15 Famous Alumni From Syracuse University

There are so many famous alumni from Syracuse University! From TV stars, actors, supermodels, to athletes and even a Vice President, current Syracuse University student are in great company.

1. Joe Biden – ’68

The former Vice-President went to law school here at Cuse, and he visited in 2015.

2. Taye Diggs – ’93

Broadway star, and film star who was married to Idina Menzel a.k.a Elsa from Frozen. Most well known for his role in “RENT’.

3. Betsy Johnson – ’64

Most fashionistas known who Betsy Johnson is, but she is best well known for her bubbly fashion and kart wheels. She was also on dancing with the stars.

4. Vanessa Williams – ’85

Actress, singer, fashion designer and first African-American Miss America in 1984.


5. Bob Costas – ’74

This Tv broadcastor who is best known for his coverage of the Olympics is a Newhouse alumni.

6. Dick Clark – ’51

If you have seen Ryan Secrest on New Years Eve, you are sure to have heard of the guy he replaced. We also have “Dick Clark Studios” in Newhouse.

7. Jim Brown – ’57

This famous football player is another SU alumni.

8. Carmelo Anthony

Even though he did not graduate from SU Carmelo still attended SU, and still comes to visit the basketball team. Carmelo Anthony Basketball Center can also be found by the field house.

9. Donovan McNabb – ’98

Another favorite football player for Syracuse.

10. Jerry Stiller – ’50

Ben Stillers dad is an SU alumni. Who knew?

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11. Ernie Davis – ’61

The first African-American to win the Heismen is one of SU’s favorite alumni. With a statue and a dining hall/dorm in his honor people will always remember #44.

12. Pearl Washington – ’86

Another one of our favorite basketball players, whose number can still be seen in the middle of the Jim Boeheim court.

13. Emme Aronson – ’85

Supermodel, social reformer, and body image advocate. Who was voted on of People magazines most beautiful people in 1994.Fun fact she came here on an athletic scholarship for the Women’s Crew Team.

14. Jim Boeheim

Not only our favorite basketball coach but he also is our one of our favorite alumni. His legacy is most remembered in his coaching, but he also played here.

15. Shaq O’neil

Shaq did an online degree at SU but we still count him.

Who are your favorite famous alumni from Syracuse University? Comment below!
Featured photo source: oprah.com
Maeve Rule

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