wouldn’t recognize him, but he held big positions in the Indian Government such as being the former Union Minister of Human Resources in the Central Government.

12. Darcy Antonellis

She is greatly involved in the media networks, currently the CEO of Vubiquity. She has previously worked for CBS and Warner Bros. She has also gotten two Emmys!

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13. Stephen Starr

Looking for some delicious food? Well, we’ve got an alumni who owns a multiple famous restaurants under “Starr Restaurants” through out the eastern region of the US.

14. Svetlana Shusterman

She is an actress in the “Real World” Key West” and her 21st birthday was aired on “My Super Sweet Sixteen”.


15. Nika Gillauri

He was the Prime Minister of Georgia, having other positions in the government before that.


Looks like we have plenty of Alumni to look up to and many more to come, Go Owls!

Do you know any more famous Temple alumni? Leave a comment!
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