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15 Famous Alumni From Southern Methodist University

15 Famous Alumni From Southern Methodist University

Did you know that there are a lot of famous alumni from Southern Methodist University? From Olympic gold medalists, actresses, and even a first lady, SMU students are in great company!

1. Laura Bush

This First Lady graduated in 1968 and majored in Education!

2. Kathy Bates

Who doesn’t love Kathy Bates? American Horror Story, Titanic, The Blind Side, and much much more.


3. Lauren Graham

Everyone secretly wants her to be their cool mom, not Rory’s.


4. Eddie Bernice Johnson

She’s been serving as a Congresswoman in Dallas since 1993! She got her masters at SMU in Public Administration.


5. Kourtney Kardashian

While she may not technically be an alumni, I couldn’t help but include Kourtney even though she left us for Arizona.

6. Brian Baumgartner

“Whenever I try to make a taco, I get too excited and I crush it.”

7. Cole Beasley

He’s been a Dallas Cowboys wide receiver for almost 5 years — and does actually play.


8. Mary Elizabeth Ellis

If anyone’s as huge of a fan of It’s Always Sunny as I am, you’ll be excited to know The Waitress went to SMU (Charlie did not, much to his dismay).


9. Bryson DeChambeau

DeChambeau is ranked #148 in the world in golf (not bad out of 7 billion people).


10. Doak Walker

Most of you should know this considering there’s a statue of him outside Dedman.

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11. Aaron Spelling

Very famous movie and TV producer, born and raised in Dallas.


12. Blake Mycoskie

Founder and “Chief Shoe Giver” of Toms. Shoutout to Cox for that one!

13. Sam Johnson

Yet another of many politicians to come out of SMU. Congressman Johnson currently represents Texas’ 3rd district.

14. Steve Lundquist

Two time gold medalist in the 1984 Olympics in swimming alone!


15. Belita Moreno

Best known for her role as Benny Lopez on “George Lopez”.


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